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Day 14-15 Season 1


Day 14- 15


Just working on my business materials. Steady on my affirmations through out my day. Nothing more to say at the moment. Im just staying focused :)


Thats all for now

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DAY 14

An old friend we went to see tonight made me feel very emotional tonight. He's 49, had a brain operation following a cancer, and he had lots of troubles...but soon after, his girlfriend got pregnant (which is a miracle cause he was so frail and recovering!) and now, a year after, he's feeling better, and has a 4 months old lovely baby daughter. He said something I will always cherish: "if I had been a single man, on my own, I would have never survived. My girlfriend supported me all the way,…


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1~30~11 D30

Good Afternoon all my sweet Co-Creators,

I am honored to be a part of this awesome site and group of individuals.

The encouragement and uplifting words from everyone has been a heartfelt experience beyond measure.

Its been 5 plus seasons for me, not to mention idol time in between when I just hung out here for continued inspiration.

I am in my 6th season and it marks a milestone for me as my goal has been to launch a new business venture.

Day 30 of this…


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New car new me

I am so happy i have my new car.I am so happy that EMI love my music.They love the way i sing ; )




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Day 100/S4 is tomorrow!!!

Today is day 99 of my 4th Season 100 Day Reality Challenge – wow! 100 days really does fly back when you are taking DELIBERATE ACTION to Co-CREATE feeling good 24/7! I feel like I have been spending a lot of time doing some INTERNAL WORK on releasing old limiting beliefs … and most likely there are some other people doing the same thing. AND perhaps — they are reading this right now!

Which means this is MORE PROOF of synchronicity of moments that…


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Day 16 Learning to find the calm beneath the waves

I just want to say thank you soooo much to all the comments i get on my posts. It is really grounding...and inspring..and it inspired me to chose a image for today which i think I am gonna start doing since i see how well it works for my friend prince here is me, chillin and relaxing below the crazy waves of life can bring....


and also...i watched deepak chopra 7 spiritual las of success..i gotta watch it like 10 more times, but i think i am getting it little by…


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Season 8 Day 83: Losing weight eating pizza

I had a delicious, fully loaded pizza from Dominos yesterday. I ate two slices for dinner, then after I digested, had some fun on my Wii Fit board doing strength training, cardio and Yoga. Well the results were wonderful! I had a wonderful day relaxing, playing games and eating great foods yesterday, and the results are that I lost some weight! I am now down to 173.7…


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58/100 Ramblings to find myself and not get caught up in what others want for me.

Wow, it is odd that once I hit the halfway mark in my season that I started thinking of time running out.  Like I had reached mid-life, which technically I guess I did, but it is not a race, I am not on a timeline, my plans are to start season two on day 101.  So I think it is just good that I have had this awareness and can change my attitude about how I look at it, like I have kept steady with something for 58 days!  Or this is the second semester of season one, and it will be over soon…


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Day 28, What a beautiful weekend!

I might have just learned two or three important lessons in my life so far....But I think the most imp one would be 'to be grateful for what you have'. It just turned out to be so so so powerful for me over the weekend.


I had a lovely holiday weekend with people I love the most on earth. While it was great for me, the mere time and company with these people, they seemed to be cribbing throughout for some or the other thing. The first day we were caught up in traffic, mobs etc…


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S3 D42 - very good day, i think :/

well the day is over and all up, it was a good day ... i think.  i'm not 100% sure because it was different, with regards to my eating.  


the day started off very early.  we were going to the funeral this morning, and driving through a lot of traffic.  i was in a rush to get everything ready (get all of my little one's milks and food ready and my water etc).  this is going to sound soo bad but i really forgot to have any breakfast.  i know that sounds bad and it's very bad…


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Day 13-PET's - Rhonda Bhyrne



Have you ever wondered why if you are such a happy person, negative people or circumstances come into your life? They test you to your limits.They make you feel the low frequencies of life. But you are so positive! Why does this happen to you? I wanted to share a bit of knowledge from The Power by Rhonda Byrne:

"One way to take the sting out of confrontational or difficult relationships is to imagine people as your own 'Personal Emotional Trainers'!…


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1~29~11 D29

Day 29 brought more of that boring computer stuff that I'm not to fond of. I do have to admit though that I did learn a few more things to add to my computer sav vy

I also had to play photographer. After this session I have a renewed appreciation for all photographers everywhere. Between lighting and angle and background...good grief then when you hit the button its blurry and you have to do it all over again. Well you can just call me the "do over Queen of…


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I can untangle myself out of any knot- Season 1 day 43/100

Hello! So it might not be a secret that i've been slacking lately on my blog posts. My intention was to post a blog everyday. I feel with starting a new job. caring for a toddler and husband (and 3 dogs), as well as planning a big move across the country, that changing my intention to posting every other day is much more realistic. Now that i've got that out of the way, about my post. This month i found myself in a financial know, and while i didn't get the exact method of releaf that I ask for… Continue

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Season 2 - Days 91 to 95

Another busy weekend as usual, filled with fun events and hanging out with friends, seeing movies, and reading. I just love my life so much it is ridiculous! Today was certainly momentous for me, church today had a huge impact. This is a science and mind church and there was a guest reverend today who really struck some important points home. The first was that we as individual humans search so much to find someone to love us, which shows the world we matter, which means we exist for a…


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day 15 feeling a little irritable but there is kinda some crap and negative stuff going on around and near me...i  am trying to stay positive..but it sometimes negative thoughts push the good ones outta the way...but ALSO when stuff is super negative,.,dont you think sometimes you just gotta to ride it out too....dont you think.?..i think so..anyways..outt of a 1-10, ( 1 really bad) (10 really good) i would give myself a 6 or 6.5-7 for the day..just b/c i think i have soaked up some ner by… Continue

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Season 1 Day 33


Couldn't sleep last night thinking about how I will possibly taking this exam in March and pass it! I can't keep postponding it but I'm not motivated to study either! I need to start doing something about it! I have my life coach session tomorrow my coach has been more than AWESOME but she can't do the work for me I need to do what I have to do I feel like I'm throwing my money down the drain, instead I'm watching shows and think about how I'm missing on that life and how If I only…


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prayer for healing

Hi everybody! I would like to feel healthy, energized and present! Will you please send me some loving, healing light? Thank you!

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DAY 13

It's Sunday, day 13 is over, and still nothing has happened.....nothing exciting, nothing big, nothing signs at all so far....the only thing that improved is my will to improve myself and my life...sending lots of CVs, signing up for courses, trying to exercise, drink water, eat healthier...but what about results??? I havent lost any weight, havent got any job offer, havent made any new friends or heard any good news....just wondering, is this normal? is it part of the process? or am… Continue

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Someone who loves the me i love

Okay so going to give a brief update.I today have noticed i want someone who love me.The me i love.A man who watches me sleep.A man who is man enough to love the me i love.A man who would be man enough to hold me when i cry .A man who is strong enough to love me,and my baby boy.A man who will support my music.Who sees the beauty in my voice.A man who understands that i want to help heal people with my voice.A man who loves the essence of me.A man who sees all of me.He looks into my eyes,and…


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D29 S2 - You have to watch this


Helo Beautifull Co-Creators


To inspiring all of you!!!

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