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day 30: free knowledge.

Hello All,

I came across some free Abraham-Hicks downloads and I thought I would share. The downloads are from an introductory Abraham-Hicks CD where they [Ester and Jerry Hicks] overview the history and basic principles of their teachings. I thought they would make great little reminders for myself to put on my iPod or on CD to listen to in the car or also they would make AWESOME little gifts to friends that are new to the law of attraction. You can find the free downloads… Continue

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New Book

Hi all, I am so excited to announce that my new book, Diary Of A Beverly Hills Matchmaker is now available for pre-order on I am especially excited about this one because it is a memoir about my life as a matchmaker. It is written chick lit style and it is quite funny. My dream was to write a chick lit book and I did it! I still have to pinch myself. My goal is to have it on the New York Times Bestseller list! I am vibraaaating!!!! :-)…


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I am a shining example of love and light. I sparkle and shine in a quiet and peaceful way.

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10 things i LOVE...

i LOVE sleeping in on saturday mornings.

i LOVE getting up knowing the day is all mine to design.

i LOVE the intense dreams i had last night that are still very vivid in my mind.

i LOVE that i care about O even when i am away from him on the weekends.

i LOVE making a trip to the co-op just for coffee.

i LOVE getting my apartment in order...sweeping, recycling, cleaning up.

i LOVE taking the time to think about my meals.

i LOVE that i am now working with F who… Continue

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Fun Days

Yesterday I took my daughter shopping. It was so much fun to see the happiness in her eyes when I grabbed all the clothes she tried on and bought them. She was grateful and a bit nervous about the finances, but I told her I had been saving and she deserved it.

Today she is in a competition that involves high schools in Michigan. She will be singing two songs in front of judges and they will grade her. Think American Idol, but in a more classical sense. She is a nervous wreck, but we… Continue

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Soul coaching Journey Day 1

My soul is there anything you want to communicate with me. or I with you. I am open and receptive to the devine and ask to be shown clear messages in my life.

I make a sacred contract to commit to this soual coaching journey for the next 28 days.

I will endeavor to be honest with myself and others over the next month and vow to take time to relax and eat according to my needs than emotions. I accept this contract to be a test of my strength

I will make a sacred spot… Continue

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i am GRATEFUL for a low key day.

i am GRATEFUL for walking tonight with T.

i am GRATEFUL for Abraham audio recordings.

i am GRATEFUL i have been connecting with men from my past...they all have something to teach me.

i am GRATEFUL most of my relationships stay intact even when they transition.

i am GRATEFUL i had a fun dinner with T.

i am GRATEFUL for free food.

i am GRATEFUL for my session with F.

i am GRATEFUL i have gifts to barter with.

i am…

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Challenges & Reemergence

This has been a breakdown week: laptop crash, can't get other's laptops to work, health issues, health insurance dropped from lack of payment, argument with a client... etc. But...

From every crumbling citadel emerges, like a phoenix, a new kingdom. Though I feel the burn at this time, I know tomorrow will be a new day-- Rachel (a work in progress, in process of rebirth)

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Yup, thats right. Only today did I realize that the Universe can give you a swift kick to put you back on track and moving forward.

I have a project that I have been working on for over a year now. It has been progressing slowly. I accepted the process.

I was suppose to collaboate on this project with my son while he was visiting and I didnt. And just in the last couple of days my thoughts brought me to the project platform again, but I chose to stand idol.

Today as I was… Continue

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Day 8: Lost and Found

Looking back at the first week of my first 100-day challenge, I'm amazed at how many wonderful things have happened to me, just because I realized I wanted them to, and was willing to work for and receive them! I'm so grateful to the Co-Creation idea and to everyone who participates in this website and in the challenges.

Today my focus was Health, because I haven't had my usual immunity to the cold or low-grade flu virus or whatever it is that's going around and around in Santa Cruz… Continue

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Full Moon Fabulous

I typically don't do well with Full Moons, but this one that begins today feels filled with positive energy. In fact, this Full Moontime (called the Wolf Moon) is a great one to dig into the past and find out what is still growing mold in your life. And then write it, speak it out, burn it out. Get rid of it, without any regrets.

I hadn't been feeling great the last few months and went to the doctor explaining that I feel run down. He gave me a bit of the run around, but I told him… Continue

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Me Settling In

I had a dream - I was with my Beau Baby and we were at the beach - the water was such an amazing color - it was so clear and this wonderful blue color... I was standing in the water my hands were scooping the water up - so clear absolutely breathtaking!!! Then it looked like there was a wave in the sky - like the whitewash from a wave was in the sky and at first I got a bit anxious ready to run up the beach screaming, but then I was calm and I turned toward the water and gazed upon the… Continue

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Day 36..............Forgiveness

Today I am really trying to focus on forgiving the past in myself and in others that I have been upset with. I spend too much time being angry and standing ground when I feel like someone has wronged me. I need to let go of all of those bad feelings but it is hard to back down.

I have a pattern in my life where I have friends that I feel wrong me and then I cut them off. I have lost a lot of friendships this way and far too much time being mad at them. The anger that gets to me is… Continue

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day 59 & 60 AFFIRMATION

Everything I desire comes to me easily and effortlessly because I express gratitude at all times.

s to me easily and effortlessly because I express gratitude at all times.

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Season 5 day 29

I am pleased to say that this new diet is working out. I have so far lost 10 pounds in 5 days and I am quickly approaching my goal. I am healthy, strong and ready for a positive life.

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Day 60, Season 1: It is All on the Way

Just a bit of a progress report:

Intentions that I am making great progress on:

I am clearing blocks to giving and receiving love. I am finding the courage to let go of unhealthy relationships/ties. I am learning more about myself every single day. I am becoming more authentic.

I am growing a closer relationship with my sisters! I am spending more time with them and we are going to counseling next month together. It doesn't get better than… Continue

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Going Crazy

Yup, school starts Feb 1, and i still havent gotten all my supplies together. So i'm nervous, and scared. I worked on my vision board, mostly words on it, i have yet to buy some magazines that would enable me to put some pictures on it

The supplies for my class are first priority, and as of now, theres not too much i can do about it. So, i am resorting to leaving a message with the instructor and its not my idea of starting off right this semester. I was up all night couldn't sleep, i… Continue

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Going With The Flow - Season 4 - Day 29

Going to work 11 am - 8pm at The Mousetrap....Trying to keep warm and to stay focused.. Sales, and what ever order that comes. Handing most of this over to The Universe...I've decided...I'm in charge of dressing warm...The Universe can deal with everything else. The M-Cats have been chasing each other all over Hairball Alley. Must be the… Continue

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10 things i LOVE...

i LOVE coming home at night and not having to deal with anything or anybody if i don't want to.

i LOVE that i got so much accomplished yesterday even on very little sleep.

i LOVE that i have a job that is flexible to do my own stuff at the same time.

i LOVE modern family and how much it makes me laugh out loud.

i LOVE fresh new sheets on my bed.

i LOVE sleeping in an extra half hour.

i LOVE going into work a half hour later.

i LOVE that it's FRIDAY!

i… Continue

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day 58 & 59 GRATITUDE

i am GRATEFUL i got behind on my GRATITUDE and am just now writing this list.

i am GRATEFUL i won't beat myself up and try to rethink my day so i can make a list.

i am GRATEFUL that life consumes me at times.

i am GRATEFUL my life is so FULL!

i am GRATEFUL for the surprise target gift card in the mail.

i am GRATEFUL money comes to me in unexpected ways.

i am GRATEFUL i spoke the truth with D.

i am GRATEFUL for his LOVE.

i am GRATEFUL he will be just… Continue

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