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About Me:
I am searching PEACE, HOPE and LOVE
Season 1
Starting Date:
July 20, 2010
Intentions & Goals:
Learn how to see the positive side of the life
Recover from past injuries and heal myself
Reach a high level of self affirmation
Find satisfaction and self-accomplishment in every day life
Accomplish my professional goals with a lot of creativity and originality
Grow spiritually and learn how to tackle the difficulties with wisdom
Blogging, Journaling, Reading, Meditation, Participating in seminars, Brainstorming
Day 1 of the journey 20 July 2010
My day is over...
I spent most of it at work...
I tried to adopt the positive attitude....Keep faith in yourself...Keep smiling whatever happened :-)...and each time something turned wrong...keep praying...

Day 2 of the journey 21 July 2010
Some people are like blind and deaf ...they don't -or may be can't- feel their heart...they are able to harm you easily without a state of mind or soul...They feel comfortable about it... and if you don't respond to their harm they are able to increase their harm...
1-I decided today to not react to this kind of behaviour : accomplished
2- I decided to smile friendly or ironically : accomplished
3- I decided to finish my colorimetric assays (but I don't have all chemicals I need unfortunately): 60% accomplished

Day 3 of the journey 22 July 2010
Today I will be in charge of supervising a Food Science lab work for the first time. I am quite excited and a bit worried because of my English. My goals for today are quite similar to those of yesterday:
- Keep calm and wise whenever happened and chase negative thoughts
- Laugh at life. Nothing deserve to put you in a bad mood or to make you sad
- Finish my colorimetric assay. Today I want to carry off the assay for quantifying hexoamines
- clear my near-future objectives and plan my next actions at work
- write about my first tutoring experience

I partly succeeded to accomplish my goals today, that gives me some satisfaction:
- I haven't smiled all the time (my sadness are deeper than what I can manage all the time)
- I have finished my colorimetric assay for hexoamines (partI acetyl amines) but it didn't work for N-Acetyl Glucosamine neither for the protein (no purple development) that could be ought to the fact that this assay doesn't work with this particular sugar. I am planning to run the second part of the Edmond....assay. will be funny if it works...So I will have seen from all the colours: dark blue for the bradford test, yellow to orange with the phenol-sulfuric acid assay and purple with the Edmon assay
- being a tutor is less difficult than I predicted, I had to supervise two group of students (5 girls in all), it's nice to see that they are interested in what I tell them....
- I hadn't time to think about future today ...I feel a strong need for a fundamental change...I need to breathe

Day 4 of the journey: 23 July 2010

Still quite hard to wake up in the morning and feel my full energy as ever (eight years ago I used to wake up at 5 am every morning with lots of love, hope and peace). I know that the environment where i am living prevent me from being me, from love, from peace and hope...that's why it's hard every morning to feel my energy... in spite of that i used all my determination and consciousness to build my own world. The bright side is that i spend more time than normal people to think about humanity, God and spirituality and that is very blessing. For today:
-Improve my teaching skill and make some change in my way of supervision, be more affirmed and pedagogic
- smile, this could make people feel comfortable -even if some people are antipathetic)
- Build yourself and be yourself whatever rumors are spread to destabilise you and make you react in bad way
- Be calm and wise
- think deeply before responding

I wish to accomplish even some of my goals and to improve my spirit every day...

Some negative thoughts but I needed to let them go out:
God protect me from the people who target me...who wanna to harm me for no reasons...I don't know why some people are so thirsty and doesn't hesitate to suck others people's blood...Some humans are cruel...God give me patience, calm and wisdom to go through my difficult experience...God help me improve myself and protect me...

Today, was a tough day for me...I failed to fight negative thoughts...I fell in the sadness again...BUT I will continue fighting until I reach the awareness level that I need to change the trend of my life and the state of my mind...
Our current life is the result of our previous experiences...deceptions need to be accepted and forgotten. What should remain is the lesson we learn from our experiences...As one can't change the world (injustice, murder, wars, genocide...all showing how cruel humans could be), one should manage to change themselves to:
- Accept the reality as long as we can't change it
- Keep their integrity
- Listen to their heart and the deeper layer of themselves
- Reach a high level of conscientiousness
- Be self critical and adopt an attitude of forgiveness

Days -6 of myjourney
It was the weekend. Two days of meditation and relax after a tough week.
I spent time doing my favourite activities: reading, chatting with my boyfriend and listening to music. I discovered the solo piano of Scott Davis and he is a so good performance that I forget time and myself listening to his angelic music....

Day 7 of my journey
The travel is tough and long but time is flying...
The path is submerged with tears...
The light at his end is flashing making an SOS...
The light was warming your face like a soft touch of fingers...
Yous feet were completely wet..your hands had some fever...
You look at the cloudy sky...the shadow of the sun at the sunset...
You cried and you continued walking...with empty eyes...

Today :
work and work
chase the negative thoughts
Smile, smile and smile

Day 8 of the journey

Never give up: with bleeding feet, bleeding feel weak but your soul and spirit are still enough strong, nothing could touch them, so go further...
Don't care about destructive criticism , no body could take your dignity
Work hard to gain your energy

Today I knew why some of why my colorimetric assay didn't work, that's great!!! I will have more colours in the future!!!

Day 9 of the journey

In this crazy world:

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman (1903) "Maxims for Revolutionists"
Irish dramatist & socialist (1856 - 1950)

Today was tough, I was irritable and quite sad BUT

Thank you god for the air that I breathe, the food that I eat and for the shelter where I live...
Thank you for the light during the day and the stars in the sky...
Thank you for the warming sun, the energy of wind and the rain from the cloud...
And thank you for giving me five senses to feel all this...
Thank you thousand times for every thing because usually I am blind and I forget how generous you are...

Day 10 of the journey
10 days out of 100...That's a good score but still a long way from the joy...still a lot of work on yourself to do and still a lot of injuries to cure...

Day 11 of the journey
Today, I wake up with no energy but I have still my mind to think with so I will work from home and write some reports. I am determined, I am optimistic. I have spent the first 25 years of my life very smoothly and successfully even-though I had a lot of problems. Now, I am 32 and there is no reason that I won't shine again and enjoy life like ever before...
Aim high and continue pedaling. You are jumping a hill but remember that after a hill there is a fall ...jumping a hill requires a lot of energy and going down a slope demands caution....

Day 14 of the journey 02 August 2010

«Qu'est-ce qui peut bien nous garder vivants, lorsqu'il n'y a plus l'amour ?»
[ Jean Simard ] - La séparation

A sunny winter's like having a star in the sky in a cloudy day... That's amazing and energy inducing...I feel full of energy and optimism....I've spent a wonderful moments today... I spoke with interesting people...I hope all of you had a good day and enjoyed the sun, the caress of breeze and the harmony of nature...

My darling is 17000 km away from in another time dimension...when he call me he brighten my day by his smile, his supporting words and his unconditional love...How lucky I am to have a so caring man who, in spite of distance, in spite of my flipping feminine mood keep loving me stronger and stronger... His words warm my heart, his laughter cheer me up...he wrap me with his silence and transport me over time to another wonderful world...the world of loving eternity...

Day 16: 04 August 2010
I am full of energy, full of love, full of optimism
All is positive, smiling, singing the melody of life
I looked at the cloud in the sky and thank him for the shower he gave to wash the sadness of the earth

Day 17: 05 August 2010
Letter to my darling :
With patience love flourish
With love doors open
With perseverance mountains collaps
With optimism the sun shine
With proud the plants rise to the sky
With silence the smile explains every thing
Without you I loose all these sensations..but I continue walking, following my path...

Today I was tired but I am proud of myself because in spite my terrible headache and the dizziness I felt I had an active day...I designed the experiment to run during the next week, decided which track to follow... now things are clearer and I pray God to give me the strength, courage and clairvoyance to succeed in what I am engaged...
Thank you God for giving me the courage to accomplish my duties...

Day 18: 06 August 2010
I feel full of energy, full of love, full of optimism today..
I will chase every sadness and I will have a wonderful day full of joy, work and life...
Life is wonderful, no thing to fear about because we are all having the same spirit, the same emotions, the same substance of life...the difference is just a fiction...

Day 21 - 09 August 2010

Today I get up full of energy, "yes I can", the flow could be against me, the angry waves of ocean could be pushing me far away from my dreams, the storm drowning me....But I will usually keep my head straight on my shoulder, my broken heart will heal and my running blood will make a red carpet towards the light...

Day 22 - 10 August 2010

«Méditer sur le problème du jour, ou même sur ses problèmes personnels, est la dernière chose que désire faire l'individu normal.»
[ Henry Miller ] - Lire aux cabinets

This excerpt made me think about whether I am normal -according to the global standards- or not...If I consider what was written by Henry Miller, the response will be I am abnormal: Every time I have a problem, I like spending time meditating on it, and this seems to be not a normal behaviour...
BUT aren't the actual standards of normality too restrictive?
What do you think about the actual standards of normality?

Day 24 - Thursday 12 August 2010
It's 7:30 pm, I had a busy day, and still there is a lot to do...
It was a great day even if it was a very quite day..I haven't seen a lot of people, spent my day in the lab working quietly and thinking...meditating...

Day 28- Monday 16 August 2010

We've got a cold, cloudy and rainy weekend in this corner of the world..even though, I achieved about 75% of my goals for this weekend..this not too bad... :-)°...My family is complaining about the hot weather of this summer...that helps accept the humid winter here...

My major goals for this week are:
Finish my ITC experiments at pH4 and run a pectin titration with calcium..
Decalcify my protein and search a way to run ICP-MS at the Uni...
Freeze dry and recuperate my protein...

Day 32 - Friday 20 August 2010

I had a very busy week nevertheless I had time to meditate, think about universe and my goals and dreams....The weather wasn't that good: cloudy, rainy...however I met new persons who brighten my days...usually it's just a question of one cheering word or just a smile....

Day 34- Sunday 22 August 2010

Le Temps nous égare
Le Temps nous étreint
Le Temps nous est gare
Le Temps nous est train.
[Jacques Prévert]

Life is just a form of consciousness that we are all unable to see beyond it ...Our energies, our believes and thoughts are conditioned by the reality we live in and the experiences that we have acquired....

Day 35- Monday 23 August 2010

A start of a new day and the start of new challenges, I am feeling like climbing a hill covered with sharp thorn with naked feet. It's helpful to think that God will help us and protect us...
That God protect us from the evil spirits.....

Day 36 Tuesday 24 August 2010

Last period I was very busy with life: work, new friends, chatting with my man....
I start realizing the power that is in me, the power of love, the power that we acquire when we know that nothing and no body can harm us unless we allow them to do so...Life is sometimes stressful when we feel the pressure from the outside but the light should come from the interior, from the soul, from the deepest scrap of your spirit..... and every one can find a space of love...This morning I got a lot of smiles that made me happy and resistant to the intimidation of some devils...
I am blessed because I found this forum and was able to see how people here are lovely... Just reading history, watching the news made me depressed about how our world is going on....and I feel now how love is contaminating specially when you start with a smile....offering attention, a cheering word, a smile is more precious than gold or any material gift ....
Thank you God,- even-though I don't know you well but I feel that you are fair and kind- for having created love...

Day 45 Thursday 2 September 2010

Quite a long time without writing on this co-creating space...Since the last post a lot of things happened in my life...I have met some compatriots, discovered the Malaysian culture... the Malaysians people are very kind...seeing their smiles and their welcoming face made me feel great...Last days were very rewarding for me...
Last period I learned me how meditation could be a source of strength and mind cleaning from the hatred that some people are able to spread...I learned also how to cope with awful situations and hostile people...keeping quite is not the solution the way to stop their attack is to face them and to be strong...the strength comes from meditation and deep thoughts..."What doesn't kill me makes me stronger" seems to be true... what's meant to weaken me is learning me how to become confident and affirmed and how to deal with hate that one could face....Gossips, insults, hate speech don't afraid me any more and this is a big step towards my self-affirmation and well being...

Meri's Blog

"We are all spirits having a physical experience together as we ride the river of Life"-WilliamTiller-

Posted on July 21, 2010 at 5:10am 0 Comments

This citation made me think about humanity, about my life: we are absorbed by every day life and most the time far away from understanding our lives, ourselves and the existence...I stopped fro a while and asked myself, are the world crazy or am I crazy...there is something wrong in my life...I can't change the world so let's change myself...let's seek the spirit in me and grow spiritually...

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At 8:36pm on July 14, 2015, Bruno Serra said…

Hello Dear,
How is everything with you,I picked interest on you after going through your short profile,I have something very vital to disclose to you,but I found it difficult to express myself here,since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on( the full details.
Have a nice day.
Bruno Serra.

At 11:16am on July 19, 2010, Jennie said…
WELCOME to CCOR Meri!! It is a magnificent thing to have such a forum for so many like-minded people to come together to support one another on our paths of creation!! I wish you the best in your 100 day challenge, and we all look forward to hearing about your manifestations!!!

Peace & Blessings,

At 9:32pm on July 18, 2010, MARIA PORTAS said…
Welcome Co-Creator!


Maria Portas.

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