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DAY 2, Season 3

There is an Intention that I need to put out into the Universe and I am stating it in this public forum so that I can hold myself accountable to it.

I feel that my greatest resistance is towards being more generous to my friends and family. I'm always quick with an excuse of why I can't be generous, mostly that I can't afford it. I have in the past seen myself as a charity case and I need to perceive myself differently as this is a huge block to enjoying incredible Abundance.…


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5-1: Beginning

   Hi juicy living friends!!!!!

     You thought I forgot sth? Noooo, not really! I sitll have to go thorugh number 2 wth all of you!!! If you have any comments, ideas or want to help me through the season, please let me know! If you want help with your season, let me know too! I would love to establish some helping methods with friends.…


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4-100: Not too late to celebrate!!!!

     Hello, Dear Co-Creators!

     I thought I would see a missing sign and a reward for clues that could lead to my whereabouts! However, I have been doing many things and haven't been able to post since day 87. I started some posts, but just couldn't finish. So my tracking tells me I have finished Season 4!!!!



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DAY 1, Season 3

I was compelled to start another season today, but I'ma mix it up :) I am changing my goal. I am not abandoning my season 1 & 2 goal, to open a studio on the first floor of my home, I am just shifting my CCOR goal to be more lifestyle-oriented. 

Now and from this day forward, I will always commit to things that are pleasing to me and are stress-free. In my past, I have agreed to take gigs because I thought it would be "bad for my career" if I didn't take them, even though they…


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Hi there!!

I am procastinating a little bit right now but not because I am scared or anything - it's just that I have no ideas anymore in my head! so I was reading a bit poems here on the net about Rod McKuen which I got from my friend on ccor and some others I googled ;) like this one about maths ;))

EMOTIONS LINK to the poem:…


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Day 9 | "The Secret" to successful writing

Hey there,

I just came across this ebook did anyone sign for it? Am not sure if I should do it or not but I'll probably try just out of curiosity :D just thought I share this with you.

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Day 1 - Season 5 - Let´s begin

Hi everybody,

the day 100 passed so fast, that I haven´t recognized it.

Still I´m struggling with heavy life storms. And I am on the way to learn surf on them. Sometimes I think there must be a reason, why there are there.

Sometime the "too much" take my breath away. Now I say stop...hold on a sec! Let me breathe! What is going on here?

In my marriage I feel like trapped in a box, imprisoned. My life partner struggle with life, too, but she…


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Achievement #26 - Tuning my intuition

Yesterday I met with my life coach and talked about an experience I had, in which I'd broken down crying upon hearing the lyrics of a beautiful song (it's called 'Each Moment Now' by Lou Rhodes - check it out!) While she helped me trace the cause, I discovered for the second time how important phrasing was for me. I was constantly trying to find the right set of words to activate the feeling inside me, which gave me clues which let to more phrasing, and so on. This is incredibly exciting,…


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Achievement #25 - Surviving unexpected events

The universe had a sense of humour yesterday. What was supposed to be a 'light' day ended up going non-stop from noon to 8pm. It was another great chance to practicing opening to the experience and embracing the is-ness of the moment, which made it easier to stay focused and productive. I finished the day taking over a class from a sick instructor, and got several compliments on how much fun it was. Phew!

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Achievement #24 - Opening myself to another

Recently, I learned about the concept of keeping your mind and body 'open' to another person - that is, turning off your brain and focus on being with the person in front of you, what they are feeling, what passes over their face and body, etc. Normally, my ADD makes it difficult to stay focused, and I lose the thread of conversation. I had a chance to use it last night when my g/f came come upset because a good friend of hers had misinterpreted a text sent to her, that he happened to notice…


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Day 20 Season Five

Been working out a ton lately, which I'm happy about. I run and lift weights Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I work my abs. I've begun doing protein drinks and focusing more on leafy greens. I feel pretty good. 

On a spiritual level, I've decided not to focus on those around me. I don't have time to feel annoyed that people don't live up to my expectations. I don't have time for negative feelings. I have let it all go. I have also let go of…


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Achievement #23 - Communal Energy

It's great doing something you love with others - their enthusiasm and energy is absorbed by you, and allows you to do more then you could alone. Yesterday our salsa class was the biggest yet, and despite another loud group class happening at the same time, I managed to outdo myself with keeping everyone engaged and having fun. I even got a private lesson student out of it :)

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Achievement #22 - Resisting temptation

Well, it's easy to engage in destructive habits when you're hungry or tired. Like, needing to go shopping because you're hungry, but wanting to eat at a fast food place instead because, well, it's fast. It was hard, but I resisted the latter and dragged myself to the grocery store to pick up some better food. Have to make sure I never run out of stuff to eat at home!

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Day 72 Writing and signposts show me the way

So I am in season 13. Almost in 14! Writing a TV-series, it is flowing. I can get two or three ideas at once and I write therefore quickly. 42 pages in two weeks. Let me explain that before I started to write this series, I have had this story about the characters in my head "brewing" for almost a year, that is why the writing goes quickly now; the groundwork is done.

Anyway, writing inspires me and makes me happy. I have total faith in my ideas. And synchronicities are there; a film, TV… Continue

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Achievement #21 - Speaking my thoughts

My g/f and I were having a brainstorming session about what I could do to help out at the studio where I work. She got excited and started thinking about how she' could use her own skill set to help. I remember feeling uncomfortable when the conversation shifting gears, but it wasn't until later that I realized that part of me resented her hijacking my decision to help out. We usually talk these errant thoughts out together, but for one of the first times, I allowed myself to feel it was…


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Trusting my Body

I realised today that me and my body needed to have a talk. I realised that over the course of the past year or two I have gradually been losing trust in her innate wisdom and have been trying to run the show myself. And being 8 months pregnant, I figure now is as good a time as any to rebuild our relationship. In fact, it's imperative that I do.

So, a letter to my body:

I'm sorry beautiful body of mine. I'm sorry for trying to take over, for not tuning in…


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Day 69 already!

Days go quickly. Almost at day 70. Isn't that amazing? I am grateful for every moment of life knowing that there are other people that are in much worse situation than me, I should definitely be grateful! Today and yesterday I did a lot of important errands and now I feel that I need to take some rest time.
I am surprised that I am so brave and sending my texts out there; to different institutions and competitions. I have never done this. It is a new courage!

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Day 16 Season 5 Patience

Doing well today. I got paid and tonight I start pre-nursing classes! Very excited about that. Last night I was incredibly depressed, which is odd for me. Today felt like a breakthrough, though. I feel as though I am being told to remain patient. I am going to get all A's and in six months I'll apply for nursing school. At this time next year, I'll be starting my first semester of the nursing programme. 

I've been working out and eating healthy and trying to get to bed on time.…


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Achievement #20 - Transcending disagreements

My g/f was telling me about a spiritual worker she’d had a session with yesterday, someone who claims to communicate with ‘angels’ (not in the Christian sense) to get answers to questions about work, money, and the like. I was tired, drained, and operating from a lower energy level than usual, and was having difficulty holding back my skepticism. I knew she could sense it, and it was upsetting her, so I said ‘don’t let my low energy level drag yours down’. We just sat quietly while I puzzled…


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DAY 1 || SEASON 2 || To A Better Restart

Hi lovely people, 

Its day 1 of season 2 for me :) I am looking forward to this season so much. 

I have posted my first blog to my personal blog page, as i have decided to journal my journey on my site in hope to inspire others to join is on their own unique 100 day challenge. 

Day 1 is all about realising those nasty little habits that you hold onto even though you know they are bad for you :)…


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