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brandy ryan
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Winning!!!!!!! epic winning!!!!!!!!!!!

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
About Me:
I am a songwriter. I love writing music!
mom of two awesome kids, 16 & 11
lived 25 years (+ 10 but who's counting)
I love nature! sooo much!! we're talking kiss-you-on-the-lips kind of love
freedom is the most important thing to me.. ohhh yes!
I am very curious about alternate universes and other dimensions
I have great affinity for africa and japan
my favorite season is autumn
I love bashar and abraham hicks!!
I love this universe!
Season 5
Starting Date:
March 7, 2011
Intentions & Goals:
I don't have any specific goals for this 100 days :)
I like freedom and open-endedness rather than goals, rules, and feeling boxed in by self-restriction. but.... here are some things I am going to practise in the next 74 days***
(hey, it took me 26 days just to post this!)

be more aware of my feeling states
resume my dream journal
really focus on my inner desires as to what I want to be doing in the moment
practise breathing when feeling overwhelmed/angry
appreciate myself into sleep
be very cognizant of the words I think and speak
shift focus to positive subjects if necessary
pre-pave my expectations more
sharing on this site a little more
post a video on this site in the first 100 days!
meditate more
get back to running!

*I've been doing these things to a much bigger degree than I used to. the changes are already astounding. my main intent is to feel mostly happy, calm, and in a state of allowing most of the time. until april 29!!
Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Take 100% responsibility for my life
YouTube page

the prosperity game



I am starting an abraham hicks process called the prosperity game

I am going to give myself $1000 a day for the rest of season 1!
(if you're not familiar with this, you give yourself $1000 every day and spend the full amount every day)
here's the link if you want to check it out

here's a list of what I've purchased so far ~

$1000 (day 1)*a king size cushy mattress set!
$2000 *tascam cd recorder (so I can playback and edit music at the same time!) *new bed for e
$3000 *hickory kitchen table from erik organic. so pretty!!
$4000 *6 seneca chairs for my new table! *down duvet and 800 thread-count sheets and pillows,etc.
$5000 *landice L8 pro sport treadmill. yayyy!!!!!!
$6000 *cakewalk (sonar) 8.5 music software * intel core i7 computer (strictly for work!!)
* taxi membership * iron headboard from carolina rustica!
$7000 ......saving.....
$8000 (+ 7000=15,000) *korg oasys keyboard workstation (wow!) *quality condenser vocal mic
*panasonic 50" plasma flatscreen *nikon coolpix L110 digital (pocket) camera *dvd blueray player
*all 11 seasons of frasier!
$9000 *pay off my boyfriend's car *cloud ten leather recliner (for my bf - 'cause he's so sweet!)
*50cc mini dirtbike for e (birthday soon!) *helmet and allll accessories!
$10,000 * I am thinking about buying a house in a different location. for the time being I found a great house to rent right where I am. today I paid security deposit and 3 months rent. it's a great environment in which to envision my new home on the lakeshore!
$11,000 *2 all inclusive tickets to the caymen islands (2 weeks for me and my bf. ahhhh!!)
*five thousand spending money for our trip - to shop, scuba dive, swim with the dolphins, and have many other amazing experiences!! (trip booked for may 29th!)
$12,000 *guess what!? I am going on an Alaskan cruise to see abraham hicks!!! I am taking my one sister. she's the only one in my family on my wavelength :) the abe-hicks cruise is july 4-11.
I am also going to surprise my sister with a massive shopping spree a few days before we leave. can't wait!!!!!!
$13,000 .......saving.....$15,000
$16,000 (+42,000=$58,000) *a sweet SUV for my botfriend. fully loaded! he does so much for me - he really desrves it!!
$17,000 *pay off tuition *sager NP laptop *top of the line stereo component system
*cambridge sofa (for computer room) *shopping spree for little house knick knacks (3000).... how about some African statues!
$23,000 (+savings= $123,000) *Audi 2011 hybrid (hey.. like my car?!) *insurance, plates, etc
$24,000 *old ford truck (from the 80's) suped up and maxed out in olive green. I LOVE this thing!!!!
*insurance, plates, etc
$25,000 *family reunion!! I am planning it, hosting it, and paying for it all :) july long weekend I am renting cabins at my favorite lake in bc. it is so beautiful! I will fly everyone out, and we will have the greatest time ever! brother, sister, mom, gramma, aunts, uncles, cousins... everyone! swimming, boating, skiing, etc. so excited!!!
$27,000 (+26,000= 53,000) *I am sending my boyfriend and his 5 friends to cabos san lucas, mexico for a week! his favorite band plays there often and the lead singer owns a fabulous restaurant there. I am renting a beautiful flat and flying them out first class. each ticket is all inclusive. any money I have left over I will give to the bf to do with it what he wants. good girlfriend, eh :)
$30,000 (+57,000=87,000) *an awesome large boat with the words 'frogprincess' painted on the side (don't ask!) it has lounging seats and a large section inside. it is a beautiful olive green. I am going to drive it all over lake okanagan, giving the tourists a sight!

$31,000 *I decided I deserve a really nice vacation, so I am taking another AbrahamHicks cruise, but this time in australia/new zealand!! mmm, warm, crystal blue waters... I am sooo excited!!! I am getting the biggest state room available with private everything. I am flying to australia first class and spending 6 days sightseeing before the cruiseship takes off. I will also do some shopping for a new wardrobe and fab things that you just can't find here. and if they're too big for the suitcase I will have them shipped back home! after the beautiful cruise I will spend another 7 days in new zealand doing the same thing. yeah!!! can't you feel it!? this is the most expensive vacation I have ever taken, but it is the first of many! aye mate! :) we set sail jan 3, 2011 :) yay!!!
$34,000 *so I have 4 brothers and sisters. (2 and 2). I am giving each of them $25,000. I just want to share my massive good fortune with them. they can use it for whatever they want, in any way they want. now who's the best sister ont he planet!?! (oh... in case you're counting, I snatched $1000 from my vacation fund!)
$38,000 (+108,000=$146,000) *I am giving this amount to my mom, to use however she wants! a trip, down payment on a house, new car, whatever! she's had kind of a tough life and it's time for her to have some fun!! :)
$39,000 *I think I'll give this to oprah's angel network!
$41,000 (+40,000=$80,000) *honda 2010 trx quad (for me!) *honda 2010 trx junior quad (for e!)
*2 helmets and all quad riding accessories *mega-air trampoline w/ net
*malibu 2011 wakeboard boat *2 custom wakeboards (for e, engraved with his name!)
$45,000 (+129,000=$174,000) *since I love my uncles and aunt so much and always appreciated them growing up (uncles taking me quading, camping, 4x4ing... just great guys..),
I am giving each of them $43,500. I hope they use it for fun! :)
$46,000 *I am giving this to nadya suleman. I don't care what anyone else thinks of her, I admire her. what right do others have to make judgments and say that she's being selfish?
I saw her on oprah yesterday and I want to help her out. I think she's incredible!!
$47,000 *I think I'll pay off student loans. isn't it funny that I never even thought about that until now (until I saw a co-creator pay hers off...) guess I just like to have fun! *I also want to give joanne (a co-creator here) $5000 to support her on her mpla art tour.
I think what she's doing is fantastic! *and what I have left of this amount I will buy one (a few?) of her paintings!
$48,000 *sending my gramma and her husband thim on a 2 week trip to switzerland. (she has been there once and loved it so!) first class, everthg taken care of, the whole amount is going toward the trip!
$49,000 *again to nadya suleman to help raise her fourteen children. wow!!! I have one and I get overwhlemed! :)
$50,000 *today I bought 1800 shares in tim horton's!! (plus broker fees/acct.) yay!!!
$51,000 ....saving....
$52,000 ....saving....
$53,000 (+ 52,000+51,000= 156,000) *today I surprised my boyfriend with a check for 150,000 for a down payment on a new house. he has done so much for me. I am so happy to be able to do this for him. if anyone deserves it, he does!! *I also bought this awesome 600 gallon fish tank with a cherry wood base, as well as different and exotic varieties of tropical fish, plus all accessories. omg you should see it, is it
smtms I just sit there and stare at the fish for an hour. I love them xox
$61,000 (+399,000 savings=$460,000) * I just bought my mom a house! it's the greatest feeling in the world!! It's a really nice 4 bedroom with a huge yard and a garden. she loves that! sticker price 445,000 and it was a great deal ") I am so happy to be able to do it for her. well isn't that just the greatest mother's day present :)
$62,000 *I am donating this to the gay pride organisation for their annual parade in toronto. this year the governemnt cut off their funding so I know they can use it. hey, I might even go check it out!
$63,000 *giving more to gay pride!
$65,000 (+64,000=$129,000) *I am giving this to my son's dad. he's been very decent and supportive in a lot of ways through the years. plus, he is a good dad and anything that benefits him benefits e! I am sure he will use some of it for a trip for the two of them :)
$77,000 (+savings = $858,000) **my bf has this really great idea for a family sports lounge, a place where dad/mom+dad can take the kids to a lounge-type atmosphere to watch the big game. it will have kid-size appetizers, juke box, big screen tvs, contests and sports pools the kids can participate in. I know it will be a big hit!! so I want to give him a big head start by spotting him the $$. he can have it, I have a lot more where that came from! I know it will be a great success :)

$78 000...saving...$150 000 (+savings = 8 mill 322 000! *enough for a house I think!!)*SPENT!!!  (maui beach house, thank-you!!)

$151 000...saving...$372 000 (58 million 053 000 thousand) TO SPEND


*my daughter almost has her license - she just has to take the exam! so as an incentive I have bought her a 2011 ford fusion hybrid sedan in her favorite color... purple! she doesn't knwo yet, she is going to FLIP out!!! ya, happy birthday doll :) price - $40 000

*you know, I am in a car buying mood. and since I am feeling generous I am not only going to buy one for my bf (who really deserves it), I am also going to buy one for my sons dad. he'll like that and e will think it is soooo cool! since I don't know what either one would want, I am giving each a 'car certificate' worth 50,000 to purchase a ride with. wait til they open them envelopes!! It feels so great to be able to give! price - $100 000


* I have been thinking about investing lately. could be fun! I don't know much about the stock market. but I am going to be fun about it, work with my alignment & intuition and see what comes. actually really excited!!! might invest in a company or mutual funds or silver or... oh I dont know, whatever strikes me! I have already hired a consultant to help. I'll pay him 10 grand to get me started in the right direction. and I think I'll start with 500 000 grand to invest! :)

price - $510 000


*so I have this huge mash of money and virtually no expense, just monthly ones. so now my attention has shifted to bigger projects, most notably, how can I multiply? I've always been a big believer in investing and particuarly buying property to make a profit. so... I am putting forth 17 million dollars to buy various property around the hawaiian islands. so I can be close to them ;)  I've figured roughly a mill or near for fees and have factored 3 mill to employees over the next 2 years to handle and caretake the properties. maybe it'll be one phenomenal house on the oahu waterfront or maybe I'll invest in a popular maui condo, don't know! I am going to make it fun. I LOVE having this much money!!!! It feels like I am playing monoploy only this is for real!!! haha, it is freaking awesome!!!!! :) I am so looking forward to making smart aligned intuitive decisions that form the basis for my continued financial security. woohoo!!!!!!!!!   price - $20 million


***funds available - $37 million 999 403      (last deposit was 372 000)


+ deposits  2011 - add 482 000

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At 12:28am on January 15, 2012, Malena Hart said…

Are you serious about moving to Maui? That would be fun. Maybe we could form a meet up group and get more people aware of CCOR together:P


At 2:26pm on July 15, 2011, Living My Dreams said…

Aloha Brandy! I wonder why they canceled the workshop, maybe because Jerry hasn't been feeling well? I'd LOVE to meet up with you while you're in Hawaii. I'll show you all my favorite spots!! Will you be coming to Oahu?

At 1:09pm on July 15, 2011, Joanne Morton said…

Welcome back too!   Interesting how we keep coming back here !! 


Enjoy your day :)   


Magic Passion Love & Brandy Ryan!!

At 9:55pm on June 28, 2011, Jill said…
At 6:36am on May 20, 2011, Aeroney said…
hey you, been a long time i know. So glad to see your pic up there on ur profile, awwww, your gorgeous!!! Im gona be back on here for my season 5 on Mon, but will keep in touch with ya. Ive sooo gota catch up on everyones blogs and posts. Talk about slacker lol. Stay safe big hugs xxxxxxxx
At 1:56pm on May 8, 2011, Kelly Martin said…

Hi hun, haven't spoken to you for ages, just to let you know I was inspired to share my site with the world, so hope to chat sometime,  here it is, big hugs xxx


Kelly Martin Speaks


(changed my message as my blog is have a funny moment url wise lol!)

At 1:48pm on May 3, 2011, Lori said…
Thanks! I got your message and will write back later!
At 6:13am on April 17, 2011, Kelly Martin said…
Thanks Brandy xxx big hugs!
At 12:15am on April 6, 2011, Lori said…
Hi there!  Just stopped by to see how you are doing!  I've been seeing lots of repeated numbers which makes me think of you...lots of 333, 444, and 555!  Cool huh!!!  How are you?
At 7:22pm on March 26, 2011, Penny Fox said…
Thanks I am having so much fun.

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