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S3 D0/100 Season 3 goals

These are my goals for season 3

Some of the same from the other seasons


Health and wellness
drivers license
Website business
Simple conversation in Korean



meditation and visualization

feeling good and relaxation

"I love and appreciate myself exactly as I am"

"I love and appreciate my body"

"I love and appreciate being one with all"

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New Years 2011


    Today is the first day of the new year. I've made my vison board and my mind movie as well as my intentions. It's day one of the challenge. I'm very excited for season two of the challenge. This season I'm manifesting alot more material things. I really think I can handle it though. Just one more thing I am still gonna…


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DAY 5 on my SEASON 1


--- I wish a wonderful new year to all the co-creators !---




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1*1*11 D1

Good morning all you fabulous Co-Creators. I completed 5 seasons here on Co-Creators then took a long break from the 100 day challenge. I lurked about the site for a season or two and decided to start a new challenge on the long awaited 1111 and hence it has arrived.

2010 was fantastic. I manifested people,places and things galore. I have been working on a project these last few months that I expect to launch itself here in a…


Added by Jill on January 1, 2011 at 2:30pm — 4 Comments

    My oncology docs came by today. Great news! I will make a full recovery  :)  I knew in my heart that I would, but to get a confirmation from the medical team is wonderful. Last week they came in …



My oncology docs came by today. Great news! I will make a full recovery  :)  I knew in my heart that I would, but to get a confirmation from the medical team is wonderful. Last week they came in looking very serious, but today all smiles. What a relief! So many people have been praying for me and I know that helped a great deal.  I have been working extra hard staying in the vortex too.  Hope your New Year is starting out great!   xoxo  …


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First day of 100

Today is the beginning of the first 100 days, on the list creating my outgoing business voice mail, start on my business blog and continue to exercise.

I'm going to start doing video logs probably about once a week until I get the hang of posting them!--LOL

Added by Leia Woods on January 1, 2011 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

Day 28/100

Confusion.  Two days ago, my life was sent spinning into a spiral and since then has just gotten worse.  I don't think this is what I manifested, definitely at least not my intent, however, this may in the end help me clean out some "dead wood" from my life.  I have decided to not rush things and just take my time in evaluating my priorities and what I want in my life.  Much is ambiguous right now, I need to reclarify my intentions, and until then and just actively working on things that I…


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God Never Fails

This is chapter 12 from the book  "God Never Fails" by Mary L. Kupferle (1958).




12. Accept Your Good…


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1/1/11 S1D1 Let's get this party started!

I've got that tune - let's get this party started - running round my mind. And it feels good.


And it feels awesome to start on the first day of the first month of the new decade. So many opportunities and so much potential.


Last year, I had the pleasure to be coached by Sandy Grason. She's an amazing coach ...and coming here feels like coming home to you, Sandy!


So today, my husband and I will review all that gone well this past year and what…


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Season 1 day 4

so it was New years eve and I LOVED IT, I enjoyed it sooo much was in big crowd of people in the streets waiting for the year to start full of dance and laughters with good friends it was just awesome, I managed to meet few nice guys but it didn't go any where they didn't show up later that night but it was nice but what I end up manifesting was a lady that has contact and told me she can recommend me for a job when I'm done with my exams so now I need to focus on that


ok now…


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