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Love This!

lHi,  I have been trying out a different way to do my challenge this season.  Part of my process is to read/watch inspiring ideas, and put them to practice in my daily life. 

I find that reading a fresh take on life each day, helps to keep me focussed on what I like about my life, and my goals.

So, here is a post that I ofund, which ,…


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Day 19/100

Day 19/100

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Day 15 of pivoting to joy/fun

Today was cool but kinda all over the place. I was able to pivot beautifully but there was still a twinge of impatience on my part. I see the life I desire so clearly but sometimes it just seems so far away! I'm gonna get there though . I truly believe that.

Just gonna continue flying high!

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Inspired by passion, and emotion

Wow, this TED talk reached my heart, I teared up several times.  Good advice on how to live.

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Day 47: Keeping up, facing some fears...

This past week has been really awesome. 

On the one hand, I had the opportunity of speaking my heart at the right place, at the right time, and that left me light, no inner dialogue whatsoever afterwards. 

On the other hand, new and well-paid work kept coming, and getting used to the feeling of "having". At some moments, though, I fear that it might stop, that if I share the good news the flow will stop and I will end up were I was before. These fears are not…


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Day 18/100

Day 18/100

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season 11 day 23 update

hey hey!

what's up?

so i took a little break from here and from social media to focus on the base things in life. a couple things that feel progressed since I was last here: my living environment is getting enhanced today, I get to go buy all new furniture with my parents who are visiting from new england. i made the most amount of money hourly I have ever made and am really feeling and aware of the abundance right now. so high! so much! so thanks to all of the people who…


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Day 14 of pivoting into joy/fun

2 Weeks already?! Time truly does fly. Today was another high flying vibrational day. Kept reminding myself that the feeling is the goal. The feeling is all that matters. It worked. Every time contrast arose I'd ask myself if it's more important than my feeling good and that would shut it down. I'm proud of myself. Came along way in terms of controlling my emotions. I'm gonna keep trying and trying to align myself with my desires and I'm confident that life will continue to get better &… Continue

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The SKILL of self confidence : TED Talk Dr. Ivan Joseph

He Suggests that Self confidence is a skill that we can build.  Does it resonate?

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Day 17/100

Day 17/100

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines for you~~~

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Season 2 Day 46

Spent the evening working out, drinking wine with my partner, and revamping my resume! I'm so proud and excited! It looks great! Now to send it off with two samples of writing to the internship I'm trying to get and manifest it!!!!

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Day 13 pivoting/inserting fun & joy

Today was great! It lagged in some areas but the kid bounced back each time by soothing myself and reminding myself who I really am..which is pure joyful energy just here for the experience and everything I desire is already the visualization that kept my vibe highs was me owning the fact that I'm a brilliant, successful and talented artist. It was super fun visualizing myself making music, writing shows, traveling, taking photos, hosting receptions in my home. That's what I'm… Continue

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I am glad to be here.  Thank you for welcoming me.

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Happy Valentine's Day

I know that many on this site are manifesting true love, so I want to say that I hope and pray you find it as well. Love is the best part of being alive, whether it is romantic love, friendship, or the love you have for you family. 

Today, and always I encourage us all to remember that whether we are in a relationship or not, WE are the loves of our own lives. We control our happiness, and our destiny and the love we put in is the love we get back. 



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Self Confidence?

So, Hi All, More thought provoking ideas from motivational gurus-ish business people...  this resonated with me, when I read the first line, I felt lighter, what do you think?…


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Day 12 pivoting to joy/fun

I'm proud of myself. Kept the high vibes for about 3/4 of the day. Somewhere around dinner time I just got so annoyed with my environment and it took a few tries to get me back in the zone. A lot of soothing was done. I'm pure joyful energy and all is good was my go to phrase today. Gonna cont using it the rest of the night. Proud of where I am but universe pls feel me-- i want more!!!! Thank u!

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Day 161/100

Day 16/100

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Report All Spam ASAP

Dear Co-creators,

Whether you are new here or an old timer on this site doesn't allow someone to get more than a few blog posts that show they are spam without reporting them to Lilou. 

Copy and paste their blog post and their ID (page url) into a message to Lilou by clicking on the "Report an Issue" button on the far bottom right…


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Day 15/100

Day 15/100

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