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About Me:
Single parent, Home Educating mum, to Two wonderful sons who inspire me daily...

My life was slowly going downhill 10 years ago, then the boys and I had a car crash 6 years ago that culminated in my marriage breaking down as well as my body and mind!!!

Last year i found the 100 day challenge... the first season I felt like i didn't make much progress... season 2 has seen some HUGE inner changes and season 3 which we are starting on July 1st is going to be the start of our new life...

The boys and I have plans for massive change and we intend to implement them... no more dragging our feet... we are going to sky rocket....
Season 3
Starting Date:
July 1, 2008
Intentions & Goals:
Big, bigger and even bigger... coming soon!!
Vision Board, Journalography (Video Journal), Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Participating in seminars, Getting coaching, Brainstorming, Masterminding
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Day 20 - S3 ... I manifested the perfect house... at the seaside...!!!

Posted on July 20, 2008 at 6:11pm 21 Comments

I found the perfect house... in the perfect location... at a more than perfect price... wahey..!!!

I am so chuffed that i finally learned to trust the law of attraction to provide what i need... I said i wanted...

a house within walking distance of the town centre...

and walking distance of the beach...

a victorian house which had been refurbished...

high ceilings...

Bay windows on the lounge and master bedroom...

space to work...

a… Continue

Day 10 - S3 Getting organised with the... Queen of lists... thats Me..!!

Posted on July 10, 2008 at 6:27am 3 Comments

I've been getting my day to day life organised since i joined ccor.... I've always joked that I am... The queen of lists... I make lists for everything, i even made lists about my lists in the past... lol

But i realised that i was making lists in a hap hazzard way and then worse still, i was failing to act on them... I now have a system that works for me... it might sound confusing but it does work... as i can see at a glance what i need to do..!!

I list priority… Continue

Day 9 (S3) - Becoming aware... of changes...

Posted on July 9, 2008 at 2:49am 4 Comments

I've said a few times that i didn't feel like i made much progress in seasons 1 & 2... maybe, because there was no huge shift, just small subtle changes... but small changes add together to make a big difference eventually...!!!

The last few days, I've become more aware, of how much progress we've all made... when i look back to where we were, physically, mentally and emotionally before we started the first 100 days, I'm so grateful we found it, as i really don't know where we… Continue

Day 3 - S3 Time for some goals....

Posted on July 3, 2008 at 8:30am 11 Comments

Goals for this season....

1) To add more income streams to my business, to enable us to live abundantly

2) To stop hiding my light under a bushel and have belief in myself and my abilities

3) To find the perfect house for us, in the perfect location... and move into it!!

4) To simplify my life, by decluttering, downsizing, using the car less and spending more time 'just… Continue

Day 1 - S 3... Edited.... Huge manifestation needed...!!!!

Posted on July 1, 2008 at 7:30am 5 Comments


Day 1 - Season 3... Hmmm... I have big plans for this season, the boys and i are going to make some huge changes to our lives.... but i have a huge stumbling block to overcome first...

I've edited this post as I resolved the urgent part that i needed to and i don't want anything negative, in my vibrational space... ;o)

I'm not earning enough to cover all the bills, although i'm getting closer... so i need the universe to help me… Continue

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At 1:45pm on March 17, 2009, zulu said…
Some big changes! All good!
At 6:31pm on September 17, 2008, TaraghB said…
Hi Jaye. Hope you are well and how is the new home going?
At 7:51pm on August 6, 2008, Missy said…
Haven't talked to you in awhile but wanted to let you know I still care. I hope everything is going great for you. May all you intentions come true for you and blessings overflow in your life.
At 4:57pm on July 21, 2008, denise heyse said…
meditation class was great and a tool for certain change. included was an auverda massage. in addition I attended a bikram yoga class in soho before my chopra center class up town. still I am sorting out my intentions,my intention to attract an awsome, great, spiritual , and loving man partner- and for raiseing a family with him is still standing and deepening in value for me.
my life is changeing . They say that in meditation we go to the place of pure potentiality(where all things are possible) and bring a little of it back to the here and now and make it real- each time we meditate.its a powerful tool for manifestation. abundance is an ocean for all of us. please write if you can and update me on your work to bring intention to reality
At 10:25pm on July 15, 2008, David said…
Nice to be added as your friend and best of luck to you and your sons. I will be reading some of your blogs and hope the best for both of us in our challenges. Thanks Dave!
At 6:12pm on July 10, 2008, Andy said…
Hi Thanks For That About You Tube I Didnt Really Know What To Put So I Put My Name.Thanks For Putting It Right.Had My First Day At This Today & Im Astonished!!!!! Im Gonna Do Video Diarys For
At 4:48pm on July 10, 2008, Dale said…
No your not going crazy was a test from the Ministry of Disappearing Profiles and you passed :D
At 2:03pm on July 10, 2008, DonnaOnTheBeach said…
Glad you got it ok, and I really hope it helps you allow the abundance you richly deserve. xx
At 12:59pm on July 10, 2008, denise heyse said…
wish me luck on my intentions- I posted it new- I need cocreator support for this - tellign another will alight my intentions to manifest
At 12:55pm on July 10, 2008, denise heyse said…
will do jaye , im very excited, yes- I dont know why my profile says uk. maybe its a "coincidental" message from the big U. couldnt correct it fi Iwanted to- my personal info all says usa thru and thru. talk soon with you Im very looking forward to the class, and my mom has started to practice yoga with me. she did a head stand today. who knew! love and blessings D

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