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Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a fantastic New Year! I will be making 2010 my year to shine! No regrets, no looking back, only lessons learned and looking forward to today!

K. ;)

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2009... Two-thousand-an-MINE!

Firstly, Happy new year to you all!

On December 30th, I reached my 100th day of my first season. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I reached all of my goals!

I can't believe that 2009 is over... It's scary just how fast time goes! At the end of 2008, much like years before, I told myself that 2009 was going to be My Year! Now, as I look back... It really was.

I got the job I love. I met a LOT of great, new people (You included!). I found out who my real… Continue

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Season 4 - Day 1 - 01/01/10.

01/01/10 - This afternoon I saw 1.11pm. I just really want to make a note of that. LOL - Because at the time I felt an extra level of alignement at that point. plus a big smiiiiileee :)

Today is the start of my Season 4 *Yaaaay*- Feels like its gonna be just as great as my last season! - Thats always a good thing!!! :) LOL. Start as I mean to go on & all thaaaaat. LOL

I've felt great all last night & today, I can just feel that I'm on the right path to greatness.… Continue

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Abraham-Hicks daily quote. - 01/01/10

Complaining about anything, holds you in the place of refusing to receive the things you've been asking for. Justifying about anything holds you in the place of refusing to let in the very things that you've been asking for. Blaming someone, holds you in the place of refusing to let in the things that you've been asking for. Feeling guilty, feeling angry, it doesn't matter what you call it, it is a refusal, not a conscious one. You're asking; you can't help but ask. The Universe…

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2010, Day 14

There was a great new year party last night, I had 4 guys hit on me, it was great, it confirms that I have done the work, and men know they can approach me. So I feel great about it, I know it is coming very very soon, actually it is already here.
Hagit Love

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Hello and Happy New Year

Welcome to 2010.

This is the first day of my latest season of the 100-Day Reality Challenge and I greet it with open arms.

I created my dream board for the year last night and I love it. (It's my best one ever!)

I also chose a word the year: passion.

This first intention I have for this 100 days has to do with clarification and detox. (Once again) it's time for me to give up sugar for a while.

I'll be revealing other intentions as we go along, but for today. Bye, bye,… Continue

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2010 is the Year Legends are Made Of!

DAY 32!! WHEW!!

I feel soooooo good on this first day of 2010! I took a bus ride from downtown all the way up to 125th and Riverside Park. It was exactly the best way for me to start my New Year! I had a cup of coffee and my i-pod was on ... and NYC was in the windows. I wrote in my journal, found some clarity with how to take action to create financial abundance, meditated on where I want my art to go and read my goals for the new year including what I'm looking for in a… Continue

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Season 5 Day 1!!!!

2010!!! Happy new year everyone!!!!!! Yes this is it! A new decade, a new chance to enjoy life!! Let's all do it to the fullest! I am soooooooo full of excitement and energy for this upcoming season. I have had a great new years eve, and today I even manifested some amazing wonderful changes in my life. Now let's get this season started!!!!!

Goals for the 100 days

1. Get a raise at my job. I have a number in my head I am looking… Continue

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09/10 Interview with Lilou

1. Most valuable lesson from 2009?

To be in the moment, to take better care of myself and to believe myself and my abilities.

2. How will you apply that lesson in 2010?

Remind myself everyday to slow down, take some time for me and continue to challenge myself to grow.

3. If you could go back to the beginning of 2009 and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

There is no going back, each experience happened just the way… Continue

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I release the need to struggle. Life flows and is for me!

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10 things i LOVE...

i LOVE my process with D.

i LOVE how i can tap into my own inner wisdom and speak from the heart.

i LOVE that i communicate my feelings in a caring and inspiring way even if it's tough to say.


i LOVE having the day off!

i LOVE brunch and bloody mary's out on the farm.

i LOVE all the excitement around the new year, this year 2010.

i LOVE when flashbacks of last night come to mind and make me chuckle out loud.

i LOVE the fabulous shots… Continue

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100 Day Challenge

Today I am starting the 100 Day Challenge. I will be writing my goals and intentions today and will post them here soon. My main goal is to be the best ME in 2010. I'm going to call this my ME DECADE. I have found that the only way I can help others is to be the best ME possible. To be continued...

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Happy New Year! Welcome 2010 :)

Love Made Visible

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2010 New Years comes ONCE in a Full Blue Moon!

1/1/10 comes once in a Full Blue Moon! Happy New Year to all my beautiful Co/Creators lovlies!

All my Love and Horror to you!!!


Please join me on my favorite Social Networking Sites (Besides CCOR of Course)

I Love Light and I Love Horror! I'm a Scream Queen/Actress with inspiration... Quirkiness at it's best!…


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Family Folklore that could be turned into a Narrative or a short story

This interesting piece of family history could be developed into a short story or a narrative but however the names would probably have to be changed since Ellene and her daughter are still living.

Family Folklore

On Thanksgiving I learned an interesting piece of family lore from my oldest cousin Ellene who is 92. I was always under the assumption that my grandfather Hugh Banks died in a coal mining accident. I heard this from my Mom and from my… Continue

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Day 31, Season 10 - I learned how to knit today

It's difficult to get kids to stay up when they have a set bedtime lol. My 11 year old was out like light but we woke him up 2 minutes before the ball dropped so that he could join in with our screams, whoops, hollars and kisses.

I worked on my vision board for 2010 today and used only markers as I don't much care for magazine clippings. I will take a picture and post it up when I am satisfied with it lol.

I learned how to knit today. I found a "how to knit" book for .75… Continue

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Outline for Short Story and Graphic Novel/Video Game

Literary Mission Statement

Writing Goals for 2010

My personal Mission Statement regarding my writing for 2010 would be to get more exposure for my work. Use the web to my advantage. Expand my horizons by attempting short stories/graphic novels as opposed to just poetry. To this end my immediate goals are:

Creating an outline for a short story based on a family story I just found out about on Thanksgiving.

Story outline for a possible female oriented… Continue

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i am GRATEFUL for a jammed packed day!

i am GRATEFUL for taking the time to ground myself.

i am GRATEFUL for all the nurturing and healing practices i have learned along the way.

i am GRATEFUL for a much needed nap in my warm cozy bed.

i am GRATEFUL for the dog-sitting gig.

i am GRATEFUL i had a colorful crop of wonderful friends to spend my new years eve with.

i am GRATEFUL D was able to join in.

i am GRATEFUL we rang in the new year in a new and unique way… Continue

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Hi all -

I'm baaaack!. On this New Year's Eve, one of the most important things I am thankful for in 2009 is THIS SITE and community!

So much has happened since my previous post, and in the last six months. New location, new residence, new state, new outlook - my own place - new freelance work, and new beginnings. 2009 was a year of big change for the better.

Now I'm going out to celebrate another brand-new beginning in 2010. May we all see our dreams come… Continue

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