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Day 25: Something feels different...

There's definitely a transformation taking place. I feel more loving and joyful and loved. Lots of ideas pouring in, lots of opportunities to love myself and others more, and a very deep faith and surrender into the unknown.

I've just watched a free livestream by Rikka Zimmerman and felt moved to sign up for her 3-hour activation tomorrow. I had just the right amount of money on my Paypal account, and I have the time. This feels like a step up, especially in the area of body…


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Start the new you now

Each day last week I watched Louise Hay's Start the new you know!
It was incredible! Have you watched it? So many amazing speakers. I learned so much!
I was so impressed with Ahlea Khadro. She thought me about all the dangers of processed food, how to nurish myself better, what to eat, when to eat. I knew a lot about it, but I was so disappointed when I realised that our food is filled with dangerous ingridients.
Dr. Sara Gottfried…

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I'm back and here to stay! Season 2, day 1.

Hi everyone!

I have to say that I absolutely love this website and I regret the fact that I did not finish Season 1.

I don't think anybody remembers me, because I was here just for a few weeks. I had great plans and intentions, but I somehow feel off the wagon. When we came back from UK, my grandma got very sick. She eventually died of cancer.  It was hard for me, but even more hard for my dad. I felt like I was a "punching bag" for everybody. That was my own fault, because I was…


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season 11 day 1 vision board attraction

affairs of the home

improving the environment of my home…


Added by Kevin on January 25, 2014 at 10:50am — 4 Comments

Quote to live by?

 Average people, weak people, respond to problems and crises ineffectively. They become angry or depressed. They lash out or sulk. They blame other people or make excuses. As a result, their problems and crises often grow and become overwhelming.

Strong people, leaders, deal with problems and crisis in an effective and competent manner. There are two ways that you can learn to surmount the inevitable difficulties of life and become a leader in whatever…


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season 10 day 82 - end of season

hey everyone

what's up?

so I haven't been on here since November, I thought I'd post an update and I'm going to start a new season of sorts. I felt like I hit a wake up call today and wanted to spend more time taking care of myself. These past few months have been great and also filled with a lot of life. I got really sick around the time that I left ccor in November. I was fighting some really painful mouth problems. I decided to focus all my energy towards self-healing,…


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Day 24 Season 2


$5,000 free money

Serving job near my home

Great grades for my last year of undergrad!

The ability to graduate early

Seiko tank watch

Travel opportunities

More publications

I find it really helps me to stay on track to post what I'm working on and remind myself just what exactly the Universe has coming to me. 


I remember when I was only living…


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Season 4 - Jan 24 - Day 63 - Be in it

I'm soooo done with winter. It's freezing where I am right now. I find in the summer and spring I feel so happy and in the winter I'm just waiting to get home and mope :P I actually had a dream last night that I was wearing summer clothes and it felt sooo damn good!! THe sun also makes me happy in general. It'll come soon!

I'm going to remind myself to be in the moment today. Breathe through the moment. Observe what's around you and take it in! And know that you are always…


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Day 9 Season 10 Changing my life

It's great to focus on things that really matters, isn't it?

To focus on our development, focus on being happy and SHED anything

that just drains our positive thinking/striving forward.

I focus on affirmations, and they are really…


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A big thank you to the lord for:

My Reference being sorted

A lovely dinner

A beautiful drive in the countryside

Lots of fun meaniful jobs to keep me busy

And wonderful programs on TV

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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Day 22: New possibilities

This morning I went to visit Julieta, who was my Pilates instructor all through my pregnancy and separation (my husband left me when I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter) almost 8 years ago. Today she has her own studio and has gone through a deep transformation and awakening as well. We talked for over two hours and have chosen to collaborate together this year, starting next week, in which she'll do some reiki sessions to clean up my energy in exchange for a rune reading. IT's really…


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Things keep on coming and they are most welcome

Well today was such a wonderful day so I'll just jump into being thankful for it.

Thank you so much Lord, the universe and angels for:

My Aunt's assessment being a success

A terrific run

The energy to exercise

My learning through tefl

The wonderful job interview I have next Wednesday

The lovely slice of chocolate cake I got

The way you can always change things for the better.


A million thank you's.

And joy love…


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Be gentle, first with myself.

How can I be gentle with others, if I cannot be gentle even with myself? *Reality* and *Challenge* are both bold, in-your-spiritual-face precepts, and if I am not gentle with myself, when my expectations or hopes or goals are not met, I will be disappointed and feel guilty which often lead to anger and depression. Then the cycle goes on to failure and giving up completely. So I am learning NOW to be gentle with myself. AND I AM GRATEFUL. :) Thank You Thank You Thank You Lord for opening my…


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<3 My 3 Year Anniversary <3

It's been exactly 3 years since I joined CCOR. I'm 1/3 through my 11th season. I have learned so much. I'm healthier.  I'm kinder to myself. I have more love in my life. I'm grateful. I'm inspired and more aware of what really counts. I want to thank Lilou and everyone who has ever commented on my posts, written to me, or posted something that helped me to learn, grow, and feel good about myself. CCOR is where I go when…


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Wow the power of gratitude!

Well God and the power of the universe really give you more of what you put out. yesterday I was committed to posting a list of all I am grateful for even though I was feeling pretty hopeless and not in a very grateful mood. Today I have an abundance of new things to be so grateful for.

I've booked a trip to Salou in Spain and have enroled in three fantastic course that make me really excited.


So today Lord thank you so much for:

My family and their tremendous…


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Goals changed a bit, now for forty days of new habits!

Yesterday, I began four new practices which I shall do daily for forty days to create good habits. The forty days are from January 19th to February 27th. Here are the practices:

1. Ten pm bedtime
2. 3.5 hours of deep practice as a musician and singer.
3. 1 hour per day spent attuning others spiritually by musical means.
4. Abstinent, weighed and measured meals.

I shall post here now and again. . .

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Season 4 - Jan 20 - Day 59

Today was pretty good. I DID leave my lipstick in the dryer by accident and stained all of my clothes, it's funny though, I bought another lipstick today that is the same colour as the one that I ruined. Haha weird...

I'm about to leave for work. I'm going to bring love and light to everyone at work today. I want to have a really good shift. Can you put that on the list higher self? I also want positive interactions with everyone. Like high level positive. I want people to…


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Day 2, Season 14, Ask and it is given....literally!

Dear Co creators,

So just yesterday I wrote about how I wanted signs from universe to help me decide which way I need to go. And I think some of the things have already started getting clearer and clearer and I can finally see it.

I wore my best clothes today. And I felt so focused, confident, fresh throughout the day. Some of the things I do can be boring at times, but I just kept my focus. Good clothes can work wonders! For me personally well-fitted clothes make me feel…


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To the Lord, Thank you so much for:
My fantastic family, pets and wonderful friends.
My beautiful home.
The purposeful work I did outside today.
My clothes and make up.
My magnificent car.
My faith and beliefs.

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Noticing the Angelic support

This morning when I woke up, I thought it was going to be just another Sunday in which I just wished it was Monday to feel "productive", whatever that means to me now.

However, before getting up I said: "I call all the Angelic beings who can assist me and support me in becoming magnetic to new possibilities, opportunities and abundance through expanding consciousness and self-love to activate whatever needs to be activated now. May everything flow to me with grace and ease.…


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