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I have to laugh that I was waiting to do this 100 reality challenge when things were all put in place. I'm realizing that beginning this is the process of getting things put in place.

My issues seems to be that I want everything now. I want a good job, I want to lose weight, I want to be in love. I want I want and I want. I don't know where to begin.

As I am think now there are a few things to focus on.

The most important is finishing my last final project for… Continue

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Day 12/Season 1

I can't believe I'm 12 days in already! I am still so excited to be in this with so many others, I really can't explain how excited I am about it. I read so many of your blogs and watch your videos that I can't help but feel inspired. It's nice to be able to come here before and/or after work and find something that just seems to be in the right place at the right time. I am so grateful for this community!

Well, I feel like I'm changing already. Each day within 15 minutes of waking I… Continue

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Day 7

Today the sun came out, I am definately a solor driven person. I felt energized, recharged and got a lot of things done that I've been putting off. I seem to shut down in the cold weather.

I did this little collage to express how I was feeling and just before posting I found this wonderful message from Cheryl to Lisa. Although not my words its does express the feelings I was feeling while making it. So hope you ladies don't mind if I use… Continue

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Getting ready for my 100 day challenge:)

I haven't done a blog in a while because I have been busy doing my daily housework, taking care of my kids, reading a few books and catching up with everyone on here.

I have been reading 'A New Earth' every night before I go to sleep and not half way through so I intend to finish it by Sunday. I have started a new book called 'Living Magically' by Gill Edwards which I read through the day. I actually bought it a few years ago but couldn't understand it as its about metaphysics and… Continue

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Gratitude Journal for 02/28/08

Hi Everyone!

Since the last Gratitude entry, I have learned a few things, that I wanted to share with you, and which I am grateful for.

1. I have found a really cool lady on Gaiam yesterday, who combines kickboxing, yoga, dance and the law of attraction - not all at the same time, but still in relatively unusual and innovative ways. Her name is Patricia Moreno. I have short videos of her on my YouTube Channel at . There is also a gratitude… Continue

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Importance of Vision Board

My first CCOR Ning blog. How fun! I just wanted to write this as a reminder to some and perhaps inspiration to others. I made and posted my Vision Board up in my apartment 2 days ago. It really has done wonders for staying on track. I am on day 10 of the challenge and I feel that it is a lot easier to stay focused when I have to stare at my vision board. The human mind is a spectacular thing but memory requires a lot of focus. I like to use my brain as more of a creative force than a file… Continue

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Baby I'm Ready To Go

So, my new webcam arrived today and it was ridiculously easy to set up and get running....exactly as I requested! now I have a day to mess with the lighting, get make up and hair done, and be ready to be on camera and start the challenge on the 1st. (Seriously, I am looking at the pictures going 'ohmigod look at that zit!)

I've been loving watching the videos here and reading the blogs - as I requested I've had more than enough time to keep up with you guys...long may that continue,… Continue

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It works! - Segment Intending in the last hour

Ok - So I had to run to the DMV at lunch, ( I know!! Crazy talk) But I thought it would be a good time to try out Segment Intending. Intending in chunks of immediate time. Which by the way I like to think of as sending out my helper angels to scout and gather for me.

So I left my work parking lot and said, Ok Please get me a good spot when I get back. Then as I hit the street. I envisioned a perfect parking spot at the DMV and me whisking right through the line.

SO I pull… Continue

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Day 25 series 3. Manifestations yesterday

I said at the end of my post yesterday that I would manifest 3 things. You know what?? I DID!

I went to the dentist slightly early, walking in at 11.50am thinking that I would smooze with the receptionist as she is interested in buying a house. Ha, the dentist came out and said OH cool, you are here early..I promised my MRs I would take her out for lunch at 1 and now I can. I got in the seat and he did a great job, even fixing the tooth next to the broken one, so now my front teeth… Continue

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Day 32 of 100 it’s in the EYES

Okay, so YES I have had issues with allowing myself to release some weight. I affirm my beauty with positive action now! Was that 17 sec YEP I’m letting that go!!

This is the art based company I started with my partner in everything, Mr. Kuroji Ntu.

One of the many things we do is the ACR, Artistic Couples Retreat, four times a year.

I opened my eyes to see my eye looking… Continue

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The day After

Hi Co- Creators,

Thank you so much for making my birthday such a special one. I got all these lovely messages and videos from you and got calls from my sisters and daughter and other friends all day. That evening I had dinner with fourteen friends that was so much fun. I had such a fun time celebrating life. I really want to thank Megan and Tara because it is my meeting you and seeing how you live your lives has so inspired me. Now I am going out and creating events and things that I… Continue

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Domestic Abuse - Whatever you think about, you bring about (directed toward women)

As a surviver of domestic abuse, it is important to help other women pick out the warning signs so that they can have the strength to overcome their situations and leave. There are many women in danger because "love" overshadows their pain.

A large part of domestic abuse is control, and in order to control, thoughts are planted that make women second guess themselves. Second guessing faithfulness, obedience in the desire to show love, and the care of children or of a spouse or… Continue

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March 1st start & Manifestation story:)

I have decided to start my challenge on March 1st along with quite a few others I believe. This photo is appropriate. It is an Amaryllis bud all furled up ready to burst forth in all its potential. This particular plant did bloom beautifully and then faded but surprise! another stalk has just started to grow from the same bulb! I will get to enjoy the process all over again. I just love Amaryllis flowers.

I just looked at the calendar and this… Continue

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day 6 - i can see

well i can see

through the sparkling radiance that casts a spell on me

like crystal liquid space, it shines through everyone

waves in an infinite sea

even in our desolate embrace, i see it in your face

in you there's no disgrace

you see yourself so small, but that's not what I see at all

you are the power in my joy

your smile anoints my fear away

your touch is fire to my soul

oh what a lucky day

that i can see this… Continue

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day 5 - monsters, inc. and the law of resonance

although something may present as a monster, tries to frighten us into giving our power away to fear, be steadfast.

we can hold tight to the hands of our sacred circle of angels who surround the "monster", and draw upon the strength of our connection to see through the illusion of what scares us;

for it is by being bathed in the light of compassion for it's underlying pain and loneliness that the monster finally can have the chance to choose to release its game of… Continue

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Hi Everyone!

This time, in addition to my usual Gratitude Journal, I have a question for each member of this group:

What is your favorite technique using Law of Attraction?

By that I mean, do you use a mirror exercise, lie Louise Hay describes? Do you use some of the practical exercises from Abraham-Hicks?

Whatever it is, share it!

My favorite exercise at the moment is the "I am expecting...." - Exercise. That means, I would be writing down what I am expecting to happen, lets… Continue

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Day 11_S4 Warm Fuzzy and LOA

It's really funny sometimes how life can come full circle. Lately I've found myself surrounded by old familiar faces and places. These people are as comfortable to me as a warm fuzzy pair of slippers or a super soft blanket. In most cases it's as if we had never spent the last decade or more apart. As we have been reconnecting I'm finding that they are at the same cross road in their lives as I am. We have all shed the life time weight of boxed religion and interpreted scriptures. We have… Continue

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The times between challenges

I don't start my third challenge until March 1st, and I feel so anxious to start. I know this time is important to regroup and set new intentions and goals in a thoughtful way. But I am so excited to start again that I almost don't know what to do with myself.

The job is going well. I have had fun every day this week. My prayer upon waking is "Please show me how to be of service today to this office today" and throughout the day, the opportunities present themselves to do just… Continue

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Hello, I have help with my " get going, keep going" attitude

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May this info bring value achieving your 100 Day challenge

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