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I AM....this two words are so powerful...

I am abundant. I am a shining light.

I am beautiful.  I am blessed.

I am creative. I am cheerful.

I am divine.

I am elated. I am energy. I am everything I want to be.

I am in the flow. I am a friend.

I am so grateful for all good things in my life.

I am happy. I am healthy. I am hope.

I am happy and grateful for my new job, that I got in january.

I am in love. I am increasing my energy.

I am joy.

I am kind.



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Achievement #19 - Taking care of the sticking points

There's usually at least one thing that lurks in the back of people's minds, some task they know they need to get around to, something that drains their energy by avoiding it. I took care of several yesterday by making some much needed phone calls, checking some coding with the website, and having a meeting with my boss about issues with the studio dance blog. Always feels good to free up that energy again!

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Question: Does anyone know a really good video camera app for iPhone that doesn't include the black lines when posting to You Tube?

Dear Co-Creators:

Does anyone know a really good video camera app for iPhone that doesn't include the black lines when posting to You Tube?

Thanks in advance for all your help!!

Much blessings!!

Added by Meghan Krisla on January 15, 2015 at 2:15am — 1 Comment


Hi Cocreators !

                              I think that one of  the best way to be closer to our dream is starting the day with this question :

What action can I do today who'll drive me closer to my dream ?

Today is the most important day and I cannot  feel good good at the end of the day if I realized that I have done nothing to be closer to my dream or one of my…


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Achievement #18 - Reaching a larger audience

I don't know if this counts as a current achievement, or just the fruits of past achievements, but it turns out an old friend of mine who runs a BIG dance blog (30000 subscribers to my mere 165) has asked me to write for them! No compensation yet, but the exposure is great, and I can include links back to my blog, which should grow subscribers tremendously. Hurray!

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The End of Season 10

Dear Amazing Co-Creators:

I find it so strange that what seems like in a blink of an eye another 100 days has passed.  Nothing dramatic has changed in my life in terms of employment (or lack of), non-existent love life, living situation, finances, and health/fitness. I think this is in part…


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DAY 100, Season 2

On Day 1 of Season 2, I was so certain that I would reach my goal, to open a studio on the first floor of my home to clients and classes, before the 100 days was over. Which goes to show you that, ultimately, the Universe is in control. The Universe has it's own schedule of which I am completely unaware, so it's my job to just enjoy the Journey. The old me would have tried to force an outcome. But the new me is patient and calm about all the circumstances in my Life, especially when I have…


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Achievement #17 - It’s never too late to do a good job

I’ve been less then focused in my free time of late - sometimes I enjoy a mindless, pointless activity or two, just to turn off my mind and play it safe for a bit. Yesterday was one such day, but I did rally myself an hour before my last 2 group classes to rehearse the steps and how I would explain them. I taught one of the best group classes I’ve ever taught before (even better because there was a big turn-out), and finished the day satisfied, instead of frustrated.

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S4 - Day 1 New Intentions and Grand Updates

I'm really excited to start a new 100 day challenge! But before I get into the details of this new challenge, I want to give you an update that happened between Day 100 of last season's challenge and now: 

I've interviewed for 5 different positions, and an offer has been placed for this February. I'll be moving to the SF bay area for 6 months to work on a really big project! I'm so excited for this amazing new opportunity. With this job, I visualized getting the call with the offer. I…


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DAYS 98 & 99, Season 2

Day 98

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, because it means singing at St Clement's! YAY!! We sang a mass setting by Rheinberger, who is a romantic composer, so it's a different style than we usually sing. We sounded pretty hot. It was just a pleasure. As always. I'm so lucky and grateful to be able to sing with the "Clementones" and to just be surrounded by lovely people with the most lovely musical gifts and a dedication to making the best music possible. I used to feel really…


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Season 3 - Day 5

I might be procrastinating a little or I might just be a little tuckered out. Nevertheless, I gave myself the luxury of a day of rest today. I experienced so many changes with moving into a completely different living situation and with starting school after a zillion years away from that. And, then, there's winter to deal with, and that's a whole challenge by itself. I did more shopping to expand my food hoard on Saturday and organized it better on Sunday. 

Also on Sunday, I canned…


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Day 12 Season 5 Intentions for the New Year and my 100 Day Reality Challenge

I've been doing really well on my resolutions as well as my intentions for manifestation. I find that most people I ask dislike New Year's resolutions, but I quite like them. I stick to them and they truly help me. 

This year, I resolved to cut considerably back on red meat, carbohydrates (I have a gluten allergy, so this part isn't too hard), sugar, and alcohol. I also resolved to run more and get into ballroom dance. I also resolved to floss every day and get to bed earlier…


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Achievement #16 - Searching for clarity

I had a great deal of trouble hearing what my inner voice was asking of me yesterday. My thoughts kept bouncing from place to place, and the desire to bury it with an online video or another escape was strong. I resisted long enough to try and calm myself through a house chore, then going for a walk. Not only am I glad I got some work done, I realized during the walk it was time for me to start meditating again, to slow my thoughts down. Off to do that now :)

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Day 62 Season 13 Pants never lie...

Hello co creators!

Today something happened that made me really happy! For the third time in 2 years, I tried on old pants that I like very much, but I haven't worn in five years because I ve gained weight and...they fit, I got them on!! I am so happy, that I now have the figure that I had 5 years ago!!

Pants don't lie...they stay the same! That was a great surprise today that I am happy for! I am glad that I saved them, that I never threw them away. What a great gift!

It's… Continue

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DAYS 96 & 97, Season 2

Day 96

You know it's been freezing when 32 degrees feels downright balmy and mild. So I trekked out to the park with the pit bull boyfriend. I start to feel listless if I don't get enough outside time, so it felt good to be out.

Other than that, I ran errands and I worked at my cashier job, which flew by really fast and I got a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie from the bakery when we closed :) I'm so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantity, from…


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Achievement #15 - Moving past the mind

Dancing, like most things, are easily overthought by my students. One in particular I taught yesterday is notorious for interfering with her natural body movement because she tenses up when her brain can't keep up - and back-leads when it can. So I set a fast pace and didn't let up, waiting for her mind to let go and let her body move. Pretty quickly, she started to relax and move, and even respond well to a few steps she hadn't been taught yet! She had an excellent class, felt she learned a…


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Day 1 season 1 intentions

Intentions and goals for season 1

Create a vision board for this season

TO have an organised household and have family help in this

To continue the decoration of house, complete all rooms

To recognise and appreciate everything in my life as it is

To love appreciate and trust self even more

To recognise own skills and talents fully

To make time to nurture self

To fully know the universe support me in all I think and do

To allow self to follow… Continue

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Achievement #14 - Trusting myself

I went to buy a gift for a friend at a Tibetan shop yesterday. The woman there was very friendly and intelligent, and once she found out I was just learning a lot of spiritual concepts she set about explaining the significance of various items in the shop. I felt the whole time like this was a person of peace - she seemed genuinely happy to see and explain things to me, and I suspect she can practice what she preaches. Unfortunately, most of what she sold at the shop was expensive, well…


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Season 2

In season 1 a lot of things already happened and I didn't feel like it was the right thing to put it all out there. So I let it all happen and went with it, in retrospective it feels like I was getting ready for this season. My intention was to find and embrace my passion, something that is an ongoing process, but I am happy to have discovered some of the things I really, really care about.

I started season 2 on January 1, 2015 and strive to be a lot clearer and simpler with my…


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DAYS 93, 94, & 95, Season 2

Day 93

I woke up to a dusting of white on the earth as the snow lightly but steadily came down. It made for a slow shift at the Whole Foods, beginning at 8:30 AM, so much so that they let me go an hour early :) Which worked out perfectly because the traffic was so slow-going on the way home and I ended up at home for an hour and a half before leaving to sing in the Epiphany High Processional Mass at St Clement's. The mass setting was fan-freaking-tastic. The choir sounded amazing and…


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