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I am. That's the core of what I should know. Anything else I can say "about myself" is only the ego talking. I am life. If I can walk this walk, then I am home.
Season 3
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January 2, 2012
Intentions & Goals:
Find my "career". Since Gabriel came into being, the sheer "business" of dealing with his therapies and health concerns have left me breathless...much less able to handle a "traditional" job. So I wish to manifest my desire to start a special needs learning center with Gabriel as the muse that started it all. Thinking of calling it Gabriel's Palace or Gabriels Kingdom (the tentative name at this time is Precious Journeys Learning Center).

Working on Love!!!

Realize and open up my connection to my spirit and what I was meant for (which varies I know according to what I need). True peace is within and without. Connect to it on all levels.

Vitality. Engage the vitality of life.

Profoundness. Know the profound reality that what you see around you is not what you should be searching for. It's what you cannot see that you should be open to receiving. See below.


Go to the level of feeling the good instead of the bad. Move away from low vibrations and live more intuitively in a higher vibration. Realize that feelings affect the future and the present. If you worry over the past and the future, you will never be PRESENT in the "present". Take that knowledge and actually apply what I need to do, since I know it's the thing to do.
Vision Board, Blogging, Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Getting coaching, Brainstorming, Masterminding, Take 100% responsibility for my life

The Sacred Feminine...

I found this article...I know it will be interesting reading and to some, hits others...well, let's just say...we all have opinions! Be and all...By the way, this is written by a him I say "I appreciate you".


Sacred Feminine
By Dr. Tom Pinkson

In the mid 1970's I had the good fortune to spend some time living with Native American people in the desert of Nevada. Each morning would begin with a sunrise ceremony and end with a communal dinner, then sitting around the fire in the evening socializing, singing and discussing the events of the day. I helped out with the building of a barn, hammering and nailing in the hot sun. When it got to hot, I'd jump down from the roof and take a soak in a old bathtub filled with water. I worked hard and had a wonderful time learning the ways and being part of a large, cooperative community.

One of the new learnings for me at the time was witnessing how the girls and women who had their period went into a specially designated area where no men were allowed. They slept in a special tipi, their meals were made for them, they had no chores to do, no tasks. They were given the whole time of their menstruation to be either alone or with other women, off by themselves. They listened to their dreams, worked on various creative art projects, or simply relaxed in meditative states of contemplation attuning to their feelings and the guidance of their intuition. Their dreams were especially valued by the elders, for women "in their moon" were considered to be in a special state of power. Through their physical opening they were in closer communion with the mysterious workings of the universe and their dreams were carefully listened to for guidance affecting the whole tribe.

Their solitude was not a punishment, it was not a banishment because of impurity. In fact, it was just the opposite. It was an honoring of the power of the woman and her sacred status as bringer of new life. This power of woman was considered so important, so strong, that when it came upon her through her sacred bleeding, it was important that she not have to be involved with anything else--not with taking care of kids, household, husband, chores, work, not anything except be with and honor the flow of her deeper being. The women enjoyed their monthly "vacation" which was a respite from the hard labor of the camp. It also placed the men in the position of once per month taking care of the kids, home, meals, etc. It seemed to work quite well and I was very impressed by this social and spiritual "arrangement" around biological function.
It was not until I spent time with Native American people that I was exposed to a healthier relationship with the feminine and it felt right and I felt better to be a part of it.

Of course this belief system about menstruation was the exact opposite of the one I had been introduced to by my culture which emphasized shame, dirty, something not to be discussed in public, embarrassing, etc. Scorn, ridicule and harassment were the norms of my culture towards the woman and her period. Of course it did not stop there. The ways, work and being of the feminine were all looked upon as inferior to the masculine. It was not something I liked but it was all I was exposed to by the dominant cultural mores where I was brought up. It was not until I spent time with Native American people that I was exposed to a healthier relationship with the feminine and it felt right and I felt better to be a part of it. I thought about Joseph Campbell's notion of the formative function of myth in a culture. Campbell believed that a society's creation myths basically laid down the rules of how to live properly to appease the gods and maintain equilibrium. Within the story portrayed in the myth lay the proper roles for behavior for men and women, what was important and how to go about living in accord with these values.

With this idea in mind it is interesting to look back at a key aspect of the creation story for western society--the drama in the Garden of Eden. All was wonderful in the garden for Adam and Eve until, until, ah--here it comes--Eve leads poor Adam astray. She in turn is led astray by the serpent. When Adam eats of the Tree of Knowledge, a tree that comes up from the earth, from below, from nature, boom, they are busted and booted out of their idyllic state into a world of suffering and pain. Thus it is the feminine that leads to the downfall brought on by the sensuous, undulating energy represented by the snake. For the Hebraic people whose story this originally is, patriarchy was the social norm. Male babies were favored over girl babies, their deity was a vengeful sky god figure who brooked no breaking of his laws. The priestly caste dictated that the way to Jehovah was through them, and only them. Going to the earth, and the fruit of the earth for knowledge, was verboten. If you tried this way of gaining wisdom, the punishment was direct and severe. The message was quite clear--don't listen to the feminine. Fear it, control it, subdue it. Don't respect it, don't make a place for it in the pursuit of knowledge.

We have done a pretty good job of integrating this disrespect of the feminine message as a look through his'tory and a perusal of the daily news will readily ascertain. The rape of the earth, the abuse of women, the reliance on rationality and logic as the only valid means of gathering information, the repression of feelings, of intuition, the manipulation of sex and sensuality for profit instead of as a sacred gift of the spirit through the flesh, the repression of love and responsible loving and the promotion of destruction, all testify to the imbalance we have created emanating from the creation myth we have lived out.

In contrast to this anti-feminine myth from our culture, in my travels with shamanic people around the world I have found quite the opposite to be true. In these cultures I have found stories where it is the woman who brings the healing medicine and who is thus honored and treated as respect. Healing and wisdom guidance flow right out of the Mother Earth and is sought out in solitude through rites of passage and initiation such as the Vision Quest and pilgrimages to places of power. Prayers and thankfulness offerings are made to the various manifestations of the feminine Goddess for without her there would be not life. She, in all her wondrous and mysterious forms and gifts, is revered and worshiped. She is the Sacred Mother and creative principle of creation. The Huichols call her "Tacutsi Nakaway", Great Grandmother Growth. She is a great Wisdom Elder. I think we have to listen to her to get back into the garden. Now is her season and her finery is all around us. Let us drink and eat of her wisdom, let us dance and sing praises of celebration for her bounty and her love. Let us work to protect her and all her children. Let us grow new stories that enable us to grow in a healthy way, the way our Mother intended from the beginning. Let us begin again, this time listening to the ancient counsel of the Wisdom Grandmother, the Sacred Feminine. It is within us all, it is for us all.

It is one.

Rebecca's Blog


Posted on September 23, 2011 at 6:18pm 3 Comments

Gabriel is this little miracle in my life. He was actually named for the ARCHEANGEL, Gabriel, in the Bible. It was the only name that ever stuck in my mind. His is a Higher Purpose (as we all believe each of us is). But truly, his is. Gabriel's conception and birth was, not only, ill advised but a traumatic event. He was brought about by a criminal act and the pregnancy was full of stress, anger, fear and feelings of resentment. But, much more than that, Gabriel is a miracle.



Well, Well, Well

Posted on December 3, 2008 at 11:45am 0 Comments

Wanted to say hello again...I missed you all!! :)

Day 9, Season 1-- The Nike Women's Marathon

Posted on April 22, 2008 at 3:30pm 1 Comment

I had a hard run today but everytime I thought I wouldn't make it, I would think back on these things I am learning here and with all my reading, and realize that the only reason I may fail or quit would be mine, and mine alone. I am embarking on an amazing physical journey as well as a mental one. This is marked by my decision to run a marathon for Team In Training. I plan on the full 26.2 miles. I started my training day before yesterday, just getting out there and jogging. I have always been… Continue


Posted on April 21, 2008 at 11:59am 0 Comments

It's a beautiful day outside, mid seventies, not a cloud in the sky. The trees standing tall, leaves rustling in the light breeze that's swirling around. We have oaks, dogwoods, azaleas, pine, magnolias and even evergreen firs lining the drive. The new grass is making its debut and things are becoming lit with color, color and more color. Beautiful white flowers emerging from the Dogwoods. Magnolias and their heady flowerings erupting and the bright yellow sunflowers opening their petals to the… Continue

Day 2, Season 1 More Than Just "Doing"

Posted on April 15, 2008 at 8:25pm 0 Comments

I had a hard time getting up this morning. I was feeling tired. Then I caught myself...I started saying "It's a great day! Thank you for such a beautiful day! I am having the best day ever. I thank you for my eyes that see"...then, I couldn't think of more to say. I felt false, I didn't feel it behind the words. I could not manufacture anything that would make me feel joy. I could not manufacture the first glimmer. So...I laid there a couple more minutes. I was not getting up til I could feel… Continue

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At 2:10am on January 2, 2012, Ronald Kenyatta said…

Thanks Rebecca it's exciting to see people are genuinely caring for each other here. It also nice to see a few local folks. I'm glad to be part of the CCOR family :)

At 2:31pm on January 13, 2009, Stefan said…
It's good to be here!Great picture by the way...;)
At 3:42pm on June 19, 2008, Cherie said…
Hiya Rebecca,
I hope your day is going Great. =]
At 12:46pm on May 5, 2008, Cherie said…
Heya Rebecca,
I hope your day is going well. Hope to hear from you soon. *hugs*
At 10:49am on April 28, 2008, Joni said…
Hey, R: Sounds like you've been up to here in kids and noise. Ready for a break? I'll bet you are.

About the Divine Feminine: that camp I went to had some Vietnam Vets there. They were part of group that holds seminars for other vets to help them heal the war wounds. What I learned is that what healed these warriors is it comes....DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY! I'll tell you more about this if you want, but I see you've not been around lately. I hope you are ok!!
At 3:33pm on April 22, 2008, Rebecca said…
Day 9, Season 1

I had a hard run today but everytime I thought I wouldn't make it, I would think back on these things I am learning here and with all my reading, and realize that the only reason I may fail or quit would be mine, and mine alone. I am embarking on an amazing physical journey as well as a mental one. This is marked by my decision to run a marathon for Team In Training. I plan on the full 26.2 miles. I started my training day before yesterday, just getting out there and jogging. I have always been physically active but this is different. And there is one reason I am really going to go for it (well 2) and that is that my friend took the time to find out sizes and spent hours shopping to really purchase "bonafide" running It was not just the gift that made me kick myself into gear but it was that someone wanted to support my desire to do it. My dad passed away when I was but 16 months old of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and this is my tribute to him. This is some form of an attempt to make a connection with him even though he is not here. It is also because my goals have always included strict physical fitness and I have let that be a side goal that never manifested. They have been after me for years to finally "do it", here it is THE WOMEN'S NIKE MARATHON!!! In San Francisco! I believe it is October 2008...still checking my dates. I have to raise sponsorship money but they know how to help me do that, I understand...that's the little scary part for me. That's probably really need to remember and use what I know to be true. There is nothing we cannot do if we just believe! And....Here we go :D

At 6:20pm on April 20, 2008, Joni said…
Hey, girl! Where'd you go?

I am doing a dance with my spiritual group in October, and I'm representing the Divine Feminine! This is an area that I've not learend a lot about yet, so volunteered for this dance (we do an "Earth Dance" every year) so that I can learn. I'm anxious to read more and maybe discuss some of it.

And as far as negative people.....I find that smothering them in love and understanding generally brings them around. I think what everyone really wants is validation and acceptance. I once read where the best way we can love someone is to give them what they want.

I'm sending a warm blanket to you today, right out of the dryer! Let it remind you that you are always surrounded in LOVE!

At 7:29pm on April 16, 2008, Pete said…
Dont try. do it.
in fact to me you are already doing it
At 6:57pm on April 16, 2008, Pete said…
Hey Rebecca
Yes you will start to notice the negative more and more and I too found ( and still do) it sometimes very hard to get away from.
Especially when it comes from people who you cant get away from like at work or at home.
With these people you just have to make sure that when you respond you respond in a positive way. Look at everything in a positive way and respond that way. Hard at first but will get easier.
Keep going girl, you can do it and will get there.

Have an outstanding day.
At 1:14am on April 16, 2008, Joni said…
Hey, Rebecca....... wow, you left some amazing, wise thoughs on my blog today! THANKS!!!!!!!!!! isn't it fabuloso to have a group, a witness of like-minded people who "GET" where you are at? Thanks for being that person for me today. What a gift it is to be "HEARD"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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