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Tamara Hanson
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Tamara Hanson -- Creative Writer

Profile Information

About Me:
Freelance, creative published writer of fiction and non-fiction books. I want to inspire, enlighten and entertain people of all ages through my writing.
Season 3
Starting Date:
October 18, 2009
Intentions & Goals:
I have a completely balanced life.
I have a consistent connection with source.
I own a brand new VW Touareg.
Finished Kim's projects- done
I make $6000.00 per month from my book sales and able to work from home concentrating on my writing career.
I am open and receptive to all amazing opportunities.
My writing career continues to grow and I have met other writers.
Unlimited creative ideas flow to me easily and frequently.
Nanowrimo 2009: Completed Reinventing Rita
Sacred Circle completed.
Query letters have been sent to agents and publishers.
I have found the perfect publisher and agent for me.
Vegas the weekend of Nov 27/09 and see Donny and Marie in concert, meet Donny and Marie backstage.
I have a full time writing career that I love, working from home.
I am absolutely happy, focused and clear about my life.
I exercise 3 times per week.
I meditate 3 times per week.
I easily manifest amazing opportunities into my life and I quickly act on these opportunities.
New tires for my car. - done
New Laptop cord. - done
New mini-laptop.
More money in savings.
Debt paid off.
Benefits paid 100% to fix my tooth.
Christmas shopping completed November 30, 2009.

What I'm Planning for Season 4:
My family and I take trips to the UK, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Vegas, New Orleans, PEI, Texas, California, Hawaii, BC, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Salem, Cape Cod.
I save $500,000.00 per year after taxes.
I have a $4 million net worth.
I make $2 million per year income through a writing career that I love.
Vision Board, Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Take 100% responsibility for my life
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Tamara Hanson's Blog

Attitude is Everything

Posted on March 13, 2010 at 2:23am 1 Comment

The last few days I have not been able to get into the vortex/vibrationally aligned. So, this morning I woke up and decided to do things a little differently. I told myself that for the next 3 days I will be/imagine/act what I intend.

For the next 3…


End of Season 3.... Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

Posted on February 4, 2010 at 1:10am 0 Comments

I haven't been on here in a while. My Season 3 ended a couple weeks ago and haven't started Season 4 yet. I have been journalling every single day. I wanted to do a 30 day journey and document it. Meditate everyday, keep on top of my emotions and my thoughts and really focus on what I want.

I am done my 30 days and can feel a shift happening. I'm going 30 more. Last week I had a great week. Very much in the vortex and feeling great. Then the weekend came and I started to plummet. I… Continue

Season 3 Day 19 .... Starting to get it

Posted on November 5, 2009 at 3:47pm 1 Comment

Lately, I've been feeling somewhat unconquerable. Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely there nor am I 100% in the vortex all of the time, but I find that my brain is finally switching gears.

I see that I create my life, I know I fully create my life and knowing this is so very exciting. I think about everything I can be, do and have and it excites me! The options are endless....the universe is unlimited!

Finally, in the 3rd season, my cells, my brain is starting to… Continue

Season 2 Day 96.....Season 3- Here I Come

Posted on October 15, 2009 at 3:51pm 1 Comment

My Season 2 Day 100 is on October 19. However, I have decided to end Season 2 and start Season 3 on the New Moon, which is on October 18.

Season 2 has been a bit of a learning curve for me. A lot has happened, things that I didn't want to happen, happened. I was unfocused for the last 50 days, not keeping up on meditation time, vision board time, ME time. Instead, I was caught up in a lot of crap.

Don't get me wrong, Season 2 hasn't been a total loss. I find that I am… Continue

Season 2 Day 74 - Rampage of Appreciation

Posted on September 23, 2009 at 2:30pm 0 Comments

A Rampage of Appreciation helps you get into the's mine:

I appreciate the fall colours, the bright oranges, yellows and reds. I appreciate the fact that I can enjoy these colours, that I can enjoy the blue sky, the warm fall days, wear shorts in late September. I appreciate my children for being a great of example of always being in vibrational alignment with source. I love to see how much laughing and playing they can do and it makes me realize that I need to stop… Continue

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At 6:26pm on November 5, 2009, the Phenomenal Lauren G said…
Thanx for the love! I am definitely keeping it moving! My life is well and it is full and I am happy! Giving him his stuff back was the greatest release of all! Life can only go up from here~ Thank you!
At 2:43pm on August 26, 2009, Heather Marie said…
At 12:42am on August 14, 2009, D said…
Thank you, Tamara! I know it took a time! (((HUGS))) -D
At 2:21pm on July 31, 2009, Annie said…
I must admit I do too. I have no idea who comes up with the messages they send, but it's like a little pep me up in the old inbox each morning.
At 3:18am on June 19, 2009, Ada Bader said…
Thank you for your encouragement, much appreciated. I will try not to over think it...thats something i can always use to hear!
At 7:17pm on June 17, 2009, Kahlil said…
I REALLY appreciate the comment you left me. I'll be reading it again soon so as to 'get it' even more. The day went well, and the issue I mentioned and you commented on wasn't even an issue after all, which seems to be the way 'it' goes (ie. the stuff that one stresses and neurosis's about don't even remotely happen the way one is expecting it might happen). Thanks again.
At 1:13am on June 10, 2009, Megan said…
YES YES-i learnt SO much from that book- and have recommended it to so many people who have family who have had a stroke. Definitely buy it!!! xxx
At 10:31am on April 17, 2009, Lynne said…
Hi Tamara,
thanks for your encouraging words, you sound really dedicated to your writing, how wonderful! As for me, I can't match that, but then again I'm a beginner and don't expect to, however, at this moment in time ....I think I would take the money! :) But when it came to the crunch - who knows? I love journaling for example, I don't think I would ever give that up - does that count? lol
At 3:40am on April 5, 2009, Anna said…
Hi Tamara
Thanks for the friend add, Im in a hurry right now but I will definately be back to check out your page. Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!
At 10:00am on April 4, 2009, John Petrov said…
Hi Tamara,

Please accept my warmest welcome to you as a new friend on
I am deeply honored to be given this special opportunity to connect with you.

I look forward to learning more about you.
Hope you'll add me as a friend. :)

Best always!

John Petrov

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