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Listening for what I need to hear.

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About Me:
I am the mother of 3 wonderful children. One of whom sings like an angel check out his videos under my apps. (Hey I am allowed Mommy Bragging! LOL) I have been blessed with a large and caring family. (you think I am kidding but I am one of 11 kids) I am in the process of learning who I am and what I want/need in my life. I live close to nature and have learned to value the bond with nature even more since season 1. (bonding and um making sure the garbage lid is on tight) I have had bad things happen but they are in the past and only serve me now in the fact that they provide insight in helping others when I can. I believe that my dreams can come true and have come true. I believe that a single human being can change the world but that it is our responsiblity to make sure that its for the good. I believe that my path doesn't have to be the same as everyone else if it serves me for the good. I believe that the path of others should be respected too. I believe that your inner vibrations make your reality and affect you and those around you. I believe that I have so much more to learn.
Season 5
Starting Date:
February 1, 2012
Intentions & Goals:
I am reassessing my goals for this time. I will put them in here soon.
I know a few of them now
Go through the loan process for small business
Start my business
Be successful while giving smokers a healthier alternative.
Explore what is making me hold back spiritually when I should be going forward.
Learn to listen to the voice more.
Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Participating in seminars, Getting coaching, More

Missy's Blog

need some energy sent my way

Posted on February 8, 2012 at 4:24pm 0 Comments

Ok fellow Cocreators I need some help. Just entered a contest for a product I want very very badly. I am asking that you take just a few moments to send positive energy to me getting the Saber Touch.  Just a few moments of sending energy into the universe would be great! Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoying the day

Posted on January 31, 2012 at 7:20pm 2 Comments

Had a wonderful time at my reiki group. Really enjoyed being there with some many wonderful loving people.  Today has been nice and peaceful! Some negativity yesterday but I dealt with it calmly. I didn't let their assumptions that I would give into their wishes be my responsibility. I am not responsible for others who don't plan ahead when I have made my needs clear ahead of time. 

Gravitated back thanks to the forces

Posted on January 27, 2012 at 2:30pm 7 Comments

Hey all I have been gone quite awhile! Some good things have happened while I was gone. I kicked my 24 yr habit of smoking. I switched to electronic cigarettes, still nicotine (which I can gradually taper to none) but none of the harmful chemicals. Its been 2 1/2 months and still no cravings. Yay Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even talked my mom (3o yr smoker) and my sister(26 yr smoker) into doing it with me. They aren't on the stinkies anymore either.

 I am in the process of trying…


getting off my buttocks!!!

Posted on July 21, 2010 at 8:24am 2 Comments

Ok so the place I was gonna go to emt school at is no longer giving the classes. I am gonna call every ambulance service and search and rescue group in the surrounding area. I mean up to 50 miles away. Somewhere they have to be giving classes soon. Dangit I want this and it ain't gonna jump in my lap. I WILL find a way to do this. It WILL be close so I don't have to burn gas. It WILL be cheap. It WILL fit into my new job's schedule. I am claiming all these things for my family and… Continue

A bit sad but mostly really happy for "my kids"

Posted on July 18, 2010 at 6:20am 1 Comment

My daughter is part of a small group of friends that have been there for each other since freshman year of high school. These kids hung out in one of 3 homes, mine was one of them. These are GOOD kids, never broke curfew, never rowdy or caused trouble. Their friendship brought 3 families close. We all go to each other's family event, birthday, anniversaries, funerals whatever. They treat each other's siblings with respect and love. Each of the mothers call them "my kids" because they grew up in… Continue

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At 10:22am on July 22, 2010, V said…
Hey Missy, Yeah...I think m going to try that out. So, basically.....u r saving up till the end....spend only when u save up! I like the idea of then spending it on fun stuff. Infact, I just figured I paid 17 bucks for my taxi so have 3 bucks lying on my table as f now...which m going to put in this envelope! I think its a grt idea.....treat urself at the end of the month with that money in envelope no matter how small it may be! I'll let ya know, end f the much m able to manifest.....

YES! I luv the idea of DREAM BOOK or VISION BINDER.. Take it everywhere u go...That way u always know that u r wrking towards smthing, u r always inspired.....and looking for synchronicities....
At 7:05pm on July 20, 2010, ToxicPimpSmack said…

just sending saw another octopus today. crazy!!!!
At 4:47am on July 20, 2010, V said…
Missy! Thanks for ur reply on marriage/love.....yes it did make a lot of sense!!! It seemed like someones really been there and knows what they r talking n not just for the hek of it. I am sorry about your loss. But am sure his soul must be really happy to know that u r happy n both of u kept the love alive! I agree, any relationships is made up of small small things rather then the big picture. Yes, ppl arnd me r jumping into marriages.....not realising its their fear f being lonely that makes them do that. Loving urself is the biggest gift u can give urself......

Btw, I luv ur "i m not perfect...." posters... !!! ;)
At 4:11pm on July 19, 2010, ToxicPimpSmack said…

At 1:33pm on July 19, 2010, Mateja said…
Thank you Missy, I am sure I will love this experience :-)
At 5:50am on July 19, 2010, SML said…
Thanks for the warm greetings! :o)
At 8:56am on July 18, 2010, Joe LaBarbera said…
Thank you Missy for welcoming me to OCCR.
At 5:18pm on July 13, 2010, AlGee Ol'Bambo said…
Thank you so much, Missy. I, sure, do believe that I will b, in due course, be aligned with the right soul for that veritable position because the universe ALWAYS delivers my ORDERS! I have placed the other and the head-hunters in the universe's employment are just making sure they found the right soul that fits in with all the criteria I set. And I am very confidently pacient in the knowledge that ALL IS WELL!!
May all your ORDERS be expediently delivered GRACIOUSLY!!!!!!
At 9:47pm on July 10, 2010, ToxicPimpSmack said…

thanks for making me smile, wanted to return the favor.
At 7:24am on July 10, 2010, Jason Harland said…
I really appreciate your comment on my profile. I've heard before the message you are trying to convey, though this is the first time it didn't "sound" like rhetoric or hot air. I sent you a friend request after looking at your profile. I'd like to message you and get a bit more in depth as to your thoughts about myself. I'm quite new to this and could use a mentor to get me off to the right start.

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