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January 2016 Blog Posts (35)

Achievement #192 - Early finish

I just want to say I got all the work I normally take all week to finish done by today! That is all, :)

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Achievement #191 - Speaking frankly

For the first time, both my fiancé and myself were present for a life coaching session yesterday, to discuss some areas where she felt she wasn't being considered. While we didn't completely resolve the issue, we did both learn about why the issue had suddenly become more important. That was possible in part because I was able to shelf my fears and speak openly and honestly, even with a listener in the room. I left feeling like a weight had dropped from my shoulders.

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Day 100 Season 16

summary of season 16:

1.seeing other people clearer and decided who has to leave. 2. seeing myself clearer; what I need in certain situations. 3. starting doing exercise plan. 4. setting ethical boundaries towards others without explaining myself (its non of their business!) 5. decluttering wardrobe and giving clothes away to those who are in need. 6.putting food outside for the neighborhood cats and stray cats. 7.self employment with the status that the ministry of culture pays for my… Continue

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Day 57

So far life is going forward regardless if my surroundings are standing still. Went to the park with my good friend and spoke of the future. Positively, of course. But how many times will my friend and I swing on the swing set speaking of what we dream of doing?

I notice the pattern of daydreaming. It's good to imagine the future but nothing beats actually putting your dreams into action. Everyday, I actively apply for jobs and make and effort to connect with others in a good way.…


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Day 19 Home alone

Since Alex is away since Thursday I am spending some days alone. I should eat well, it s quite difficult to resist to temptations not having anyone to check on me! :p

The intention of today was to practice more than reading. I have done an excellent meditation on the archangel Micheal in the moring. Much more valuable than pages of books on how I created my cancer! Today I felt it is enough of wondering on the reasons, it s time to just allow the light to operate as much as possible…


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Achievement #190 - A balance of work

I was trying to type up my latest blog article yesterday, and became aware that I was getting increasingly restless. This isn't unusual - I often have trouble sitting still for long periods of time. Normally I would have pushed through and ignored it, but this time I tried something different. Leaving my computer, I started working on dance choreography instead. Not only did the choreography help me relax my body, when I sat down again, I found myself flying through the article! The words…


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Achievement #189 - Surviving a tough day

Sometimes, it's an accomplishment just to make it through a day without being overwhelmed by negativity. Yesterday was once such day, with more than the usual share of setbacks and frustrations. There were times when I became terribly afraid of failure, and others when I had to fight against creeping pessimism. But I managed to keep it all at arms-length, enough to still have rewarding conversations, be present at meetings, and teach good classes. That's not just an achievement - that's a…


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2016...The Year of Phenomenal!

As 2016 is into full swing I have asked the question how can I take responsibility and make it a phenomenal year.


By making it a phenomenal year I want a year where desired results come quicker, where effort applied is not draining and has value attached, where my goals become reality and I progress from the realm of average to one of real success...where I get through my final 3…


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Achievement #188 - A day, made peaceful

Yesterday I got work done, but not so much I was stressed because of it. I had some decent conversations, but not so many it interfered with my work. I completed a tough bit of chore, and taught a fun class in the evening. It felt like I'd managed to make it through the whole day without adding fear or judgement to anything. Not bad.

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DAY 17 Good news and creativity

I am focused on stimulating my creativity by starting to write a journal, today I finished a very nice first page that I am proud of. I am focusing on letting less the logic and the need to be exhaustive and precise ruleing and leave the space for spontaneity and inspiration. I asked the help of the archangel Uriel for communication , inspiration, ideas for my journal.

After being scared in these last days of having to do a second little surgery I had the good news that I can continue…


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Achievement #187 - A discovery about resting

Around mid-afternoon yesterday, I was feeling the need to relax in front of my computer. Only I couldn't. There were several people around in the staff room with me, talking and laughing. Sure, it was distracting, but I suddenly realized the real reason I couldn't rest was because I didn't want to miss out on a chance to keep up with the news, As connecting with others has become more important to me in the last few weeks, I've started to miss being connected in conversation, even if it…


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Feel Good - Astrological Perspective Shifting

As we all know its a new year :D Not that we need an excuse to shift ourselves forward, redefining ourselves and becoming our greatest versions is always something that happens in the now. I am offering consultations in aid of providing a service where people can release undealt with emotions in order to liberate and free up space to allow more of what we want to become and be into our experience. I am also now taking Astrology readings be it a Skype session explaining your up coming…


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Day 16 Balance after Christamas

With the Christmas holidays I stopped the challange. I kept notes on the most important feelings and thoughts I had but I felt often frustrated of not having the time to take care of me as I need.

I had my family coming here for Christmas, it was nice but I also felt the tension of assuring that everyone was having a good time, by doing so I ended up being tense and nervous most of the time. The time to medidate and recharge the energies would be extremely important in the moments of…


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Day 49

Funny how taking the time to be more positive has allowed me to see the negative habits that are so sneaky. Trying to break old habits can be quite an episode of trial and error. The holidays did not keep me from examining my past mistakes as I sipped mexican hot chocolate. Shuffle through my failures as I baked holiday cookies. This positive journey has allowed me to call BS on my idiotic thinking. Yes, I can have good and bad days but seeing the improvement of my mind and vibes has been a…


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Day 90 Season 16 Great start on the new year!

Great start!
Already day 90.
I am very happy about how things are going right now.So far I have managed to decide how to go about the new year
and it's working well.I feel great to have altered some things in my life and I am on my way to
some new adventures in life, for example I am now writing a script for a documentary for national tv, exciting and something completely new;am I up for it? I am! Best and happy 2016 to every co-creator!!** :)

Added by GOODREAMS on January 3, 2016 at 5:30am — 1 Comment

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