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Season 1 Day 15: This was a triumph!

Season 1 Day 15: This was a triumph!

I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS! Today was absolutely wonderful! I started the day finally doing a little car maintenance that it desperately needed. I've been working hard to maintain my budget, but now I have been collecting my coins, counting them and I am pleasantly surprised by how much I have! Every penny counts! I also cooked a great meal today, perfecting my personal Kabob recipe! It really does… Continue

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[ Draft ] I just lost this original I'm going to make this a quick one. This week has been good. The Universe brough me a lot of fun, and some good customers too.

Jazzpurr, my number one son cat, has caught Fatty's Cold...Please purr for him. I'm trying to take it in stride. Hopely Jazz will sleep his cold off, and appreciate the extra tuna i throw his way. Fatty is already on the road to recovery, so lets purr he stays the… Continue

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ok.. Attracting Negative?/ I Gave Beth this Advice.. can Someone add to this.. Better Advice Go to HEr Discussion ok

Personally I think.. each person.. accept of course with little babies who are 1000000% innocent.. So, I may have issues, you may have issues and I either get blocked , not attractiong.. based on my fears, insecurities,other false believes, negative selftalk etc.., or my associations, and there energy.. I can feel caring, kindness, and support.. and I can feel ,anger, jealousy, and insecurity.. Some people want to hurt others knowingly or unknowingly.. either to Control others for what they… Continue

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Beauty, Diet, SkinCAre- Healthy Foods Update.. Need a Low Cal. Muffin Recipe

Hi Everyone.. Doing good Diet wise.. Drinking Green Tea/ &Wulong.. I add Cayanne pepper, and a Dash of lemon A Pinapple Face Wash/and Toner Taking a Multi Vitamin.. Also I use E topical for Skin.. ALA/ CLA. supplements. a Diet Supplement.. and Co-Q 10 I just bought a Huge Bottle of (Fish/boarat/FLAX Omega 3,6,9 OIL)- Capsules So I think.. i'm set.. My skin, looks and feels better I'm looking forward around the FEB.18 th The Results of Skin and VITamin A,C,E/Alpha Hydroxy- Moisturer… Continue

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Looking forward to the works "Inspiation days " in STOCKHOLM.

YEAHHH, looking forward to my work having the Insiration days in STOCKHOLM. I work at a gym and each year the ship all the employees to Stocholm were we stay for 2days. We are going to work out one day, at each class we are about 200 people and there are 4 classes each our. Man thats a lot of people and this is the first time I get to go.

There are some famous people in Sweden who's going to instruct the classes ;). One of the our's I am going to have Yoga with Malin Berghage who's… Continue

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Words to live by. S1 D16

I was listening to a talk by Dr Wayne Dyer last night where he discussed his top 10 practices to improve your life. They are truly wonderful and I want to share them.

1. Have a mind that is open to everything, but attached to nothing.

2. You cant give away what you dont have (love, joy, peace).

3. There are no justified resentments.

4. Do not assign blame to anyone for anything.

5. Don't die with your music inside you.

6. Embrace silence.

7. Give up your… Continue

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A forced upon WHY!!!


I have listened to Robert Kiyosaki's audio books, ( I am in the process of listening, it seems that every time I listen I hear something new) and I have never found my WHY. Life however has forced a WHY upon me. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Kiyosaki, I am referring to his statement that everyone can…


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S7, Days 16 & 17 - I got a mentor today

I finished the life insurance portion of my class for licensing, and I received a certificate. I don't think I've been so proud to accomplish something in a long time. I will be more happy when I pass the exam, but this is a huge step.

When class was over, I got to talk to the teacher for a bit. He has a really easy going spirit, very empathetic with his students, never discounts anyone's questions or makes a person feel stupid if they don't understand something that is basic. He's… Continue

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Day 16 & 17 Season 4:)

Yesterday I went to my friends house to do my laundry as my washing machine hasn't been fixed yet. I'm am waiting for the part to arrive. Anyway I was at my friends house for a few hours with my son. My friend's husband has had his hours cut at work so we were talking about ways to earn extra money. If we keep brainstorming I'm sure we'll come up with something as she would be the perfect person to have a business with.

I have been knitting a lot these last few days and nearly… Continue

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

My last post was venting. Today I am writing in the positive manifesting the LOA way.

I have the home of my dreams completely paid for! I am having a great time decorating it, so much to choose from. In the yard the pool is completed and the girls' swing set looks great, the garden is coming along too I can't wait till all the flowers are in bloom.

My dolls are selling fast! 3 dolls per week and paid in full immediately. My weight loss business is blooming, the product is… Continue

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Season 2: Day 5 I am allowing...

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Today I am allowing myself to have a fantastic day, filled with fun laughter, entertainment and excitement!!! I am going to the movies later on today and it is going to be fantastic. I am attracting an abundance of positive people to me like a magnet. I am in sync with the Universe and at the end of the day I will feel elated and carefree. All good things are coming to me… Continue

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The Law of Attraction and Relationships

Note: The article below was NOT written by me. The link to the site is here

The Law of Attraction and Relationships

Picking Partners and Dancing

Discussion and Implications for Practitioners

By Peggy Mahoney

© 2004 All rights reserved. Please ask permission to reproduce:

Have you ever had the experience of a stranger coming out of the… Continue

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s1 d17

good evening co creators

today i did not actually start th day with zest therefore i am trying to make up now for this , but had a beautiful day lots of nice things going on , including my return to chapel i attended my first service for years , i was intending to do this i have achieved a goal i am on my way to more now . please go on and how u get there is your own business . kind regards , mikey

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SEASON 3!!! Day 26!

Hello co-creators. So this season I am really trying to manifest bigger changes in my life. I feel the vibrations and light inside that are nside of me. I keep manifesting little things and they make me so happy and grateful. I love finding money in my pockets, manifesting parking, manifesting customers. This season and passed season have tormented me with my personal conflicts. I am currently seperated. I feel like we are over at times. I miss what we use to be. I want more. I think he is… Continue

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Season 1, Day 5: Opening Up

Last night I realized I forgot everything that I'd learned in the past month at college. I dont think I really did but my brain froze and I did horrible on the test. We didn't get to talk last night as I think he knew and avoided talking at all costs unless about groceries. At night he went straight to bed, once I was asleep though he woke (guessing he senses it) and couldn't sleep.

Today, his father called and told him about addictions while I was in class. We still haven't spoke… Continue

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Enjoying a beautiful day

It is a beautiful day and I have been out and about running errands.

I wanted to stop in to the art supply store and buy painting supplies but I realized that that would take some time that I don' t have so I put it off again. My intention is to do a painting that I actually display in my room. I love flowers and I used to love painting flowers when I was a child... I know I will still love it.

The other thing I want to do is to buy some kind of "learn to sing" program. I… Continue

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Day 92 We Are All One Mind

Another hard concept for me to understand is the idea that we are all one mind. That is, my mind is connected to God and to the mind of every spirit and physical person in the Universe. This explains all of the miracles that react to my desires. This is how the LOA works and how my thoughts attract like thought. This is something that I don't believe that is necessary for us to understand. Still this simplistic explanation might boost the faith of cocreators in the LOA. It is actually more… Continue

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Day 16 and 17 Season 4 : Great evening with friends

Had great fun on Friday. Some friends came down for dinner. I cooked balsamic beef with spinach, potatoes and peas. Was lovely - and of course we washed it down with a few bottles of cava. It was fun to have a relaxing evening with friends.

We are out tonight with some friends. We are going to an indian restaurant called Lazzat in Vigo village. It is a lovely place and we have been a few times before. We are going to celebrate a friends birthday and so it will be great to see him and… Continue

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Season 2 - Day 13 - Re-establishing goals...slogging toward forgiveness...

OK, I really looked at Emha's page and was totally inspired by the way she has her goals listed out (thanks Emha - I love you!) so I went back and re-wrote that section of my page as well now that I'm almost 2 weeks into Season 2.

I have really had, lately, an uncomfortable confrontation with just how blocked I am on forgiving my father for some pretty bad stuff. After my friend Dawn asked me "Are you ready to forgive your father?" and I just looked at her like… Continue

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day 31 season 2

This is my second season and I am on my 31st day. I started my season with the new year! I feel that I am slowly learning to "just allow it" to all happen. I do focus on being positive and maintaining good energy but sometimes the doubt or the what if's win. I am a new business owner (year and a half old store) and I have watched business get slower and slower over the last 8 months. I am really trying to focus on just allowing it and having faith!! I want to let the universe take control and… Continue

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