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season 11 day 10 life vision


today i am going through and looking at creating a personal vision statement, so I found an article that I like that has a bunch of questions that I want to go through here and see what comes up:

Ten things I most enjoy doing are:

- playing music

- writing music

- creating characters which to act from

- acting or channeling some kind of humorous response to everything

- learning about culture and inventions

- traveling but also…


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Day 1 of inserting fun/joy

Yesterday went off w/o a hitch.. I was successful at pivoting and turning my attention to joy/fun whenever contrast arose. It felt really good to stare contrast down and ignore it! Today nothing will be more important than me feeling good.

You know what's joyful?

Having a hit show and being in demand! Holding rehearsals and table reads and building a family of great and creative friends. Being apart of the artistic community here. Being well respected. Being well… Continue

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Feeling optimistic and grateful!

Day 10.


I am feeling very optimistic today!

It is a very strange day, actually. Our country covered with ice and snow. 75% schools and offices are closed and most people stayed at home (including my partner).

I was already talking about my partners new company and how he needs a nice start to feel better about himself and his business. TODAY he got a call from a hotel owner (big hotel with a lot of swimming pools and a casino) and she is very interested in his…


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Day 5/100

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48 Day <Insert fun> challenge!!!!

I love a good challenge because they help keep me focused and inspire me to be at my best. So for the remainder of S8, I'm embarking on a new one I'm coining "insert fun". This is what I'm calling my pivot process where whenever contrast is noticed I thank it and then make a conscious decision to "insert fun" into that moment then milk the moment for as long as I need to.

Read this quote by Abe Hicks a few weeks ago that inspired me to start seeking FUN and since then I've liked how… Continue

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season 11 day 9 creative visualizations

hey everyone!

happy day to you

this morning I wanted to practice creative visualizations to move things forward. i took a few minutes to meditate first and become centered and grounded. i opened the window to let fresh air and fresh vibes come through. and then i pretty much just visualized different things i would like to see in life. if it was something that felt a little off or not so good i would try to move on to that feeling good mode and visualize something that had a…


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Day 4/100

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Day 2

I have started!!!!'
I achieved everything I had to for this weekend and am excited to start the week.
I am attracting organisation into my life this week along some exciting opportunities.

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Season 4 - Day 72 - Feb 1 - Party!

Hey Y'all! So I'm about to leave for a party. It's a house party and I always need a bit of centering/calming before I go. Higher self, can you make this night fun, full of surpirses (as per usual) flirts and friends :P Lead me! I'm ready for you to take the reigns. I know, you know what is best so I'm ready to experience it. 

Grateful for:

1. Party!

2. Dress

3. Friends

4. Sister. 

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Day 77 All is out

I am so glad I have started CCOR so many things enter my life and even though I am not everyday on it, it give me focus and this platform of writing every few day gives me clarity and lead like a compass to unknown.

Things keeps chaning even in simple things like my diet, I haven't been able to enjoy the meat for last few months gradually from picking all the meat of my plate after my dream where I looked at my friends meat dishes and felt that it is not something for me and my…


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season 11 day 8 manifestations


this morning I want to pay attention to all of the manifestations that have come in my life. i feel like this will strengthen my resolve to continue to pay attention, being aware of all that the universe is offering me, seeing the signs, and loving the results. on a daily basis, there are a lot of things that i witness that have come from past thoughts. especially here in the city. so i'm just going to storm through my brain and list here all of the ones i can remember…


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Day 3/100

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Some time for myself & how to manifest for others?

Day 8.

Everything around us is white! We cannot even see trees, mountains and other houses, snow is everywhere. It is so pretty. I adore winter. It reminds me of my wonderful childhood, when I spent all winter skiing and having fun on the snow. In a year a two, I am going to teach my twins how to ski and ice skate - I can't wait!

I had some time for myself yesterday. It was lovely. I spent half an hour in the bath and then I made myself a cup of herbal tea and read a…


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Season Two Day 32

Trying to remain zen and focused. I can't wait for spring. Winter can be so difficult for me. But, I know the snow will eventually melt and I'll be able to spend more time outside, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and that before too long, I'll be done with undergrad. Right now, I'm working on remaining positive and getting great marks in all my classes. I actually ended up getting ahead in two of my classes this week, which felt great. I plan to work throughout the weekend very…


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