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Season 1 began as a tool for manifesting a journey. I ended up manifesting a much more spiritual journey. And yes, I surprised myself with that. I wasn't expecting that, but I am grateful.

I am an artist at heart, yet I have been denying my pleasures in creating art. That needs to change. My business caters to other people's art. With that, I am very close to my passion in life, and I know where I want to make my changes. Wanting, passion, believing. So it will be.
Season 2
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July 20, 2008
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Be honest and true to myself.

Write my life story beginning with today, and bring it to life.

Continue to love the wonderful relationships I've been blessed with on CCOR.
Vision Board, Blogging, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Participating in seminars


Season 2.
Go with the flow, and release my need to understand too much at once.

Accept me as me, and you as you, and all as one. Enjoy every moment.

And of course, prosperity, joy, love, and fun times!

Know and respect myself for who I am. Experience more and more moments of "WOW" - Like the flashlight, and the oatmeal & bannana experience.

And of course, prosperity, joy, love, and fun times, and laughter!!!

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I've missed all of you!

Posted on November 24, 2008 at 1:26am 0 Comments

Just a quick note to say that I've missed all of you on CCOR. I'm still here and I feel the connection we all have. My life has taken some wonderful turns, and I have you to thank.
Love to all!

Answers can hurt!

Posted on September 7, 2008 at 10:57pm 0 Comments

Just asking the question out loud can bring your answer pretty quickly. Just ask the question before your bruised so bad it causes hurt and worry.

My big puzzling question was "Why does my elbow hurt so much?". This has gone on for over a week. I was really beginning to get worried, but then I reminded myself that worry just fosters negative energy. So I finally just yelled out WHY IS MY ELBOW HURTING SO BAD? Well I got my answer, and it hurt like heck! Such a silly thing, but it… Continue


Posted on August 24, 2008 at 11:41pm 1 Comment

I had an amazing woman come to the store today. I've been becoming more and more open to answers and direction, knowing that I don't have to personally figure everything out on my own. And I'm amazed at how they show up. My dreams have been more memorable lately. Confusing as well. Last night's dream featured a U-Turn on a busy street. The path became open, and I was able to manuver easily. Lot's of other details I remember as well. The message I got was - It's ok for me to turn back and do… Continue

No time for the ugly monster

Posted on August 22, 2008 at 11:38pm 0 Comments

The ugly monster of trying to figure out the details entered my mind today. I had a horrilble thought of something that could be detrimental. (could???) I am trying to use my little (imaginary) black box to put all my worries into whenever they come up. About 10 minutes ago, I was taking off my watch to wash dishes, and the band broke and it fell to the floor. It only took seconds for me to think - Oh - that's a watch - a keeper of time - and what time do I have - only right now. Why do I need… Continue

So the Dormer Window is on the side and not the front!

Posted on August 19, 2008 at 11:43pm 0 Comments

Am I listening to the universe and trying to understand, or is the universe listening to me and trying to understand?

Today I went to see the business for sale out of state. I made a sketch of what I wanted it to be a couple of nights ago. It's almost to the tee. I was only given a description of the business area and the driveway. Nothing about the house other than the age. The front porch is exactly what I want. The bushes in front are just how I drew them. The cobblestone walkway… Continue

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At 8:46am on July 9, 2008, Frecia said…
Hi Mary!
I'm so happy that you were able to take advantage of the blog info I posted about EckhartTolle. I'm also pleased to hear you felt good after the prayer...that is a blessing of pure love from God. I love Silent Unity they are such a wonderful organization. My mother calls many times during the month for different family prayer requests, it has blessed out lives greatly. I send all My love and blessings to you and your family!
At 11:25pm on July 7, 2008, Mary said…
Aleta - I'm blessed to have found you; You are amazing. Thank you and Rich for such a wonderful photo. I've saved as my background on the computer. Right now - we have an amazing lightning storm going on. It's absolutely beautiful to watch. (I'm the crazy person who opens the blinds and stands by the window when the weather forcasters tells you to go to an interior room!) I've actually felt lightning once. OMG - this is gorgeous - there isn't any thunder or rain. Just heat lightning coming through the clouds. I've got to watch - this is something one doesn't get to see that often. WOW it just gets better and better. Love to you - I've gotta go watch some more!
At 12:11am on July 4, 2008, Aleta said…
MARY, MARY...quick, go check out (my) new blog, "Recession Proof...Here's Proof". We put your Egret up .....yeah! There he is,yea, yea, yea!!! Okay...Rich (husband, camera man and nature lover) insists I tell you the truth...the "truth" is we don't have Egrets here, we have their cousins and overlord species (not the way a naturalist would say it, but I want you to enjoy the pic not the pickiness) Herons! Same family...different colors....same GORGEOUS wing spread and way weird, this is my 4th of July present to you....Love, Love, LOVE. Go see it! xoxo
At 10:46pm on June 25, 2008, Laura said…
Hi Mary,
Thanks so much for the comment. I think I'm miffed because it's so un-Louise Hay-ish to me. I love her. When she first started her website it was full of neat things like pull a message card and angel cards and numerology type things. It made me want to buy Doreen Virtue's books because the angel card pulling was know? But like you, I don't have the time to think on any given day "Hey it's ____ day on the radio...." To get an email that says "effective immediately..." was kind of a shock. It's not that I mind paying as much as the way it was done. :-(
I feel too new here to make many comments on other people's blogs but I love knowing people are here.
Thanks again for the comment!
Multiple Blessings,
At 12:31am on June 22, 2008, Aleta said…
Don't tell anyone, but, I'm working on getting you a shot of the gorgeous egrets here. They are the Great Blue Herons......and they have a very nasty habit of flying away when I have a decent shot lined up....I am resorting to husband is a much better heron hunter (camera only)...well, better photographer period...but I thought I'd tell you about this "surprise" because it's taking a while and I have no patience with surprises....especially if I've blown it by telling......someone should have taken a video of me screaming at the egret that got away....they can fly you know....crafty little critters.....Love you, hope you think you are as awesome as I think you are!
At 12:10am on June 22, 2008, Lee McCullough said…
Hey Mary. Thanks for leaving a comment. This site is a great place. Hope your evening is going good.
At 7:33am on June 21, 2008, Livinmybestlife said…
Hello! Thanks for your advise. I'm planning to purchase the book this week it's been on my mind to do that. All of the bread is gone out of the house so I don't plan on buying anymore and hopefully I want replace bread with any other bad choices. I plan to eat live food and make better choices of food. Hope your having a great journey and once again thanks!
At 10:36pm on June 10, 2008, Livinmybestlife said…
Thank you Mary for your comment. You are so kind. you know i pass by many trees and have never paid any attention to them. I really enjoyed the moment. Hope to talk with you more in the future. be blessed!
At 1:05pm on June 9, 2008, Anna Oberlin Russell said…
At 7:09pm on May 29, 2008, Aleta said…
Oh Mary, this being CCOR, I'm just going to say this full out, You are the best, I love you...period, but todays "reason" is that the depth of the gift you gave me by responding to my blog is huge! Thank-you for being so specific about where I wasn't seeing what I was knowing. Thank-you for supporting the "outing" of the most private and absolutely must not stay private place in my heart. Thank-you for your wisdom and kindness.

That is sooo cool about you and the egrets! You know, there was a time when I was being "stalked" by was the beginning of a huge deepening of my spiritual life. You're deep already, but maybe there's some more magic heading your way!

Forever Hug! That's kinda gross isn't it....I mean, how do you sleep or eat chocolate or go see a movie if someones huggin' you forever? Okay, revision of affection....Hug Whenever You Want One!

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