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What’s this “NEW” brings???

The clock alarmed as 12.00am on 1st January, 2012(Today) and welcomed the “NEW” year with full of crackers and cheering. I always think why this New Year or every New Year is special to all? Often there are many cases in which we welcome the New Year with cheering but at the end or mid, we face lots of troubles like in 2011, there was a furious tsunami attack in Japan which claimed lots of deaths. Year 2008, the terror strikes in India and lots many more cases. But still the…


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Season 2 Day 1 - A new year, a new season, a new start!

Hi, Co-creators,

I'm back from a two weeks solo holiday all refreshed and pumped up for my Season 2! I'm very excited and positive about everything. The first day has actually passed already. I had an amazing NYE - great food with very nice people. I'm very happy that there are some romance sparkling out of no where. I had a long phone conversation with my parents and I actually enjoyed it - wasn't able to talk to them with a relief for a long time. I'm enjoying my time with my…


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Check this out!!

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Day 1, I take the easiest path...

My dreams are in good hands. No doubt about it. I just need to release all the resistances, and everything will go on for the best.

So, my challenge is to remain at full time a "Yes" person. I have 100 days to discover what it works best for me... I'm so excited.

First step :

I begin with Marci Shimoff reading again "Happy for no reason" and "Love for no reason", I recommend them, it's pure pleasure...

I wish to everybody :



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Day ONE!

When i woke up this morning and i opened my window, the sun was signing and i said to my self "What a grate way to start 2012!!!"

Then, while i was taking my shower,  i started (short of) meditating

with the water falling on my head & shoulders, feeling that is taking away everything that is black or gray inside of my body and my cells.

  Then light was coming, filling in with the colors of rainbow.





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This is my first day of 100day Reality Challenge!!!

It is sooOO EXCITING!!!


Every day i will find, see & understand, something of my old way of living that don't serve any more, my new way of living, my new path.


REPLACE it with something that, not only is servicing my path but

also have a higher vibration!!

As i, recently, started creating my mer-ka-ba field, i'm deeply convinced that this will help me to make the next step to…


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My first day of '100Day Reality Challange' - Season 1

It was my first day of 100day Reality Challenge...I could focus on my goals and intentions more than other times...and I took some more time to contemplate on things...Today I did '108 times Om chanting, yoga, journaling, took a walk in nature' as my practices...I will write things down more...and I want to start 'the vision board'...and again it was 1:11 pm when I got back home from the walk...

Oh, another practice I did was to watch Lilou's interview with Jacob Liberman...I really…


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Today is my 1st day of the 100 day challenge-YAY!!

I am SO excited that today is my first day of my 100 day challenge - day one is the 1st January 2012.

I havent worked out exactly what my 'exact' goals' that I want to achieve in the next 100 days, though the first thing I wanted to do is to get started and working out my goals in the next few days.

This is the first time I am doing this, I would love to hear from others who is doing this challenge for the first time :-))

YAY- am going to make the next 99 days rock-hehe…


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Gratitude for a new day.... and the Internet

I woke up this morning feeling pretty relaxed an content. Which is kind of strange for me cause usually I wake up on the first of January in a panic. I try to change so many things in my life at once that I sort of scare myself out of my resolutions before I have even started. But this year I woke up and I decided to literally count my blessings one by one. Writing down everything that I am grateful for makes me realise just how blessed I am. And one of the top items on my list is the…


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Happy New Year! Day 1 - Season 1

I've been here before.

January 1st and I are old friends who seem to part ways within a couple of months. It's not that January 1st did anything to me ... oh no... the problem is with **gasp** ME!

I am a commitment phobic.

I start things but never finish them. I make the proverbial New Year's resolution and it runs screaming out the door by February. I set goals, make plans, fill in a whole years worth journal entries in one month with tales of my "progress" only to push…


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2012--Year of the Water Dragon

Life brings a new opportunity every day!


My three goals this year will be to stay focused, keep balanced, and also develop my individual style with my painting and drawing.

Right now my biggest obstacle is losing balance, and also losing focus. In order to overcome these obstacles I want to...

--find methods to protect oneself from surrounding energies, while not blocking out good energies that are coming…


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