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Day 50|The Pressure is Off!

I am having an amazing time! My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years, and I've felt the pressure from family, friends, and co-workers to get engaged. Just the other day I've realized that there is no rush! This is a beautiful time in my life, I'm so grateful for my boyfriend and I love spending every day with him. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am thankful to experience this wonderful season of life with him. :)

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ME, MYSELF, AND I day 12 season 2

hello co- creators

sending love and light to all of you on this winter day.

i intend to clear out that which no longer serves me to allow for space for my highest self to flourish.

i am away from my apartment now that i am spending time at my family's house to heal from my ankle injury.

so i can not get rid of physical items from my apartment that  currently that no longer resonate with me.

i have had dreams about people from my past over the last few…


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Achievement #39 - Taking care of business

Work is my life these days. I know that's not healthy in the long run, but I'm searching for ways to keep some me time for myself. It definitely helped to get a blog post and a half finished ahead of schedule yesterday, plus some tricky choreography I was dreading having to look at. I even squeezed in a haircut! Feels good to be ahead for once, not chasing.

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Starting Season 11 Over

Dear Co-Creators:

I decided to start my season 11 over as after the first few days I kind of fell off the wagon.  I had began the season with a new job offer, but after much thought I felt that it wasn't right for me (mainly because the commute time would've been too long, and for various…


Added by Meghan Krisla on February 11, 2015 at 7:14pm — 2 Comments

Day 42 Season 5

Feeling really happy right now. I have a lot to be grateful for. I'm grateful for my friends and family. I'm grateful for my partner and our home. I'm grateful for education and opportunities and adventures. 

I picked up a treadmill last week and I'm pleased to say I ran my fastest mile since my injury last summer, which feels fantastic. I've been working out a lot lately and making it a priority. 

I'm looking forward to so many wonderful things like warm weather,…


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the truth sets me free day 11 season 2

hello co-creators, day 11 of season 2 reality challenge. my intention is to clear out space for improvements in my life.

i accomplish this by removing items and ideas that no longer serve me.

i have been healing from my injury. i am so grateful for the help i have been receiving. through the help i have been given i believe the universe is communicating to me how much i am loved and cared for.

my family has taken time to make sure i am okay.

i have had delicious…


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S1 Day 7 of 100 : Intentions

 Hello everyone,

I wrote my gratitude list, and I wrote 2 intentions yesterday which still add momentum to my decluttering.

1st intention:

I set the intention, that I easily let go of stuff that I don't love and that I give it back to the universe.

2nd intention:

I set the intention, that I easily let go of stuff that I don't need…


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Achievement #38 - The Message behind the message

Talking with a student on her intro lesson yesterday, she told me she wouldn't be able to continue. Watching her closely, I could see she wanted to though, so I took a risk and asked 'what's holding you back?' She responded flatly: 'money'. We then worked out a plan to make a program affordable for her and she happily agreed. Hurrah!

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5-18 ---- : Bumpy road week.

Hi, dear Co-creator of this WONDEFUL website!

      I felt a need to spontaneously blog today. I do have a reason: bumpy road! On Saturday I had such wonderrible news... My father took me to this amazing restaurant to pay a promisse and he just gave me the worst news during it. I don't want to get into much detail but I just couldn't believe this day. I remember sleeping…


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season 13 - days 8 and 9

Hello :)

So as what usually happens with these seasons happened again in that life has gotten busier due to the LOA which is great of course, but I also didn't make it back here. Things are going very well, I actually visualized and successfully manifested 50$ on two separate occasions which was awesome! Not one of my bigger goals but it certainly is nice, thank you universe! My company also wants to give me more responsibilities which will eventually lead to a new job! Nice! I had…


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Achievement #37 - Acting with integrity

One of my students decided to purchase more lessons yesterday, but she was very concerned about what she could afford. I could tell she was nervous and didn't want to push her into anything, so I asked 'is doing this a good way to love yourself?' She agreed it was, and we went ahead with the program without further concern.

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Day 46|Feeling Creative

It is Day 46 of my reality challenge! I am having a wonderful time and I am feeling very positive :)

It is so amazing to see everything come together in a beautiful way.

My desire is to spread this love and positivity to my career. I am ready to make some fun changes to my career and work life and I can't wait to see how everything unfolds. I am so grateful for this process!!

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Achievement #36 - Living the Day

My whole weekend was insanely busy, and I wasn't always kind to my body for sleep. What I'm grateful for is staying open to the many experiences of dance and comedy I attended, and allowing myself to enjoy all of them, even while tired. I could not have have done so cheerfully before.

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DAY 5 of 100: Small Steps

Hi everyone,

I have so many books, that I start with small steps.

I wrote my gratitude list for the past 5 days,

and today I throw away 3 books,

and I will journal on bookcrossing an as yet unkown number  to free tomorrow.

Added by Anja Böttinger on February 9, 2015 at 9:11am — 1 Comment


       Hi you, dear co-creators of reality

... Spirituality is about knowing that we a r e life,
life that expresses itself in a l l other life-forms around us.
But there is a very serious problem due to the chemical products sprayed on plants :
we are witnessing the mass slaughter of pollinating bees.
And if there are no bees anymore, then no fruits, no plants either...
Exceptionally - because I think it…

Added by Bettina on February 9, 2015 at 7:55am — 1 Comment

DAY 17, Season 3

Week # 3 of the Generosity Challenge, Realization about Finding Balance in my Life, and Counting my Blessings :)))

This morning I gifted my colleagues at St Clement's with K-cups for our choir room Keurig, thus completing my Generosity Challenge Week 2. For this coming week, I will order a bunch of stuff from Babies R'Us for my brother's fiance. They live in Connecticut and she is about to have the first baby in my immediate family :)))) YAY!!!! (and Phew--- I'm off the hook!) I will…


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season 13 - day 7

Hi there!

Yesterday for my day 7 I focused mostly on the neighborhoods I would like to live and traveling. I thought about my studies and I studied the secret. So it was more relaxing and I fell asleep very early which was nice. Today I'm going to change my approach to studying the secret by reading and applying any concepts I read right then, also I'm going on a trip to see some new places, I'm very excited! And then I get to study some new things. I'm also looking at some websites…


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It's sad that I just saw an ad for shale drilling and "hot asian women" on this site. Doesn't really go along with spirituality... :(

Added by Sunny Side Up on February 7, 2015 at 8:53pm — 4 Comments

Time Is Going So Fast!

I feel like life is passing by. And I'm hardly working on my goals. I want to slow down and feel more grateful and do meditation. But what happens everyday is that I work, take care of my kids, and then at night I'm tired and stressed. One of my children is dealing with depression and I also always bring work home (although I hardly ever do it). I spend my free time at night connecting with friends and family over phone and Facebook. Otherwise I am cleaning up and preparing us all for the…


Added by Sunny Side Up on February 7, 2015 at 8:30pm — 4 Comments

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