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About Me:
i just moved from sweden to the netherlands. so at the moment i'm mostly focussing on settling down and learning the language, finding a job and making friends.

i started to use the law of attraction consciously about a year ago and have seen many changes in my life. i'm very excited about the wonderful people, circumstances and experiences i am attracting into my life.
Season 1
Starting Date:
August 22, 2009
Intentions & Goals:
i have a passionate, romantic and stable relationship
i keep my ideal weight, i'm fit and strong, happy with my body
i speak fluent dutch
i have an interesting and fun job
i make new friends
Blogging, Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Affirmations, Take 100% responsibility for my life

thank you universe for
- my apartment. i love it!
- my perfect health. i'm strong and fit. my body works with me.
- the money on my account which makes it possible for me to realize my dream
- my fast progress in learning ducth
- my profession which is also my passion, thank you for letting my profession also be my passion in life
- my dear dog agnes, 5 years together!
- giving me inspiration and ideas for the paper i'll start writing on
- the challenges i've had lately. they remind me of the fact that i get what i think of and make it clear for me what i want and don't want and also what i am and am not.
- having a very helpful friend here
- my self esteem that is just getting better and better! i love myself! and i love loving myself. :)
- my 7 years of being a vegan. the best decision i've ever made.
- my bed
- putting me together with people who i learn things from
- my interesting life
- my independency and freedom to do what i like and want to do
- all the love that surrounds me
- the alpro soy milk.... mmm how i love it!!!
- my laptop
- my spiritual development
- introducing me to interesting, kind and open-minded people
- romance and passion
- my soccer team. i love playing with them! so much fun!
- money that keeps coming to me
- my swedish friends and my dutch friends
- bringing me together with helpful and kind people. they are always there!
- that i develop and become better as a soccer player
- for my body, my strength and health
- for my passion for life
- for the money that is constantly coming to me
- for good food
- for my self confidence that is just getting better and better!
- for my positivity and optimism

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i've lost count on how far i am in this season, but it should be about halfways. i am so happy because it seems like i have already reached my goals and manifested my intentions or that they are in t…

Posted on October 14, 2009 at 6:46pm 0 Comments

i've lost count on how far i am in this season, but it should be about halfways. i am so happy because it seems like i have already reached my goals and manifested my intentions or that they are in the process! i get all excited when thinking about it actually. i'm so so thankful and almost overwhelmed by how things just fall into place for me, with practical things related to having newly moved here, my economy, the language and my emotional wellbeing. i'm very thankful for… Continue

more happy days

Posted on September 28, 2009 at 8:25pm 1 Comment

i feel very very very lucky to be me! being aware of LOA has really changed my life. it's like things goes so much smoother and easier nowadays if i compare to one or two years ago. i'm definately happier, i worry waaay less, i'm more forgiving, i'm more passionate in things i do.

i've now manifested a job! i'm so happy about that. i'm so excited over the experience it gives me and the people i meet... but haha...i'm mostly excited over the money i get from it. i'm eager to start… Continue

30 days

Posted on September 21, 2009 at 9:05pm 0 Comments

it is now 30 days since i started my first season here. so with almost one third done, what have i accomplished?

it's been a very emotionally busy time for me. issues with my ex have taken a lot of energy and i can't say that this has been the happiest month in my life. being aware of LOA, i've reminded myself not to get down too deep in my grieves, but to keep looking forward towards what i want, in stead of the past. so it's been a tough time, but on the other hand i can really see… Continue

11 days of season 1: wishes come true

Posted on September 1, 2009 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

it's time for a report on how's it going for me. 11 days of season 1 and i already see results! isn't that amazing!? can't wait to see where i am in 100 days! and still these 11 days haven't been the easiest days of my life, there have been obstacles for me to get over and my emotions have gone up and down. but in the hard moments i've kept saying to myself : all good things are coming to me now, all good things are coming to me now...and in my mind i pictured myself as a magnet attracting all… Continue

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At 1:14am on December 16, 2009, tat said…

How are you doing? How is your challenge going? Are you all ready for Christmas? How will you be spending it? Well, I've done a bit of baking, have put up the tree, decorated the house, bought the presents in November already, and now I can relax a bit. My sweetie comes back in a week so we'll be going away for a romantic few days. We usually go to church on Xmas Eve and sing all those Christmas carols. That btw is about the only time I go to church. Christmas Day we spend at my parents place with a few relatives or at our place.
Anyway hugs
At 9:01pm on November 21, 2009, tat said…
Hi Amelie!!

How are you doing? I'm so sorry btw for not replying earlier, somehow I think I though that I'd already replied to your email?
Oh thanks about my fitness results. Yes it is such a good feeling being in shape and being lean. I especially enjoy running and hiking and might look into training to run in a marathon next year! I still want to get leaner though. Well you know the saying : You can never be too rich or too thin! But yeah I just love my trainer, he's very motivating and quite cute too!;) But yeah it means a lot to me because I had these crazy hormone problems that caused me to gain weight in the first place, despite the fact that I'd always been lean and exercised. The body is weird but capable of healing, if the mind is open to it. Anyway, I just want to get leaner in my boobs!

Oh well if you're into vegan, then why not try fruitarian? I'm just curious though but if you go to fruitarian, where will you get your protein sources from? Or will you eat beans and tofu? I know what you mean about figs, we just love them and I think every relative of mine has fig trees. My husband though isn't very crazy about them and finds them weird.

BTW how's it going with that girl from the bar? The good kisser? Yes kissing is sooo important. The reminds me, nope the husband STILL isn't back yet, though is supposed to be back by the 2nd week of Dec. I told him that he owes me big time!! Like he can bring me back perfumes, or nice boots or a purse because I love those!!

I was going to ask you but how are clothing prices in Amsterdam compared to Sweden? I have a friend living in Stockholm and she's shocked by how expensive clothes are compared to Canada & the US where it's a lot cheaper.
Anyway have a fab weekend!

Take care
tatiana :)
At 1:06pm on October 23, 2009, tat said…
Hey Amelie,

How are you doing? How is your week going? How was your soccer game? Though I don't play soccer, I do like to watch, well that and hockey, although one day I'm going to run a marathon. Oh i don't know if you know or are part of the Vision Board Party here, but tonight we're all posting our vision boards up on the site, should be very entertaining! I know I even put pics up of myself and my hubby too.

Well my ankle is already healing like you said, so thanks for the tip. I'm going to do the same thing you did about your wart problem, for my infected ingrown toenail problem which hurts like hell! I figure if you managed to heal your wart thing like you did, I can try that with my toenail! Warts & toenails, they kind of go together don't they? ;) lol

Good luck with your friendship then.

So, what are you up to this weekend? Well, on Sat a few of us are going to try this interesting Middle Eastern restaurant where you sit on floor pillows, and has a live band that plays flamenco music -should be very interesting I think...

Anyway have a wonderful weekend whatever you do!
At 9:50pm on October 14, 2009, tat said…
Hey Amelie,

So, how is your week going so far? Anything new? Oh wow, yes that is short for a Dutch person, and you are so little too. Well I'm almost 1 foot taller than you at 179 cm and my husband is like 185 or something.
Good luck btw about bringing your ex girlfriend back into your life. How long were you two together? Is she single do you know?
So your new intention was to decorate more with plants, etc. Yeah that's a good intention, I'd add candles too if I were you. Makes things really cozy.

Well, my new intention now is to heal my ankle. Yup once again I have another sports related I must be the biggest klutz out there because I keep injuring myself, so my intention is to heal it asap! I'm in good shape but want to be in phenomenal shape! :)

Otherwise we had Thanksgiving here with turkey and pumpkin pie and am glad that it's over - tired of all that food! At the moment it's cold, wet and rainy outside so I'm just going to read a book in front of the fireplace. Sadly, my husband is still away on his business trip, for 7 wks now!

Anyway Enjoy your evening,
At 4:43pm on October 4, 2009, Aleksandra said…
thank you! Yes, you are right! This is what I am going to do now.........visualise a guy who is girlfriendless!! One is ok, bt who knows maybe more than one? hehehe;) I should add on my vision board of the boyfriend SINGLE!;)
Thanx! have a nice sunday Evening!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 10:41am on October 3, 2009, tat said…
Hey Amelie,

Hope you're doing ok so far.
My cousins are French and from France not French Canadian. That's nice that you're following your passion & adventure! I admire that. We love traveling but have never been to Scandinavia or Belgium, but I've been to the other countries you mentioned. True, the Dutch language is similar to Swedish in that it's in the Germanic family of languages. I agree what you say about the Dutch, they are nice and very tall too, like me!

You know I would believe that about the experiment done in Sweden because they weren't subjected to negative influences like the media for example.

Hey good luck with your new intention. Was he a former boyfriend or someone you've admired that you want to meet? Well, my husband is unfortunately away in NY on business and I miss him like crazy. We've been married a few yrs and we're still very happy like newlyweds!

Yup I say to myself that while I will look "smoking" in my bikini in 3 mos, I suppose I do look good in it now, but I want to look better. :) On Monday I meet up with my brutal trainer (also trains U2 when they're in town). Today I'm meeting with a friend for Vietnamese food, then coffee. Later on having family over for dinner. What are your plans this weekend?

I do know what you're saying about being nervous to blog or put info on the site. I too feel like that sometimes, but then I think to myself that most people are normal and rational and that it's just that odd person that's like that. I would never put for ex, my address, banking info, or that kind of info up anywhere. I don't know but I feel safer here in this site, then I would in somehow like myspace, yahoo or something.

Anyway have a fab weekend!
All the best
At 11:47am on October 1, 2009, tat said…
Hey Amelie,

How are you doing? Oh no worries about not replying, people get busy...Your name is easy to remember because it's also my cousin's name too.
That's great that everything is working for you. Can I ask what made you decide to move from Sweden to Netherlands? Did you know anyone in the Netherlands? Also, it must be difficult if you're not proficient in the language? Which country do you prefer? My friend actually married a Swede, anyway they have a baby and opened up a restaurant/resort in this little town. But yeah she had a hard time meeting friends there, until she put up one of those "friends wanted" signs. I think if I moved somewhere I might do the same. Well, we were supposed to go visit her last year when in Europe, but never made it that far north. Amsterdam is very cool though.

I like your motto because I also try to be positive & optimistic all the time & I avoid all negative people, like certain family members and even the news! My intention this week is to try to heal my sports injury. Every day I say to myself that my cells are healing and that I'm one day close to being perfectly healed. Otherwise I'm trying to get my perfect body back by working out with a trainer. I said I want too look fab in a bikini in 3 mos time and I will! What are your intentions? I see you have a blog haven't done that yet, but I put up lots of photos to see.

Anyway have a fabulous day!!
take care
At 10:32pm on September 24, 2009, tat said…
Hi Amelie,
So, how is your week going? That must be somewhat of an adjustment moving from Sweden to Netherlands? How is that going for you? My friend moved from Canada to Sweden, and she had a really hard time trying to make friends in Stockholm. But she eventually did and you'll make tons too. Very cool website here btw.
At 3:22am on September 12, 2009, Heather Marie said…
Have a wonderful weekend!


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