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About Me:
I am growing and changing at every moment. The contrast that I have experienced is an opportunity for me to expand and grow by creating more for myself and sharing with others what has worked for me, so that they too may expand and grow. Contrast is a part of all of our lives and I embrace the opportunities it offers.

The most important things about me that I‘d like to share with you are my personal mission, vision and purpose. I arrived at these some time ago and use them as my guidance in making decisions. I collectively call them my Roadmap to Success. Sometimes I follow the roadmap better than at others. I work with a coach and utilize many tools to assist me in sticking better to my roadmap so that I can be of better service to my clients, myself and the expansion of the universe as a whole.

My Roadmap to Success:
Purpose: To inspire change in the world.
Vision: A world filled with passionate people living their definition of success and supporting and/or allowing others to do the same.
Mission: To help people find and sing their song. (what makes their heart sing)

The ways I currently follow my Roadmap to Success are through:
* Helping people to define what success means for them (I will spend 30 minutes with you for free doing this because I feel it is a way that I can be of service to creating my vision)
* Teaching workshops and facilitating discussion groups about living the law of attraction
* Leading coaching groups and offering one-on-one coaching that allow people to move forward in living their definition of success
* Using a variety of mind technologies to help people reprogram their subconscious for success
* Teach people a tool to express appreciation, love and gratitude daily and offer them a way to use this tool as business based in the law of attraction

The place that I could use the most improvement in my life is in being there for, and taking as much care of, myself as I do for others. That is, I believe, the reason I was inspired to dedicate this season of my challenge to love. In coming from a space of love at all times, it will remind me to love myself as much as I love others. I AM LOVE.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

All is well. You are loved.
Season 3
Starting Date:
June 27, 2010
Intentions & Goals:
This is Season 3 for me. Although I have done two other seasons I never completed them in terms of staying accountable to the site. The shifts that have occurred in my life though have been nothing less than amazing. As I gather my thoughts on this new season, and what I will post here I leave my last season's information mostly intact, removing only things that really no longer resonate with me.

We do not attract what we desire. We attract that which we are. And so my intentions are based on who I am. My rockets of desire have been launched and are awaiting me in vibrational escrow. As I am true to myself and embody the higher vibrations on the scale of emotions and map of consciousness, my vibrational escrow will release to me. I appreciate you reading my intentions and letting me know how I can be a better expression of them.

I am choosing to come from a place of love and to embody love at every moment I can. I will ask myself at every crossroad “How will I approach this from love?” and choose to act from that point of inspiration.

My physical self allows spirit to flow through me and I live life inspired. I take inspired actions daily to fulfill my personal mission, vision and purpose as stated above.

I live a life of service to myself, to you and to the expansion of the universe. Inspiration guides my service. The greatest way I can be of service to any of us is to hold everyone in an image of greatness and to support them in reaching the success that they define for themselves.

I express appreciation daily. As people come to mind – I immediately act on that prompting and express my appreciation, love, gratitude and/or thanks.

I fully embrace who I am and am not afraid to share that with others. I know that a powerful way to connect with others and attract the right people into my circle is to let people know that I exist and to let them know what I am about. I openly share who I am and ask for referrals so that I can better reach people and be LOVE, A VESSEL FOR SPIRIT, OF SERVICE and APPRECIATIVE.
Blogging, Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Participating in seminars, Getting coaching, Brainstorming, Masterminding, Take 100% responsibility for my life, More
Personal Website:
Professional Website

Choosing to Play Full Out

Several years ago I made the committment to myself and to my partner that we were going to play full out in life or not play at all.

I feel that we can always play a bigger game and stretch beyond where we are.

I have used the same concept as the 100 Day Challenge in coaching groups I've lead and in my personal goal achievement. It has traditionally been a private journey for me though.

Here and now I am choosing to continue playing full out and take my game to the next level. This is no longer a private journey. I'm going public. Here. Now.

Welcome to my playground.

Lena Salonikas's Blog

Getting Back to CCOR

Posted on June 27, 2010 at 1:42pm 0 Comments

Today I join a new season and come back to the CCOR page. As I read through what I had posted in the past, I see how much is ready for an update so I'll be spending some time over that over the next few days as I determine my intentions and practices for this new season.

happy to be back and looking forward to what we co-create over the coming days!

Help Needed With One of My Intentions - Asking for Referrals

Posted on January 22, 2009 at 7:11pm 0 Comments

One of my Intentions for this season is :


I fully embrace who I am and am not afraid to share that with others. I know that a powerful way to connect with others and attract the right people into my circle is to let people know that I exist and to let them know what I am about. I openly share who I am and ask for referrals so that I can better reach people and be LOVE, A VESSEL FOR SPIRIT, OF SERVICE and APPRECIATIVE

Today I've been… Continue

S2/D2 The Power of Love

Posted on January 22, 2009 at 1:09am 0 Comments

Abraham Hicks say that there is only allowing wellness and not allowing wellness. It is also my understanding that the higher your vibration, the stronger your connection to source. The stronger your connection to source, the more you are allowing wellness.

In essence, stay in joy and love and appreciation and lack of wellness cannot enter your realm.

I have experienced this in the past. I used to be depressed and on medication. Then I started my attunements to become a… Continue

Being Love

Posted on January 20, 2009 at 7:59pm 0 Comments

“What if the mightiest word is love, love beyond marital, filial, national. Love that casts a widening pool of light. Love with no need to preempt grievance.”Elizabeth Alexander - Obama Inaugural Poem

Early this morning I awoke needing to meet a marketing deadline for my February law of attraction workshop. As I went to bed last night I pondered a few choices and settled on one. I say settled because it was not what was not an inspired choice – it simply was. I make a… Continue

What Will I Change in My Administration?

Posted on January 19, 2009 at 11:45am 3 Comments

The other day I had decided mid stream to come back to CCOR and do a full see last year I started, but never really finished Season 1. And I was going to start that very day - the 17th. I mentioned it my partner and asked him if he wanted to join me and we talked about it a little.

Somewhat later I was inspired by something he said as we were hearing all the inaguration news in the background. I don't remember the exact words, the essesnse though...the essence embraced… Continue

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At 3:12pm on November 8, 2011, Eric LaRue said…
Happy birthday!  :-)
At 9:49am on April 14, 2009, Delicia said…
At 10:47am on February 14, 2009, Sara McIntosh said…
Sending you extra big love today to swirl around you and embrace you. I choose to live every day as Valentines Day!!!
At 9:12am on January 28, 2009, Sara McIntosh said…
I listened to the Wayne Dyer online radio seminar last night. I am intrigued by his focus on being of service and letting go of striving for material--and I feel the pull to create a language and a bridge between the worlds I inhabit. I feel like I'm really close to that place of knowing that I am connected to Source without questioning the details......Want to get together for tea and talk about this and other things? Will I see you on Thurs eve?
At 1:13pm on January 25, 2009, Delicia said…
*squeals* Merry Meet! Recently, I've been finding these pages online that really speak to me and my goals. Your page is lovely. Thank you for sharing it. I am on the path to becoming a successful coach. I am researching schools so that I can enroll within the next couple of months and I plan on having a successful practice by the end of this year. I would love to learn more about your coaching and you.
I love when the Universe brings certain people into one's life. *lol*
Thank you for being a co-creator! Blessed be!

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At 10:41am on January 25, 2009, Tricia said…
"Life is not measured by
the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments
that take our breath away."

Have a Great Day thanks for being a friend !!
Hugs Tricia
At 4:02pm on January 22, 2009, Tamara Rasheed said…
I do offer my Free Credit Wealth Class on my website though, individuals can request a copy on CD with free shipping to them as well.
At 3:58pm on January 22, 2009, Tamara Rasheed said…
Your workshops sound fantastic Lena. Unfortunately, I haven't taught workshops since September of 2007, and stopped teaching my regular Free Credit Wealth Class through a mortgage company a few months ago. The mortgage company was an excellent contact, but they were not promoting the credit program through their clientele so I wasn't getting any students each month.

I need to revitalize that part of my program, the workshops and class. That is where my strengths shine, and I've gotten away from it quite a bit.

I'm glad to have inspired you! I need some of that inspiration to come back this way so that I can provide my class and start selling my book.

Much Love,
At 1:46pm on January 22, 2009, Tamara Rasheed said…
Hi Lena,

Thanks for the friend invites, I look forward to being able to support, and receive support in return, from like minds with like missions.

I have been modifying web pages and profiles this morning trying to promote my book better. How many workshops do you give per month?

Much Love,
At 2:12am on January 22, 2009, Phynix Bell said…
Its great to meet you too! I will be reading regularly!!


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