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Day 62 - Continuing in Job, acting better. Good stuff here and ahead!

Hi Co-creators!
I will make a visits to everyone's blogs ASAP.
I have missed all of you. I have been insanely busy with my new job. I have more work to do tonight!
Everything is moving forward and seems to be good. My first check will clear in a few days at most. I am learning and ready to do more tapping and manifest some more.

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Parking Gods and Purrim - Day 59- Season four

A while back, a friend of mine (co-worker), told me about a prayer for the Parking God – or Higher Power or what ever you are comfortable with…but who ever is in charge of parking needed a talking to, in my behalf.…


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Day 28 - Interesting way to END my February Self-Appreciation Challenge.

Day 28 - LAST Day of my February Appreciation Challenge...…


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Hi all,

I would appreciate advice on the following things:

1. I wish to get work experience at the Victoria and Albert museum and write for their magazine - but don't know how to make believe I've got it

2. I want to get corrective surgery done via private health care, it will cost about £6,000 pounds. Any advice on this?

i thank you all in advance for you kind support and words

Abundant blessings,


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Day 7

HI co-creators , Today is day 7 of my challenge. I had a good weekend, and I'm excited to head back home.
My intentions for today are to make it home safe, enjoy the view, and make some art when I get back home.
This trip has given me inspiration to keep painting and keep doing what I'm doing!

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Living on Purpose

A couple of days ago I took in some amazingly productive advice from the audio book "Infinite Possibilities" by Mike Dooley. He said to begin living as though I had already achieved my goals.

  • So instead of waiting to be able to be generous with money - I've set up a weekly appointment to give a small amount of money away…

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s2 day 7 - changes in the air

Changes are something I'm welcoming into my life each day with open arms. I read a fantastic article written by Barefoot Doctor yesterday. He said that we should all learn to embrace the mystery of life and enjoy of what's going to happen, instead of planning things each time. That's where I am :0)

I've cleared up finances yesterday (I had countless receipts in my handbag) only to make way for a fresh income into my wallet. No more stagnant energy around my handbags. I feel each part… Continue

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Day 6

Hi everyone,

This is day 6 of my challenge, this week has been awesome beyond measure! So far I started traveling, I went to The Getty Center in Los Angeles. It was free! Today was awesome. This week is awesome. My camera stopped working at the Getty Center and is broke I think. My friend took pictures for me though and is going to email it to me. So everything worked out.

Wow ! I hope your tomorrow is blessed, fun, wow, amazing, and fantastic.

Today I am… Continue

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Desire is the starting point of success.

Desire Is The Starting Point Of Success

The first thing that will contribute to reaching your goal is that you simply want to reach it badly enough. You must learn how to desire with sufficient

intensity to…


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Pre-Season One

Last month, I did the 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford posted on Oprah's website. I loved it! The excersizes both released me from the feelings of scarcity that were preventing me from following my dreams but also a revitalized new energy was inspired in me.

Now, I've always been a pretty energetic person and have been working on using the transformative power of positive thinking for more than 10 years, but during this cleanse I was propelled into greater heights of… Continue

Added by Rachel Perry on February 28, 2010 at 1:57am — 3 Comments

My 100 challenge began before finding this website!

Last month I did the 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse from Debbie Ford posted on Oprah's website.

At the end of that course I had concluded that I would "spend a year using the Law of Attraction to increase the wealth and well-being in my life." I had committed to documenting my meditations, dreams, journal entries, and blogs to document the path towards achieving this goal.

So I've been going about doing that. Getting things set up to start on March 2nd, as that would coincided… Continue

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DAY 90 SEASON 3 - My journey of inner healing

Wow co-creators, my Season 3 is coming to a close. What a powerful season it has been. So much inner transformation, huge realisations, growth, expansion and reconnection with my soul. It has been a challenging journey, so I wanted to share a bit about what I have learned and experienced as part of it.....

Over the past few months I have been working with my life coach on some big inner 'stuff';. Our sessions have been the catalyst for profound realisations and huge inner shifts which… Continue

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i am GRATEFUL for the whirlwind of events that happened today.

i am GRATEFUL for good friends and silly kids.

i am GRATEFUL for getting out even while in pain.

i am GRATEFUL for unexpected guests with small treasures.

i am GRATEFUL for the generosity of others.

i am GRATEFUL for fun photography talk with peeps at the art show.

i am GRATEFUL it made me feel good about all i do around photography...especially the teaching!

i am GRATEFUL for all the new steps i am… Continue

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Try Again or Move Forward

I have been really off track in my first season. My goal going into this was to recommit to living my life purposefully and practicing meditation and affirmations, but really I've just been doing the same thing I've always done. At this point, it comes down to either: a) restarting season one or b) taking this season as a small step into a larger journey, recognizing the failures and moving forward. I'm not going to decide tonight, but I figured I'd put it out there.

I've really been… Continue

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Day 89, Season 10 - Dark Nirvana II

I got my Spanish quiz back and got an A on it! YAY! That was awesome. I also got a few people who expressed interest in Spanish

I attended Dark Nirvana this evening, an event that showcases different varieties of fetish and kink to spice up relationships in the BDSM lifestyles. All events are non-smoking environment and sex free, although people may wear fetish wear such as leather, corsets, or different attire of their choice.

This was an off-color event for me because… Continue

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Day 5 Season 1

Hello Everyone,

This week has definately been interesting in trying to find balance in my life. I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday as I had family get together last night for my birthday. My birthday is on Monday but my sister was in town and we wanted to celebrate our birthday while she was here too :). I want to allow good things to come into my life and not to worry too much what will or will not happen as well. I'm looking at moving forward with ease and… Continue

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10 Things I am Grateful For

I am grateful that my brother is still with us

I am grateful that although he is sick i know in my heart he will be well again

I am grateful that today was a relaxing day

I am grateful that i slacked a little today

I am grateful i got almost all my homework done

I am grateful that my furry friends all have a sense of humor and so does my goldfish

I am grateful that I am ordering take out today

I am grateful for eating a salad my…


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I am peaceful when I am creative. I let creative juices flow through me as a healing force. Beauty just naturally manifests itself.

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10 things i LOVE...

i LOVE taking care of myself.
i LOVE sunny saturday mornings.
i LOVE that my day is lite and i can go at my own pace.
i LOVE that it is still productive.
i LOVE that i have postcards ready to print for the art show finally.
i LOVE that i have a full tank of gas.
i LOVE sharing my art.
i LOVE making my marketing material.
i LOVE creating magnets with my art.
i LOVE spending my day, my way.

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Thanks y'all for all your kind comments as regards my trying to shove myself off this mortal coil. In my continuing policy of putting my money where my mouth is, I've just contacted one friend. She understandably needs some time out and I'm waiting on her response.

And my other friend, well I'm gonna see her Monday night...

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