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January 2016 Blog Posts (35)

Goals for the Challenge

I guess I should mention my goals.

1) My first goal is to turn my thinking and feeling around. To have an attitude of gratitude at all times. Feel hopeful and excited. This will set the groundwork for all other goals. I'm already making progress on this one.

2) Next goal is to resolve all the work problems. Get paid properly. Start earning more money. I love my…


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New Season, New Outlook, New Life!

I am going to take the plunge and start a new season (#13). I have not done this in well over a year. I cried so much today. Nothing has been going right in any area including my health, my kids, work, money, love life. I know I need to change my attitude from hopeless to hopeful. I started today by taking an hour long walk, and during it I repeated over and over, I am…


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Day 3 Season 17 it feels nice

to start a new season. Almost like I am starting a new life. I am happy for my affirmations, I do them regularly. It is great as I choose which ones I like.

We are all worthy.

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Achievement #200 - Mental health vs physical health

I've been rather unwell the last few days, due to overworking my body and not eating well enough during the move. Yesterday was probably the worst for me physically, yet I was in a better mood by day's end than the previous day. Why? Because I didn't let how I felt stop me from connecting with people. I remembered how much of a positive effect just sharing experiences can have on my psyche. I'm still sick, but I didn't let how I felt physically stop me from being the best person I could…


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Being outide

makes me feel whole again and again and again.

Like the rain water washing over me is not only a cleanse but an embracement of life nurturing my soul as Desiree in flesh. I see myself anew in all moments re-meeting me only to find more of what I desire and have been desiring my whole life. I am thankful... my appreciation goes deep and as I tap into this knowledge of fields of feelings my embarking on my own solitude in my body is giving me clarity. I see clearer, I hear clearer, I feel…


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Day 1 Season 17

Day one.

And it really feels like it is a new day.

I have the last days been writing intensely

and gone to bed 04.00 or 05.00 in the morning and got up again

at 10.00!

I must have dreamt something this night, because I was really sad when I woke up.

I understood that I had to get rid of some comment in my head that someone hurt me with

and I did a meditation and felt better , but was absentminded the whole day. Sometimes emotions

are heavy work but if I… Continue

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Positive focus!

I am so tired of thinking negatively. I am tired of it because there are only some times that is good to hate the part of me that does not will to be happy go lucky and just face the facts that it is more loving to be self hating sounding then it is to try and force myself to say something that feels like a lie. Life is so paradoxical and I will to move and put my energy towards all the positive ways of being I will my life to be! Put myself out there! Put myself in a better place that I…


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Choosing to be alive...again.

I chose to be alive again today. 4th time this year. It has been an invigorating internal adventure lately in my life. I self realize how much I don't or have not loved myself into how much I actually do will to and to use my pain as my motivation to become a better me. It really is the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life. It is like no moment of molestation, moving from…


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Achievement #199 -

The move on the weekend left me VERY tired, and Monday started with 3 lessons in a row. Previously this might have had a greater impact on the quality of my lessons, but I've come to understand more clearly what my students are looking for, and not to get frustrated if it's not always what I WANT to do. I felt good about the lessons, and the smiles on their faces showed me they felt good too!

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DAY 11, Season 6

I am just so In the Flow. Everything is happening, yet I am not making anything happen. I don't have the need to be "doing" all the time. I am content and happy knowing that I am on the Right Path. 

I've committed to teaching a small posse of friends at my home studio on a weekly basis. I am really excited to do this, so I can try my own yoga flows out on people :) I am excited for the feedback. 

I've also been accepted into a Level One Empowerment Program at Hotbox Yoga which…


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Achievement #198 - Upgrading my technique

Was training with another instructor on Wednesday, and she taught me some important tools on how Latin hip motion works. Seeing it with new eyes, I was able to explain the technique much more effectively to my students yesterday than I have in the past. Good thing too - it's a hard technique to learn!

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Achievement #197 - People can replenish your energy

I knew yesterday was going to be hard when my eyes started burning within a few minutes of getting up. I was facing a long day, and I hadn't slept well. Usually, this would be a day of hibernating on the computer whenever I could, while avoiding conversation with anyone else. But some social habits are starting to stick, I guess. As it happened, I had a lot of good conversations, from another teacher in the morning to my life coach in the evening. And the amazing thing was I didn't feel…


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DAY 7, Season 6

Wonderful miracles occur when you sit back and do NOTHING!

On Day 1 of this Season, I set my Intention to manifest a successful career as a yoga instructor (while maintaining my singing career). To that end, I set a goal of creating a resume and sending it out to area health clubs.


I created a resume, but when it came to sending it out to health clubs, I froze. For some reason, although it seemed like the next logical step, my heart was telling me I wasn't ready.…


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Achievement #196 - Packing

We're moving to a new apt, closer to work for both of us, this Saturday. I got a lot of the packing finished yesterday, which will make the moving day a lot easier for us.

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Achievement #195 - Breathe with me

Yesterday, I sat with my fiancé and listened to her tell me she felt like she was going to have a nervous breakdown if she didn't sort some things out in her life. She was afraid talking about it would just do more damage, even while knowing that holding her troubles inside often made it more difficult to deal with. I knew there was no point in pushing her, but I wanted her to know she wasn't alone. So I asked her to lie beside me on the couch and breathe in unison with me. We stayed there…


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These lasts days I learned something :)

1. The mental is keeping me imprisoned :p it s like my mind has a special power of going rapidly through all the aspects of my life and to ALWAYS find, focus and make giant something that could go wrong! All the hundreds of nice positive lovely things are disregarded!

I guess it s a survival instinct of self protection from danger, but it means leaving in fear that something goes wrong and focusing on the negative..which is the…


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DAY 5, Season 6

It is a bitter cold and windy day here in Philadelphia, so I am giving Gratitude for all that warms my body and my heart: my home, my furnace, my snuggly doggy and kitty, my clothes and blankets, my family and friends, yoga, which I am about to practice to build heat in my body, and coffee :^)

Namaste, cocreators! I hope you all have warm hearts and if anyone living in a warm climate would like to invite me to visit, I accept your invitation! :)))))) 

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Achievement #194 - Reconnecting

Yesterday was a day of rest and reconnecting with my lovely fiancé. We turned our apartment into a mini resort, with waves on a beach playing on the tv, a mattress with beach towels, and plenty of books, drinks and food. Turned out we'd missed each other sorely over the past week, and it was great spending so much time together again. Feeling closer than ever :)

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Achievement #193 - Slow and steady work

Lots of free time yesterday, but not lots of wasted time. I had a few things on my plate which I knocked off one by one. In the time in between, I would practice connecting with the other staff at the studio - definitely signs they are warming to me now. Finished the day by DJing for the studio social. Success.

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DAY 1, Season 6

I am super excited to begin a new season today!!!!

This season, I will be focusing on building a NEW CAREER as a yoga instructor, while maintaining my singing career. 

Because I am a big fan of "fake it till ya make it," I have already been telling anyone and everyone who will listen that I am a successful yoga instructor... now I just have to allow reality to catch up :^)

I was officially certified (RYT-200) on November 24, 2015, then December happened. As a…


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