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February 2016 Blog Posts (28)

Achievement #206 - A new way to spend time together

My fiancé and I were thinking of ways to reconnect with each other yesterday. A walk would have been nice, but she was feeling tired. We could have gone out to see a movie, but that didn't really feel like a good way to catch up with each other. So I suggested we look online for some dance steps in kizomba, a slow and sexy dance we both started learning fairly recently. We pushed aside some furniture, poured over a few videos, and then got to it. It was both romantic and constructive to work…


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Love Yourself More

As Valentines Day approaches I hope that everyone here is planning what to do for your most special Valentine--you! I really have been trying to be good to myself. Some nice things that I have done for myself are taking some relaxing epsom salt baths, lighting reiki candles, and I gave myself a facial. I have been meditating and focusing on gratitude. I have shown the world…


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Achievement #205 - Putting extra energy to use

I actually dread days where I have a lot of free time. Why? Because when I don't have enough direction, I fritter the time away on 'escape activities' - video games, daydreaming, etc. Yesterday was largely no exception, but with an important difference. I DID manage to get in a solid hour and a half reviewing ballroom steps I hadn't looked closely at in ages. Not only did I refresh my technique, I noticed some things I hadn't before that could make a couple steps work better!

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Achievement #204 - Some rules on presence

Yesterday, I increasingly started to pay attention to my body (which I'd been starting to neglect again), and ask it what it needed. I got two answers back at once that will keep me busy for my whole life: To connect on a deeper level with people around me, and to become more present and centred in my daily life. For the latter, a few ideas on how to do that also became clearer:

1. Start earlier, take longer.

2. Trust my first instinct.

3. Put the needs of my body…


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Achievement #203 - Pushing through to the end

Got the lion share of my week's work done yesterday. I may actually get to work on improving myself as a teacher this week, instead of simply keeping up with teaching! Very glad I managed to finish writing not one, but 2 different blogs.

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Achievement #202 - Motown

You never know what you'll learn from a conversation. Yesterday I was talking with other coworkers, and the subject of Motown music came up. I confessed I wasn't familiar with the genre, but as they explained Motown songs, I realized it was music I often enjoy listening to! Now I know if Motown music is being played at a club, it just might be a party worth going to.

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I can buy that house!

I can afford a beautiful old home in a great school district! It is within my reach to have a 4BR, 2 BA home with a finished basement, fireplace, new kitchen, family room, solid roof and windows, and beautiful hardwood floors. I'm on my way to getting a lovely house with friendly neighbors and only a short walk to school. I am so excited. I drive through the neighborhood and…


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Achievement #201 - I can't fix people

I had to make a confession to my fiancé yesterday: without realizing I was doing it, I was doubting her ability to handle her life situation. This made me try to save her, to impose my views upon her. I've repeatedly caused unnecessary friction between us by doing that. It's time to have more faith and let her work things out on her own. Unless she asks for help, of course ;)

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