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Day 27 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 27 and to be honest I feel as though I have hit a bit of a wall as far as my focus on the challenge goes.

I'm pretty sure that is more to do with my not having proper internet access than anything else although I am struggling with inspiration when setting my intentions and feel as though I am going through the motions and I know if I do that things lose their power.

The kids are away tonight and Chris is also away and I'm not teaching tonight so I'll spend some time with…


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Days 3-5!

Things have been progressing at a steady rate over the past few days.

The goals for the past few days have been to finish reading Sandy Grason's book, Journalution, which I did yesterday.  I also wanted to complete all of the assessments for my new course by today and I am on track to do that also!

I start brand coaching for my new business on Monday which I am looking forward to.  I can't wait to launch, it's been a long time coming and I can feel it getting closer each day!…


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Season 1 - Day 38 The last 5 Meter Sprint

Hello co-creators,

I am on my last days of finishing by Bachelor paper. Now I feel like at the last 5 meters of a race where your adrenalin is pumping so high that you take your last strength reserve you thought was gone already, and finish strong. My goal to finish the paper in February will be realized. 

So here I go, last drops of strength remaining to work on it.

I want to thank the universe for helping me by bringing people in my life understanding what I am going…


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Day 1 Season 2

Dear Co-Creators,

I have successfully finished season 1 and realised my biggest wish in it! I would have never thought my biggest dream to come true but it did and so the first season was a real success story for me!



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Days 24-26

Today is Show & Tell :-)))

Below is the cover of my new magazine!! Still some finer details to sort out with the article descriptions but I'm really happy with the design.

Cannot wait to get the rest of the layout!! Feels very exciting now!


I've been awol the last couple of days for 2 reasons, the first being a problem with my internet provided so I'm now accessing the internet from local cafes which isn't ideal and means I can't upload video's without…


Added by Michelle on February 27, 2013 at 9:00pm — 2 Comments

Day 13

I owe a lot of my new ideas, not just the fundraiser, but other ideas to a guided meditation my beloved Louisa created for me.  I truly feel like it unlocked some creative potential with me.  I hope she realizes how much of a mirror she is in my life and how shes being a focus point of my positive drive to accomplish this goal.  Hope everyone out there 100 day challenge land is having a wonderful day!

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Day 12

...A day late, yep, because my IP address got blocked and not sure why.  But anyway, day 12 was a blast I got all kinds of great ideas that I want to put into motion.  One being a fundraiser page that will help me attempt raising a missing gap in our funds.  Some rewards are offered to those who help if anyone here is interested, heres the link

Any help at…


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I think, that the best way to success is to make small steps every day. So I prefer to do so. Today I am writing a beautiful and interesting, capturing article. I go to the gym and have a good time there). I make small steps towards my goal.

- I am successful with the article.

- I am successful with my daily fitness (either in the gym or 1-1/5 hours walking)

-I am connecting with my friends and visiting them.

-I am succesful withastrology.

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DAY 58

I got an amazing amount done yesterday. I now have 87 tasks left to do. Two a day should work well! I am really getting into the nitty gritty of marketing now, which is not a strong point of mine! But I'm chipping away, bit by bit. Today's Intention is to watch a few marketing videos that will show me how to set up my web page and get interest in my site.

It is a cool yet sunny day here in the south of France. Our time here is will finish 2 weeks after my 100 day challenge finishes.… Continue

Added by Linda Young on February 27, 2013 at 4:58am — 2 Comments

Oh yea? So what?


(In a moment, I'm going to introduce you to two words that just might be the biggest fire-starters you ever met....but for now)....

Man, why do we always seem to chronically procrastinate when it come to OUR DREAMS?

What FEARS snuff out OUR Inner Spark to make stuff happen?






Structure? …


Added by Elise Wilder on February 27, 2013 at 1:30am — 3 Comments

To feel is to live

Its been a while since I've visited... but this is always a nice place to be :)  We have been moving, so there has been high stress and a garage sale to deal with, but now things are getting better. God directs all of my steps, when I allow Him to.  I am learning to pay attention to the world around me more, as I have 'numbed out' as a defense mechanism all of my life... and when ya numb out the bad, ya also numb out the great. so anyway I have been learning to appreciate the little moments…


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Mentally Preparing Myself

Open your heart to find the gifts of organization and order made available to you. In working with these sister gifts, you are able to center your thoughts and hold your attention on specific desired goals long enough to draw them into your life as manifest reality. Using these gifts allows you to rise out of the random chaos of reactive and unconscious victim hood and become an effective Master Creator in your human journey. Build your life as…


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DAY 57 Plodding Along

The last few days I have been doing lots of work towards my goals, but because tey are big ones I haven't completed many recently.

There are a few actions that I am waiting for other organizations to complete for me. This takes time too.

So I have 93 tasks to complete in 43 Days, approximately 3 a day. So I keep plodding along at the moment, grateful for the opportunities I have they say in the classics...head down, bum up! Lol

Love to my fellow… Continue

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Productive Day 2!

Day 1 of the challenge was a great success yesterday with much of the same today.

Yesterday I set the goal of reading through one module of the new course I am completing and in the end, I read through the entire course!!  Once I started, I couldn't stop and it felt great!

Today I set the goal of completing 1 out of the 7 assignments and I managed to complete 3!  I only have 4 to go and I want to have these done before I start coaching on Monday.

I am currently reading…


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Season 1 - Day 35 Getting There

Hello co-creators,

one of my big goals for season 1 is to finalize my bachelor degree. Today a friend came by and helped me in terms of looking over my paper and checking on the understanding level of the paper. Half of it is now completely done and the rest he will read through later this week. It seems like my submission will be by the end of the week and the most important goal of the season completed very shortly. It feels so good to have the biggest task out of the door, so I am…


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Day 11

Lucky Day 11...I've done a lot of releasing today, meditated for a little bit and read some interesting things about the law of attraction.  The more I seek my main goal, the more I realize there are more deep rooted goals that I have.  I'm hoping to continue transforming positively as I have been the last week or so.  I'm also hoping that money will come to me more easily because of this new job.  i love you all, thanks for reading!

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Inspiration from The Rock

When you feel the world pushing against you.. drop your head, lower your shoulder, dig in deep and push back. 

Create change.

Added by Stacy Phares on February 25, 2013 at 1:33pm — 1 Comment

Season 3 - Day 23 - Feb 25 - Brand new day

Good morrow readers! Did everyone have a good weekend? I had an adventurous one to say the least...I'm happy how things are going with my goals. I need to get back on the health wagon though. I haven't been exercising lately, so I'm going to make it a promise to exercise at least 5 times a week. Guaranteed until the end of the season. Starting today!

I have to remember today that I am safe, and protected and the world has so much to offer me. I just have to be there to receive…


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New beginning

Hello all,

This is the first time I write anything on this website, and actually any blog whatsoever.  I have opened an account with 100 day cocreating your reality challenge a few months ago, but I just couldn't make myself start the process.. which made me think:  why am I so scared to do a simple blog or video?  I think that it was never because I was too busy, but mostly because I didn't want to get disappointed when trying something new and not seing results...this has…


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Have I made a difference today? 

I don't know. But I made my toddler laugh playing with her and a box.....

Added by Stacy Phares on February 24, 2013 at 8:22pm — No Comments

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