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About Me:
My name is Tyler. I like to race dirtbike and fourwheeler. I am hoping to become a the first pro girl racer in the world! I also want to be an actress and a model. I have a high spirit and I look up to my mom. She is truly an inspiration. I like to paint, but I think i'm better at drawing. :] I also love to bead! It's so much fun.! I am very shy, but once you get to know me, I talk a lot!
My favorite singer is Avril Lavinge and my favorite band is Paramore!
I love singing, but have a hard time doing it in front of people.
So, that's about it. :]
Season 1
Starting Date:
April 7, 2009
Intentions & Goals:
1. I want to become pro at racing.
2. I want to be a model and an actress.
3. I want to over-come stage fright, because i'm in a school play.
4. I'm going to get a job when I turn 16.
5. I'm going to save for a vehicle.
6. I'm going to work on not being so shy and quiet.
7. I want to learn how to snowboard.
8. I want to learn how to skateboard.
9. I want to have straight A's next semester. No B's.
10. I want to go to the Caribbean really bad!
11. I want to meet Jeremy Sumpter.
12. I want to have a lot of money.
Journaling, Reading, Fitness, Creating intentions, Take 100% responsibility for my life, More
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At 10:56am on December 8, 2009, Gypsie said…
I can't wait to see you kick butt on the track this year doll. You are really going places! You will soon be at the nationals:-) I am very proud of you! I LOVE you so much, Ty!! Love, Mom
At 10:49am on August 20, 2009, Gypsie said…
Ty ~ You're page looks great! I am so proud of you!!! You're on your way to the top my dear!!! You're dreams are really starting to happen! Love you honey, Mom
At 10:15am on January 29, 2009, Gypsie said…
Hi Ty! Thanks for the wonderful comment! Keep up the awesome work! You're comments mean a alot to me!!!! Lots of love, Mom xxxxxx
At 1:25pm on January 27, 2009, Transforming said…
P.S. Love my Dobbie and cats too.When I was a KID, I wanted a black panther. I setteled for my Doberman,Roxi. XOXO
At 1:09pm on January 27, 2009, Transforming said…
You go Woman. I know we need you to continue our Pressence in the mans world. I am in a non-traditional (for women) occupation. I work alongside men. Bout 2 other women on any given work day is all I may see. Often I am the only woman all season. But WE Are out here so, if you find the Good- ole boys giving it to you, You just call out to me. I got your back.
At 1:21am on January 25, 2009, eliana said…
my january is cold. well to me atleast
At 2:02pm on January 18, 2009, Cherie said…
Hope your having a wonderful day. =]
At 11:09am on January 17, 2009, Gypsie said…
Spreading some love on your page;-) You are beautiful and loved! Good things are coming your way! Love always, Mom
At 4:17am on January 16, 2009, Nellen Edens said…
Oh, thank you Tyler, I was JUST thinking what to do with the paintings, and you are RIGHT! They look great in a Restaurant! I'm going to work on it! THANKS! I just looked at your list of goals and now I see how young you are actually. (16 or not even 16), well, Girl, THIS age and doing this challenge...!!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!! Don't Worry! Everything is going to be fine!!! Mmm!! This Jeremy is a Hot Shot! Good Goal!!! HAHAHA!! It is good to be shy, that means you are a sensitive person and sense the feelings of other people. That makes you shy, because it is intimidating and you don't know what to do with this feelings. (Well: ... You DON'T have to do anything with it. It are not YOUR feelings, you just SENSE the feelings. But they are NOT your feelings, So, Just Let Go.) You have to turn it around. YOU are special. And because you are sensitive, you won't harm other people. So it's WORTH it for everybody in the World that you stand up. You are sensitive, and what other people think is not Your responsibility. You only have to take care for yourself, and it is good to be in a play, and to sing and to skateboard and to go after all your goals because it gives you more space to be YOU (in that space, you give yourself). Everything you do for yourself, brings MORE of YOU in the World! It make YOU stronger, because you realise the things what YOU think is important AROUND you! It is like your own chamber. (Your chamber is your own space and you decide what is in it, what makes you HAPPY, and what people can come in and out) But now it is your own Space in wich you walk around in the world. It is IMPORTANT! To go after YOUR goals and be HAPPY, means that you have a strong space around you in wich you walk through the world. YOU decide! And about Stage-Fright: It is o.k. The most famous singers and actors have Stage-Fright and are still puging behind the stage before they have to go up. The sensibility makes you also a great person to look at, and it helps you with your performing. Don't worry. BUT: When you want to go on stage, again: You have to learn to be NOT intimidated by other people. The BEST way is what YOU are doing: Going on stage! In a play! And the BEST way to be NOT intimidated by other people is to DARE TO FAIL ! The MORE you fail on stage, the easier it gets! And the MORE you can laught about it! So GO on stage, and Think: WHAT will it bring me today? Failure or Success! It is both SUCCESS! Because when you fail, everybody will Laugh at you!!! Well: That is the dream of many big comedians: That EVERYBODY will laugh at them! (You will succeed in it, by just failing!!! HAHAHA!!!) So Simple! Just have Fun, and DARE to fail in front of everybody! The sun is coming up again next morning, EVERYBODY had a good time (because they are SO happy, that YOU failed and they self did not!) So they will ALL LOVE you for that courage! It is not about the result! It is about the ADVENTURE!!! Go for it Girl!!! You are GREAT!!! I am SURE of it! Bye Darling! By Tyler!
At 1:11pm on January 14, 2009, Nellen Edens said…
Hai Tyler! How nice you found me! I react a little bit late, but this is the first time I have back my energy for writing on this site again! My God! The 100 days challenge is upsetting down my whole life! I am realy exhausted. A whole new energy knocked on my door, and it is so strong, that all the things who don't fit in this cocreating proces light up and I have to deal with it. Isn't that something? I started this 100 Day Reality Challenge with writing down what was asked. (About my self, my goals etc. ) Just did it. And wrote down what I REALY liked! And I thought: We'll see! But since then everything is changing SO fast, SO many things (nice and not nice) are happening, that now I think: Oh, My God, it is Working! there are a lot of things in my life that I just CAN't accept anymore. How come? I don't know. I just CAN'T! So, I have had a lot of problems around me, not nice, but know everything is cooling down, and going MUCH MUCH MUCH better then before! Isn't that strange. I thought, well, this is a NICE CHALLENGE, but also difficult things are crossing the path. Strange isn't it! But I let it go. I am so surprised that everything is going to turn out se well, that now I think: I just go with the flow! I'm VERY curious what life brings me. Every package of life is welcome, and I open it, and see what is in it.... All kinds of surprises are crossing my path those days. Like Christmas, but unexpected! O.k.. bye Tyler! Have a nice day in St Paul. Here in Amsterdam is was SO COLD, we could skate on the canals!

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