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Grateful to be manifesting positive energy ...

I am grateful to do this list

I am grateful I've told most of the people about my plans

I am grateful to announce to my community in the next day or so

I am grateful to hang out with PB and how our friendship/relationship is growing

I am grateful for all of the amazing people I know

I am grateful I seem to be attracting more amazing…

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So excited...

Hi Co-Creators,

I am so excited to get started here. I have to admit that this is already my day 29 of the 100 Day Challenge but until now I had felt a little bit shy about blogging on here. However, reading all your posts has been so motivational to me that I thought to myself if even one person might find inspiration in what I write then I should no longer hold back, especially since I have experienced so many great things in just 29 days and feel ready to share those with… Continue

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A previous blog to my lived dream :)

Although I have been a little separated from some of my goals in this season (that I confess I have been not too much in focus with it) One of my deep desires is coming truth step by step :)

Letting things to flow and not be always keeping and eye on it, my desire it is still getting shape. Last week I received a wonderful news from someone I really love. I deeply desire this to happen and I want to focus all my energies to this, to make this part of my beautiful… Continue

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Day 62, Season 1 Affirmation: Health

I am healthy, and I remain healthy, through my knowledge that what God creates is good. I accept health as my normal state and insure its continuance by discarding all thoughts to the contrary

Added by Hummingbird Love on January 31, 2010 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

10 things i LOVE...

i LOVE that F is making me put so much consciousness around my drink and food intake.

i LOVE that i always have choices.

i LOVE that i all i need to do is ALLOW.

i LOVE that this challenge keeps me focused on the positive.

i LOVE that i now have tix to 2 of my favorite local musicians.

i LOVE that i can connect with images from all over the world through flickr.

i LOVE that i decided to go only black and white today as a photo challenge.

i LOVE the shots i got… Continue

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The Book of Possibilities and Realities

Has anyone seen the movie 'Last Holiday' with Queen Latifah? such a heart warming story......I've just watched it and it reminds me so much of asking for what we want and believing that we can have it, to dream & visualise our life as we want it to be and to live life to the full and be happy! She even used her own version of a Vision Board - she calls it The Book of Possibilites

Highly recommend it…


Added by Jean Dayton on January 31, 2010 at 11:09am — 3 Comments

Something is Right, Something is Good- Day 62 Season 4

Today I have a sense of something different. And I thought to myself, something is wrong. And then a voice came into my head and said something is right! Then I began to think, how often do we say this to ourselves "something is wrong" when something feels different. When in truth the change is good, which would make it "something is right" or even go as far to say "something is good"! Just a little Ah-HA moment. Something is Good and Something is Right!

I created my 2010 Vision… Continue

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5th day. The last day of January.

It feels a somewhat symbolic day, the last day of January. To me it is the 5th day of the challenge and it feels as if today is the last day of my beginner stage in this challenge. :-) If I can say, it was like a "warm-up." :-) I am still considering posting a daily message on this blog, and analyzing the paragraph from the self-development books I am reading. When I share and analyze what I read, I feel I am absorbing the concepts more deeply.

I am happy that every day I am working… Continue

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I Love this Site, thank you Lilou Mace

Sometimes events and happenings in our lives overwhelm us - When I feel like this I always turn to this site for inspiration, motivation and comfort - I just wanted to say that I love this site so much and thank you to Lilou for all that you've done to encourage others to believe in themselves and to achieve their highest potential in this lifetime (and beyond).

What a great community we have here - to be cherished for sure.



Added by Jean Dayton on January 31, 2010 at 2:36am — 1 Comment

Day 61 Season 1, Gratitude

I am so thankful that I got to spend time with my sisters and niece today.

I am happy that sometimes I have no one to answer to but myself

I love that tomorrow I'll get to do something special for someone.

I am thankful that my friends love helping my family

I am grateful that things always turn out well in the end run and for the highest good of all involved

I am happy my bed is sooo comfortable. I can't wait to get some rest!

I love waking up early and… Continue

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Day 14 - Glee

Tonight I watched the first two episodes of Glee (while baking cupcakes...more glee!) and I loved the character of the teacher Mr. Schuester. He reminded me a bit of why I want to be a teacher. I am looking forward to being very passionate about my career. Let's not talk about Mr. Schuester's awful wife! haha

Added by Jennifer on January 31, 2010 at 1:00am — 1 Comment

Amping up Excitement!

Greetings Co-Creating Our Reality family. My name is Tony and I'm writing my first blog entry on this site. I find this concept of taking 100 days at a time and consciously applying the Universal Laws and various practices to our lives superbly brilliant.

Sometimes life really seems like a really BIG DEAL. When we learn that we hold within us the power to fashion and create the reality we find ourselves maneuvering in it causes a surge of memory as Creator's and wash of the infinite… Continue

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i am GRATEFUL i am writing this list.
i am GRATEFUL i live where i live.
i am GRATEFUL for having all of my limbs.
i am GRATEFUL for being a woman.
i am GRATEFUL for these breasts.
i am GRATEFUL for being an artist.
i am GRATEFUL for red wine.
i am GRATEFUL for being alive.
i am GRATEFUL for all my gifts.
i am GRATEFUL for living in bliss.

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I have been looking at the world with new eyes - it is amazing... Last night I went to sleep and at 4:57 I woke and there was a lit rectagle on my cieling - not knowing what it was I stared for a few…

I have been looking at the world with new eyes - it is amazing...

Last night I went to sleep and at 4:57 I woke and there was a lit rectagle on my cieling - not knowing what it was I stared for a few moments... a window....

I woke up feeling peaceful, calm, serene.... I am so in love with this experience ;) I am excited because I keep seeing things in my head and they keep showing up ;)

Man - we are really so AMAZING!!!!

I breathe in deep and exhale thru my… Continue

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I'm not a victim of Domestic Abuse, but a Victorious Survivor. A Woman who has not only survived but Thrived. An Emerging Goddess who continues to Bloom and Bestow Her Blessings upon the Universe.


Pieces of me were left behind with every man

Until I did not know who I was

I was slowly being deconstructed

Like a Cubist painting


Take a piece of me away

Insert you

Till… Continue

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The Best of Intentions

Have you ever found that when you set forth intentions that sometimes you are actually hit with more obstacles, or is this just me?

I started this back in June of last year - after that I folded two businesses, lost my business partner as my closet friend and met another person I partnered with, only to find it was not a good fit.

I thought I'd start this year with a new "job" - giving up my entrepreneur life. Truthfully I was excited about it and ready to give up the "ups… Continue

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My Visionbook

My visionbook keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have the man of my dreams, our home, vacation spots, financial requests....etc.

But I find myself really putting my dream wedding together; dresses, menus, invitations all of those cute things. I originally had pictures of a venue that would be a nice look for my wedding but it really wasn't me. But Thursday I found the place I'd really like to be married in. I mean it is perfect. The look, the style. The ceremony, cocktail hour and… Continue

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DAY 62 SEASON 3 - The angels are looking after me

Hi Cocreators,

My energy has been a bit unbalanced lately. I have also been having horrific nightmares. Before I went to sleep last night I prayed to Archangel Michael for protection and to help me have good dreams.

The result was amazing. In my sleep my angels spoke to me. All night I dreamt of love and I could feel them with me all night. It was so beautiful.

I woke up in the morning and I could still hear their words in my head. They gave me a few beautiful lessons… Continue

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February! What an exciting month! I am so excited about this year and my journey so far. The lessons I've been learning are priceless and I have met and formed relationships with wonderful people whi…

February! What an exciting month! I am so excited about this year and my journey so far. The lessons I've been learning are priceless and I have met and formed relationships with wonderful people which I intended in my previous seasons. But the biggest thing I continue to learn and believe is that the one thing we dont control is time. That is my personal belief. Its also a way I don't go insane or go through a million disappoitments. For instance my intention was for my check to come this… Continue

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Vibrations High For February!

I don't know what it is but for weeks, I have been feeling such an overflowing excitement for the month of February. I've never been a big February person (Ya know with valentine's day and all) not to mention I'm disliking winter more and more each year. But there is something tingling inside of me like something majorly great is going to jump off in the month. I hope it's the man of my dreams who I truly believe not only hold the key to my heart but also my career. I am finally in my due… Continue

Added by Patricia on January 30, 2010 at 7:03pm — 2 Comments

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