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Achievement #43 - Helping myself through helping others

I've heard it said that 'when you at the lowest, that's the most important time to do something good for another.' A few days ago, I gave advice to someone who, like me, has trouble focusing on the task at hand, and often gets sidetracked from her authentic calling. Expressing it, as well as knowing she is fighting for the same thing, helped give me the strength to get a lot of good work done yesterday. Feeling much less stressed, and much more on track. So to the person I helped, thank you…


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Spring Cleaning (Day 49, Season 5)

Today is my 8th anniversary with my partner. We celebrated last night at a lovely restaurant near our home. Today, we made plans for improving our house this spring. So much fun! 

I also got a lot done today. I sorted through my clothes and threw out four bags and donated two other bags. I also cleared off my desk and organized my shelf in the bathroom. It feels great to have gotten all of that done.

Yesterday, I ran my fastest mile yet and cleaned the house. I can't wait…


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DAY 28, Season 3

Generosity Challenge, Lent, Gratitude, Inspiration

My friend who I promised to treat to lunch/dinner at Earth, Bread, and Brewery came to my concert on Sunday and I again promised to take him out. In the meantime, I gave my other dear friend a star fruit today when I saw her at S Clement's, our church gig, because she is super-healthy and eats lots of fruits and veggies :) She is not only my colleague at Clem's, but she is the soprano in my quartet and we had both given up on our…


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emerging protective parent self day 18 season 2

hello co-creators!

greetings from this the 18th day of season 2 challenge.

for the first thirty days of this 100 day challenge i set the intention of clearing out space by letting go of that which does not serve me.

my last post i reflected on the clarity that i had been gifted.

more clarity comes.

today i can see how i have mistreated myself.

difficult to realize, however the gift of this is a  growing ferocity to protect myself from harm and…


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Achievement #42 - Letting myself go

West Coast Swing can be an incredibly daunting dance for people learning to adjust to it. Finding the right balance of structure and spontaneity, and then knowing how to effectively mix them together - is something I know I'll be perfecting for years to come. Last night however, I can definitely say was my best set of WCS dancing yet. I don't know if it was the group classes I took just before, or the feeling that I'd gotten good work done during the day, but I was able to stay in tune with…


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Hello incredibly awesome Co-creators!

About the journey:

     So far, so good. I have completed a quarter of my journey and I've been feeling "jouneyish". I had to invent a new word for a feeling, since I've never felt like it. Even though I have been addressing some issues I feel I'm really into this "growth mindset" perspective of…


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Letting People Run Your Day: Day 4 of Season 11

Hi Beautiful Co-Creators: 

Last year I had begun to notice that often my plans for the day easily get sidetracked by others. Things that really needed to get done ultimately gets thrown out the window UNLESS I am alone (which oddly many times I am not).  Although even times when I do have time…


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First Video!

My first video is up, yay! I find it difficult to speak english. I really don't know what to say at times. But I think I will get better at it. Hopefully. I have had a great day, the first day of my 100 day reality challenge. My mom came to visist over the day. And she has helped me with different kinds of things. Like rumaging through my wardrobe to see what clothes I need for spring and summer. You may wonder why a 33 year old needs help with that. But I have asperger's and add. And the…


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Achievement #41 - Being honest with myself

Came home feeling I hadn't acted at full potential at work. So I let myself be still for a moment and asked myself 'what would help me feel the day has been at least a little productive?' I almost shied away from the answer, because it meant going to bed later then I wanted to, but I stuck it through and got some work done on the computer. When I turned in, it was in a much better mood.

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Extreme Cold Weather Day & Family Day: Day 2 & 3 of Season 11

Hi everyone,

Where I live right now there's been some extreme cold weather alerts.  This past Sunday (Day 2) it was around - 35 degrees celcius with windchill.  So living with my parents (which has been hard at times) they don't want me to go anywhere in this crazy weather.  The reality is we live in Canada,…


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Lovely Day

Today is day 47 of my 5th Reality Challenge. I had a wonderful day. I picked up some gluten free paczki (traditional Fat Tuesday pastry where I live), had my first ballroom dance lesson, signed up for my next race, ran a mile and a half on my treadmill, meditated, and cleaned the house a bit. 

I'm grateful for gluten free paczki.

I'm grateful for dance.

I'm grateful for abundance and love and  opportunities.

I'm grateful for my treadmill.



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This Is Exciting!

I have tried to begin The 100 Day Reality Challenge before. But never really stuck with it. But this time I will. And this is my first day. Yay! My goals are very simple. I want to write more on our/me and my cousins  second book in the Adventures on Crowded Alley series. A fantasy for children ages 8-10. I want to work towards the goal of getting sponsors to our first book. So I can help children and youth with autism and similar diagnoses. This is important to me because I have asperger's…


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the gift of clarity, day 15 season 2

hello co-creators.

greetings on this 15th day of season 2 reality challenge.

i intend to clear out that which does not serve me.

with this intention i have been shown very clearly patterns that have repeatedly appeared within in my life.

it is as if i have been gifted a clearer vision of choices i have made.

once i see clearly how certain choices have affected the quality of my life, i am able to use that clarity to start making new choices.

the key,…


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S1 Day 12 of 100 Fascinating Quotes

Hi everyone,

Today I want to share 2 quotes from Agent Coulson (MARVEL Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) with you:

1st Quote:

Nobody is a Nobody, Ward.

2nd Quote:

Do not tell me something is impossible!
Just do it!

If I think like that, who knows what the results will be.

I wish everyone Joy and Health, Wealth and Success!

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Achievement #40 - Presence with others

There's always more you can learn about someone, if you listen closely enough and know the right questions to ask. Yesterday, had a long talk w/ my g/f about homeless people and the extent to which it is wise to help them. As we talked, I became aware that she was resistant to some of my ideas, which centred around those in need having to work to raise themselves up, rather then have things given to them. Rather then get defensive (as I was tempted to do), we ended up exploring her reasons…


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season 13 - day 15 goal manifestation!

Hey there! 

Today I completed one of my goals, to create a photography project from my recent trip to Montreal. I'm so excited! I printed two copies and I'm going to give a copy to my pepere as well too. I've also been focusing on my goals and moving forward every day too, so things are well! Much blessings to you!

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Valentines Day: Day 1 of Season 11

Dear Beautiful Co-Creators:

First I hope you all had a great Valentines Day!/?

I personally am not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day, because I think a romantic love should be…


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Day 99 Season 13 About never forgetting: Positive reactions!

This is crazy. Time really flies. I am already in day 99 and... it is true; I have been reaching new insights, so it actually feels like day 99.

Season 13 Conclusions:

The Universe reminding me

I knew that my…


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Shameless Promotion :)

If you happen to live in the Philadelphia area, consider coming to this concert on Feb 15 at 5 pm:

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Day 22, Season 3

Generosity Challenge, The Ex Strikes Back, and Gratitude

 I ordered a bunch of stuff off of the Babies R Us website for bro's fiance, who is going to have a baby any day now, and had it shipped to their place in Connecticut :)) My Intention for my next Generosity Challenge is that I will treat my friend out to dinner (or lunch) at Earth, Bread, and Brewery in Mt Airy. I already promised him that I would, now the question is When?

So my ex called saying a bunch of stuff like…


Added by Yogini Jeni on February 13, 2015 at 11:42pm — 1 Comment

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