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February 2016 Blog Posts (28)

Achievement #220 - Intrinsic rewards

In the book Drive, Daniel Pink talks about how we can be motivated to work at certain tasks for it's own pleasure, and how that can actually get stifled if monetary or other extrinsic rewards are added. I realized as I red over the weekend that this is largely what's happened to my own learning with regards to work: As I've become more stressed about getting in more students, making more money, it's actually be harder for me to derive the same satisfaction from the job. This meshes…


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Love and Gratitude

Feeling love and gratitude! I'm so thankful for the loving monetary gift that will help me to buy the beautiful home that is coming my way. Also I'm so proud of my boys for giving an amazing musical performance, and so happy that they had this positive experience to help them feel good about themselves. Thank you Universe for…


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Achievement #219 - Giving blood

Needles scare me, and I'm not exactly fond of having my blood sucked out either. But, I'm tired of avoiding doing something good for others because of fear, so yesterday I went and did it anyway. And I've booked my next appointment for April. Take that fears!

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Achievement #218 - Checking in before the big questions

Sometimes, I like to get into deeper discussions about relationships, people, and ethics. This can sometimes be hard for my fiancé, who does not always have a lot of energy after a long day at work (although she always tries). So yesterday evening, I simply asked her where she was energy-wise. She told me she was exhausted, so we had a more easy-going evening, eating pizza in front of the tv. Better to save intellectual debate for a day when we both have the energy to keep up with each…


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Achievement #217 - An important meeting

Met with my boss yesterday to discuss how I could earn more money for the studio. I felt very nervous, because I often don't express myself as well under pressure, and didn't want to feel like I was begging for business. Even after I set up a proposal to help with the inbound marketing in return for training and wages, I still worried I would forget something. I rehearsed out loud, and read over my notes, and perhaps most importantly, practiced speaking slowly and calm, instead of the…


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Achievement #216 - Business Boundaries

I HATE talking about money with my students, to the point where I need to think hard about why I resist the topic so much. Sometimes, when a student's program is running out however, I have no choice. As I explained the options to a student yesterday, she expressed concerns about being able to afford it, and I started getting the familiar slimy feeling I get when trying to decide whether I should keep pushing options, or just let it go. I decided for the latter when I realized I would rather…


Added by DarknessCannotDriveOutDarkness on February 23, 2016 at 2:10pm — 2 Comments

Achievement #215 - Going in with a plan

I'm meeting my boss tomorrow to talk about how I can earn a little more money for the dance studio. One thing that occurred to me was they could really use more inbound marketing. I looked at some online courses, the best of which I will present to her as something I can train in, should she be willing to supplement the cost. I also spoke with my life coach, who used to work at the studio and had many great ideas on how I could sweeten the deal. Feeling a lot more confident about the meeting…


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Day 26 Season 17 Interventions called for MY intervention!

I am reprioritizing and I have actually trained myself to ignore anything that doesnt interest me, calls, invitations etc. that isnt for my best interests and that only takes my time away. I am even getting new friends! I am having a blast with acting & speech exercises and screenwriting and its ok that I am proud of what I am doing. I am allowing things to happen and saying praize to myself and others for a job well done. Focus is giving me happiness and bliss :) !!

Thank you all…


Added by GOODREAMS on February 21, 2016 at 5:30am — 2 Comments

Achievement #214 - Me time

I find making lists of things to do stressful. It often creates a temptation to ignore what my body needs so I can tick a few things off the list. Yesterday, I tried something different, a sort of 'anti-list-, where I designate two hours of off-time with the commitment to work in between. It was a success! I was able to stay productive, knowing that if I held out until the two hours of me time, I would be rewarded.

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Achievement #213 - Speaking up!

Meetings at work scare me. So much information flying back and forth, and all too often I find myself blind-sided by a date or event I'd missed in the confusion. Although it's tempting to withdraw into a shell at studio meetings, I pushed myself to do the reverse yesterday, by offering updates and asking questions. I was rewarded by feeling more confident and aware of what was happening.

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Achievement #212 - Full workout

The most recent workout my trainer has given me is... Rather tougher than I'm used to. But, I can happily say that I completed all the sets with full reps for the first time yesterday! Hurrah!

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Ask Believe Receive

I have asked for a gift and tomorrow I intend to receive it! I feel so excited and also so lucky and grateful! Thank you…


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Achievement #211 - Speaking what I feel

An innocent conversation on Saturday turned into several hours of self-discovery with my fiancé on Saturday. We managed to finally start working on some of the challenges we've faced in our relationship recently. Even more importantly, we reconnected and reestablished our determination to work through this - and any - challenges we may face in future. Feeling closer than ever :)

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Please Donate If You Can

My name is Maria Graham and I am a targeted individual.

I am a victim of multiple workplace mobbings and community harassment.

I have been blacklisted and psychologically abused by my community and shut out of employment for illegal reasons.

I had left a company on good terms; keeping the obvious harassment and departure confidential and protecting the original perpetrators.

They have left me in a state of financial destitution with no income to survive. I am in…


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The world is finally recognizing what we here already know! You are a true inspiration! Much Gratitude for all that you do!!6-Spiritual-Youtube-channels-you-need-to-subscribe-to/u4zij/56ba23ee0cf2b4e0b622712f

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Achievement #210 - Slowing down

I've been rushing around a lot lately, and it's made me less present than I want to be. Yesterday I realized that I need to emphasize two important qualities in the mantra I repeat to myself daily: presence and patience. So for the rest of the day, I worked hard to be as THERE as I could in everything I did. I also allowed myself more time to do small things, like walking home more slowly. It's hard - my body is on high alert from work stress - but I could feel moments where things were…


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Achievement #209 - Small realizations

Yesterday I was feeling tired and grouchy, generally not wanting to talk to anyone. The studio where I work is not a particularly quiet place however, so avoiding others was proving to be rather difficult. After suppressing urges to say some less-than-kind things, it suddenly occurred to me how powerfully energizing it could be to have a good conversation - certainly it had happened before. Maybe my automatic reaction - avoiding others - was cutting me off from the very thing I needed to…


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Achievement #208 - New steps

I went out social dancing at a Latin club last night. Great fun, especially the kizomba room, where I was impressed by how experienced the dancers were. It was the perfect opportunity to try some of the steps I learned with my fiancé over the weekend! I nailed 3 out of 5 of them repeatedly, not bad for the first time field testing them.

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DAY 27, Season 6

The Tipping Point

First, there is the dawning of the dream. Then you set your Intention and Align yourself with your Intention. The momentum of energy surrounding your Intention starts to build and suddenly... it seems inevitable. It's the Tipping Point. The Point when you realize that your dream WILL come true, it MUST come true. You don't need to hold yourself to any timeline, because you trust that everything will unfold for you in just the right time, in the right way. You don't…


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Achievement #207 - Little things become big when you're tired

I slept terribly the night before (think I might be eating too much) but that didn't stop me from getting a few important things done: catching up on my social media, getting started on my first blog of the week, practicing my dancing, and teaching a great group class. It's easier to sleep knowing you didn't waste the day.

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