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"It's OK to have what you want." ~Paul ******* "It's not your work to make anything happen. *** It's your work to dream it and let it happen." ~AH

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About Me:
For as long as I could remember, I've had a feeling that Yes, anything really is possible, especially anything that I myself desired.

The first book Mom handed me, and I was only 10 or 11 and never forget how I chuckled at it's title, "What to Say when you Talk to Yourself" (Shad Helmstetter, PhD).

Ever since then I became all the more curious about just the idea of being able to create things or draw them into my reality experience, into my life.

And then I came across The Secret around 2007...

And then Abraham and the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks in late 2009.
Just the idea of being able to Be or Do or Have whatever it is I wanted to Be or Do or Have... just like some Law of Attraction practitioners and teachers are actually living today... just really excites me.

Along the way, I've come across other Channels from which I've been deeply inspired and affected by, I even got to sit in a park and ask questions of fun-Loving group of 'Ghostly' types lol channeled by a friend who's been doing it for over 20 years!

Now, here I am in August of 2013 at the moment, finding myself just as drawn/empowered/inspired/&Looved if not more so than ever, by Abraham's words and stories and processes. I Love that they are ALL over Youtube, and after a few interesting though contrast-iciously helpful experiences along the way, I have dove back in to the downstreamness of Abraham and Joyfully intend to be floating and swimming here as my desires and intentions continue to unfold and manifest for me!
(Because I finally decided to just DO the Vibrational work that's necessary, as well as Fun-by-Nature, which gets easier and easier the more I do it!)

I look forward to interacting with you!

...and I most look forward to achieving a level of significant satisfaction with my vibrational (and thus manifestational) abilities. I so look forward to more and more stories of even greater Time-Money-&Emotional-Freedom as it grows in my life.

I'm grateful you stopped by, and for how people's profiles, comments, and videos continue to uplift and inspire me on CCOR :) <3 :)

The better it gets, The Better It Gets!!!
Season 3
Starting Date:
August 9, 2013
Intentions & Goals:
Current Intention: Time-Emotional-Freedom
and having more and more and more and more of it, now now Now! lol :)

Time Freedom = a feeling I desire to be feeling which comes from the idea of receiving plenty of money from inspired-FUNBASED-projects, receiving more than enough from my JOYBASED-Vibrational-Efforts to be able to live Comfortably without needing a job or the feeling of 'having-to-go-to-work.
Time Freedom = so it's a feeling of Ease...'s a feeling of that warming worthiness after receiving a 100 on a test you put the effort into studying for...
(with more to come!) :)
Vision Board, Journaling, Masterminding
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Derek's Blog

Day 6 of 100 Day Grid Work Reality Challenge!

Posted on June 10, 2013 at 12:33am 0 Comments

A process suggested by Abraham Hicks! Simply youtube "Abraham The Grid" for more info!

Subject: Self

My Self-Grid

to preface:

i'm about to create an entirely new grid.. right now.. right here.. in this moment.. in less than 10 minutes.. lol

timer: go!

after yesterday's experiences... and today's money experience... and friday's money experience....

I'm trusting even more so that my newly created Grids will just keep…


DAy 4... of appreciating for the FUN OF IT... EEEEK!! lol

Posted on August 4, 2011 at 12:35am 3 Comments

Day 5.  !!  of ApreciatIN just fer FUNzies.. 


ima about to selfishly bask in some appreciations.. some Liquid Light.. u feel like immersing yourself.. go ahead!! lol

I expect that.. less than 5 people will actually read this half way through.. if u do lol.. COMMENT at the bottom please… cuz it’ll feel good… and I’ll go read ur stuff too J



my new job is so cool.. server.. at a FUN restaurant.. with FUN people.. seriously.. so…


Remembering my Love for what-is and for what it really is - Day 1

Posted on January 2, 2011 at 7:30pm 2 Comments

I've posted this blog as a facebook note, please enjoy and comment :)…


what I'm up to these days - part 1 - UNJUSTIFICATION

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 7:00pm 5 Comments

I'm always up to something, applying some newly self-concocted leading edge practice or technique. And some become boring and I just stop doing them, and others just evolve away from me as if they were perfect for a short period of time. 


And then, there are those that stick, or have stuck thus far. Those that continue to bring me relief most every time I practice them, I do them. 


One that I've really been enjoying is something I like to call…


Today, I received my answer after 5 months of asking - What is Self-Love? How do I practice it? wow... what a day.

Posted on July 16, 2010 at 2:10am 1 Comment

today was huge... after 5 months of wondering... what is self-love? what does it mean to "practice" self-love?... today, I received my answer... :) i was in tears... each time i thought about it... perhaps i can squeeze a few out here lol.

To me - Practicing self-love is this... Loving ALL parts of who you are NOW. it's easy to love the part of you that goes nuts over cute babies, or dolphins skipping -- and i learned today that practicing self love is literally…

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At 4:07pm on January 3, 2014, Cherie said…

Thank you for the add Derick. Nice to meet you!

At 10:53am on July 25, 2013, Derek said…
And lol, I jusst found out yesterday that July is National ICE CREAM Month!! And i'm justa little crazy about ice cream......!!!!
At 10:51am on July 25, 2013, Derek said…
"Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it to be."
At 10:46am on July 25, 2013, Derek said…
Day 39! Wow, today is huge.. Came across This quote.. No, I attracted/drew this quote into my focus and then just took off... Ohh.. The quote is...
At 4:48am on July 11, 2013, Derek said…
Day 27 or 26 wasnt the easiest... Lol and u knw hw i like my experience to be universe lol..
Snoozed in all day until work.. came home today so frustrated and full of self blame... After plenty of journaling, a nap, Andy Dooly!, im back In my Vortex, my only natural state and am feeling good again.
I did eventually wake up feeling pretty good as well.
Love you Derek, Love you CCOR peeps.
At 4:45am on July 11, 2013, Derek said…
Andy Dooley's latest video is really helping me Today, thank you soo much Andy.

It's Day 28, July 11th,
And im so grateful for how last weekends party knocked both my socks off in ways i never couldve predicted (free pro dj out of nowhere, etc etc)... This evidence means a lot to me, keep the evidence coming LoA!!
At 5:37pm on July 8, 2013, Tony H said…

That's awesome! I play piano and sing.  I've always wanted to play guitar and I've thought about getting an acoustic one and trying to learn.  Something I want to do is try my hand at song writing but I'm never happy with my lyrics, LOL!

How is the Grid work going?

At 11:38pm on July 1, 2013, Tony H said…

Thanks for sending me the Abe link, good stuff!!

Welcome back to the 100 Day Challenge.  I have never made it a full 100 days, yet but recently decided I needed to start focusing again. 

Do you play any instruments?

At 3:49pm on June 27, 2013, Derek said…
It's day 14!
Yesterday was def the roughest day of my journey. I was well rested.. Yet went to bed and woke up yesterday just out of my vortex. Did get swept in while at work lol. Didnt feel like doing anything and so i just fell asleep after work and am now feeling so much better. Day 14, more clarity has come! And I'm back in my natural state within my cheery Vortexiness :)
At 11:00pm on June 26, 2013, Tony H said…

Hey is there a specific Abe video that talks about Grid work?  What I found didn't make sense to me, lol..?


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