The 100 Day Reality Challenge

February 2010 Blog Posts (487)

Imbolc Eve

As Imbolc is a time of new beginnings, cleansing and rejuvenation, I feel that it is a wonderful holiday to incorporate with the 100 Day Challenge! So much of today and tomorrow will focus on my goals and affirmations :) Organizing and cleaning the house is coming along very nicely. We are planning a kitchen remodel now too! We're going to use part of our tax return to move the kitchen to the back room (where it used to be), and the planning of that project has been a lot of fun for Jon and I.… Continue

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Day 72 - Allowing

I got up this morning, not really wanting to get out of bed but I knew that if I didn't, I wasn't going to have the time to pre-plan my day! From past experiences, if I don't script and plan out the day....oh can go so wrong LOL.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I make in the mornings to just have about 1 hour to myself! AHHHH feels so good.

Today as I was scripting I wanted to feel more and more confident with my appointments and really allow Spirit to guide… Continue

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Season 4 Day 32- It's a pleasure.

My brain is opening up. Despite any down moments I may have that's not what I need to focus on. The more I shift my focus to what I'm learning, the more I apply the tools in thoes little moments, the stronger and more confident I get in surrendering and doing what I know is the right thing to do.

How wonderful that I have this time to work on myself in such beautiful nature filled surroundings.

It was lovely for me walking through town after taking the children to school. It…


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A new week

Day 30: I got up and read the welcoming comments and felt so energized. It's amazing how much love and respect is felt here between complete strangers yet the funny thing is that through all the blogs and videos we get to know eachother much better than maybe are closest friends may even know us.

This is exactly the reason I am so grateful for this site. I am finding like minded people who don't want to stagnate, who see the world out there and all the beautiful things it has to… Continue

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Declaring our Intentions WORKS!!!

I am currently looking for my new studio and I declared on this site yesterday that I would find my new studio..........well yesterday afternoon I received a call from someone local to me who has a spare summerhouse........I went to have a look and it was really nice, however something didn't feel quite right, I'm really intune with energies and the energy wasn't quite right for my work......the place was lovely and warm and there was enough Im going to trust my intuition and not… Continue

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i am GRATEFUL for a day out in the country.
i am GRATEFUL for fun coincidences.
i am GRATEFUL for cute boys in bands.
i am GRATEFUL for my home in the city.
i am GRATEFUL for an amazing brunch!
i am GRATEFUL for an awesome dinner.
i am GRATEFUL for the kindness of others.
i am GRATEFUL for seeing my patterns, forgiving and letting go.
i am GRATEFUL for thinking a new thought.
i am GRATEFUL for a day of black and white photographs.

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I release all criticism of myself and others.

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