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What are Benefits of Emotional Counseling? Is it effective?

Emotional counseling…


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What are Benefits of Emotional Counseling? Is it effective?

Emotional counseling or therapy is usually recognized as a means to overcome depression, anxiety and stress

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Wow, so much change has occurred since I set my Intention to fight for my space... I had an Open House at my yoga studio!!!! It was successful in that the space wasn't officially emptied and clean until the moment the Open House started, so it is actually better that most of the people who showed up were personal friends and not potential clients from the neighborhood. Now I can have another Open House, be more prepared, and give my all promoting it (I sort of half-ass promoted it bc I…


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my trip to San Francisco this summer: searching for a nice place to stay

Hi everyone,

I'm a french cocreator and coming on the english site of Lilou is a challenge for me.

First, because I have to practice my english more and secondly, because I need to ask you something. It's not always easy to ask for help.

2 days ago, I dreamt about a way to find a home when I'm going to come in San Francisco this summer. And it was telling me to subscribe on this website in order to meet american cocreators, and to ask them for a room,…


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Clean your slates & let's begin....

     This is it. Pull out a rag & with my slate, I wipe it clean. The past is done & I'm growing another year older, with little to show for it. Until today....

Life is going by & I've acted like I was a car broken down on the side of road. Such a coward! 

I've got the blinker on & now merging back onto the road! I'm not, a moment longer, a slave to my past. And thank You God always for this!

I'm writing! This makes me happy, gives me comfort when it's…


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Planning for Day 1

I never thought this would be a goal - but I'm excited! I want to be the most easy-going person I know. 

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DAY 4, Season 9

Aaahhh, so much gratitude! For the first time in a long time, I'm feeling hopeFUL, not hopeLESS, and it's in large part due to this amazing Cocreating Challenge! Thank you, Lilou, for creating this format! Grateful for the budding Japanese maple just outside my window. Grateful for my sister-in-law Jen, who basically saved my father's life this weekend, by recognizing an emergency and calling an ambulance. Grateful for rejection, because being rejected actually means being released from a…


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I don't even know where to begin. How about this? I've made a series of bad choices and bad judgments and now I feel completely stuck in this situation I created for myself. I probably need therapy, not a blog, but, with a blog, I don't have to get out of bed, or get dressed. I'm kidding, actually, although I did have the thought this morning that I wished I could just stay in bed and cry all day. One of my next thoughts was to challenge myself with this 100 Day Reality Challenge. 

So,… Continue

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Season 10 Days 20-30


30 days have passed and it is time to re-evaluate where I stand in my 100 day journey.

As always, some days are more of a pass where it does not feel like much is accomplished.  Then I realize when I reflect the next day, hey, you did do this and you did generate that and you did manifest…


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Season 10 Days 17-19


The weekend has passed and I am refreshed by the beauty of all that is.  I enjoy listening to Dr. Ihaleakala and his teachings of his friend Morrnah Sumeona.  She is the creator of modern day Ho'oponopono.

It recently came to me combine The Law of Attraction along with the practice Ho'oponopono. …


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Season 10 Day 16


It is such a pleasure to remind myself every time I write here, just how much I love my life.  Coming here reminds me of what a powerful creator I have been in the past, and how many people there were creating fantastic things too. 

So far I have been able to complete my daily tasks and that encourages me to continue to progress. …


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Season 10 Days 14-15


I gave myself food poison the evening of the 13th! For the next 24 hours, I was NOT in a good place, physically. 

What I learned...that with a positive mindset during the events, I actually felt better even though I was releasing the poison from both ends! :D

I am into essential oils and as soon as I…


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DAYS 1-13


Season 10 REDO begins with a bit of catching up.

HAPPILY I remember the glory days of this site and all of the wonderful manifestations which came about back then.  There were so MANY powerful co-creators here, and one day, may it become such again.…


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The Most Beautiful Halloween

What an amazing Halloween that was! Not, that I celebrate it. It was just the best version of this day, and it happened that today is Halloween.

I always liked though the Christian equivalent of Halloween – All Saint’s Day. I liked the warm light of red and yellow lampions, the smell of stearine, a multitude of colorful (especially violet) chrysanthema. The energy… That is tomorrow though.

Today I had my first professional singing class. I don’t know if I will continue that,…


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New Beginning

It is a beautiful Autumn this year in Poland. Today’s date mark also first year since I came back to my homeland, so it is a great time to start the second season of co-creating my reality.

I have to admit, that I wasn’t particularly consistent with my practices during the first season. This refers especially to my blog and meditation. It went far better with my gratitude journaling though and I am very happy for that.

Despite that I have achieved my goal! I’ve met great…


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Catching up with myself

This season brings an entirely new spectrum of adventures for me and my family.

1. My daughter enters 12th grade. So she is doing a lot of things in school for the last time.

2. People are going to come to stay with us for a short period of time. Trying to remain hopeful in spite of them coming in an RV as it is about to turn fall and not sure…


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Saturday 1 September 2018

Saturday 1 September 2018


What I did well today

  • Organise dinner
  • Get stuff for R’s printer
  • Claim my airtime vouchers
  • Safe space for my dear friend
  • Improving time kids to go sleep

I am so grateful for

  • Park outing with Sheri and her…

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Day 2 - Stand in the rain

Hey guys! That was a pretty long post yesterday wasn't it...I just had to let my experience be known I guess. It's one more step in me accepting life for what it can be. 

After going through a "dark night of the soul" so to speak, I realized that I wasn't the only one to have experienced something like that. In fact, it's kinda what we all signed up for, wouldn't you say? The challenge is in how you "deal" with it. When you're stuck outside with no umbrella...are you able to…


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Day 1 -When Everything Falls Apart

Hey matter how many times I stray away from this site, I always seem to come crawling

I first started posting here in 2011. That's seven years ago. Do you realize how crazy that is! Seven years! 

I was reading some of my old blog posts just for fun and couldn't help but chuckle to myself. The 21 year-old me is loans apart from the 28 year-old me. It's comical, really. I was so...optimistic back then. But then...everything changed. In the…


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Breaking the habit of being “you.”

Powerful ideas from one of my favorite teachers!

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