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About Me:
I live in UK, and work for a large IT company in business change management. I am looking to create a better balance and richness in my life, by allowing more of my creative self to thrive both in a working environment and outside it.

This is my second season. While I had some good success with money in Season 1, the biggest achievement ifor me in a very difficult period was how much better I felt, on average and over time, by focusing on the part of me that looked at how I was feeling and which tried to feel better! What a great habit to get into!
Season 2
Starting Date:
January 15, 2009
Intentions & Goals:
To be in a job where I am comfortable and my talents are recognised and valued
To be paid better for my contributions.
To pay off 25%of my credit card balance.
To make time to be creative and to develop my skills in that area, specifically to
- learn how to use the technology of my camera in a more deliberate way
- make a mini quilt
- grow more confident about what my own style and voice is
- earn some money doing this
To feel confident in general
To reconnect with some friends
To laugh a lot
To grow in feeling at ease and content during this time and lay the seeds for the future
To meet and share with like-minded people to support each other on the journey and celebrate our successes
Vision Board, Blogging, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Affirmations, Creating intentions

Minnehaha's Blog

About a camera was down to me

Posted on November 3, 2008 at 9:00pm 0 Comments

Hello fellow co-creators and riderrs of the universal wave..

I promised on a posting on another person's site that I'd tell a little story about a camera this evening, and here it is. Its not so much about the camera but what happened around it. I start at the beginning. I have a camera, which I am learning to use, (its slow). 2 months ago I started seeing little black specs on my pictures and in the view finder - dust! Well some parts of dust removal on the camera you can do… Continue

..Work - difficult ....

Posted on October 26, 2008 at 8:00pm 2 Comments

Hi Everyone,

A post as I haven't done one for a little while. Been reading lots, and watching money flow IN and OUT in large chunks. I started laughing when i caught myself saying "no! no! wrong way!!" one day at a large-ish out flow, but the net is that more is coming in than out at the moment.

My biggest thing on the horizon though is about work. I have a (phone) meeting with someone this coming week which I am dreading. I know, I know, dreading it will be 'attracting… Continue

..and all of a sudden...

Posted on October 9, 2008 at 9:30pm 1 Comment

..well, what can I say. I started a week ago, and published my intentions. The world has gone crazy, but in a good way.

One of the most far-fetched intentions was about paying off half my credit card balance. Its a good sized amount, and least any one think I am totally out of control financially, part of it is the result of some quite large loans which i have made to people who either asked me or who are in difficulties and its a kind of safety net for a while until their situation… Continue

S1, D1-2 ...

Posted on October 5, 2008 at 12:00am 0 Comments

I thought the pace of life would change as I joined this my first Challenge, but I had no idea how much! Not physically (yet) but mentally and emotionally.I'm somewhat daunted by posting a video and have had a convenient excuse for the last few days which is that I have had laryngitis, (nasty cough, bad cold, etc) but my voice is starting to return to its normal pitch instead of Basso Profundo or simply Not There, so the time is fast approaching. Writing however I can do, so here I am… Continue

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At 3:43pm on January 18, 2009, Emha said…
Hihi, I see M beat me to it.

The Dutch get-together will be on February 21, at my home, starting at 12 o'clock.
It's going to be a small group, approx. 10 people.
Cindy will be doing a workshop 'Mindful tasting' in English because she wants to practise it in English.
I think most of us, if not all, speak English so that should be no problem.
Feel free to join us if you want!
At 10:54am on January 10, 2009, Jean Dayton said…
Hi Minnehaha
Thank you for your friend invite, yes, you are very close being just up the M3. I read your intentions and goals and I wish you everything you have intended for your season 2, it will be my season 2 on the 15th too! love from Jean. xx
At 7:31am on December 13, 2008, Emha said…
Thanks for your lovely comment. You're welcome to join us next time we get together, either in spirit or in the flesh ;-)
At 6:10pm on November 9, 2008, Megan said…
Hey there-thanks for your comment on my video!!! Yeah-don't take any one else's stuff from work on board...just be nice. Stop yourself saying anything icky about someone else and people eventually recognise not to do that around you either because you won't buy into it. I have noticed that a lot with friends who don't mind a bit of a session about someone...if you don't join in-it eventually stops and they start talking about stuff you Do want to hear!!! LOL!!! Have a happy week xxxxxxxxx
At 5:27pm on November 3, 2008, Emha said…

At 12:48am on November 2, 2008, Delicia said…
How did you learn to take such gorgeous photos? I would love to learn. I can post some of mine up there but they aren't half as good as yours. I want to learn! *lol* Here is one of mine.

At 12:26am on November 2, 2008, Delicia said…
Your photos are rich and fabulous. Did you take them? I have started taking photos, although half the time I don't know what I'm doing. I still think it's fun and I hope to do alot more. Thank you for sharing your page.
Buried @ Photocasket
Buried @ PhotoCasket
At 5:35am on October 27, 2008, Anna Oberlin Russell said…
At 11:54am on October 26, 2008, Dinah said…

At 12:16pm on October 22, 2008, Jason said…
Hi M'ha,
Thanks for constructive comments. I have no issue with what you say, and thanks for your honesty. The music will change actually. I just chose those songs because the lyrics have references of guidance or self development techniques but in a kind of tongue in cheek way, "I'll teach you all this in 8 easy steps" or "I need guidance from and AM/FM stereo." For the finished product it will be either atmospheric music or none at all. The clips on Souvenirs From Earth mostly do not have any sound track and the ones that do have very subtle, quiet type of music that more resembles quiet background sound effects that are used in movies to elicit emotions rather than musical sound tracks per se.
Thanks again for your comments and watching my video!
Jason ;)

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