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Day 3

I was wrapped up in listening to others' stories today, and trying to see their points in a mindful way. Not easy! No video today, but will resume tommorrow. My tax payment may be less than anticipated, so that is good and good for my debt payment as well! I plan on buying / making a manifestation journal soon. I aim to manifest restful and rejuvenating sleep as well! :)

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Day 24/season 1 -- breathing!!!

Just posting today to remind myself to breathe, and to refocus.

I was going to write a recap of my stressed out day, but feel too stressed to write about it :-)

And it feels that writing out all the details of the day magnifies the stress. Reminding myself to breath, and feel calm is very uplifting.

Breathing...... ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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Season 4 just one of those days..weeks....., seasons.....!

I can not begin to express my gratitude to the Universe for the avalanche of goodness that continues to knock me off my feet. It's almost like I am not living "my" life... kinda surreal....

One afternoon, I tried to figure out when it would all end and started making a "plan B". Thankfully, that did not last long. I snapped back and began to sing and act goofy. As I danced around, a sudden laughter just bolted out of me. It was hilarious and I just giggled and began… Continue

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Day 57 Series 3 and now to work on my sucessful business!

It's been one awesome week, what with selling our house, getting the finance together for our new house and planning our move.

Sitting in the spa, talking to my partner this morning, we reasoned that we had hit a stalemate in our lives for the last 10 years almost. I know I was craving stability but in creating that, I held us at a standstill to a detriment of the family. I had an abusive childhood, and with having 2 kids diagnosed with autism, it was just all to much. I wanted something… Continue

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Day 15 Law of Acceptance..

Accepting that Mom's physical is gone but not her essence..Accepting that my son has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, accepting my total awareness..

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Day 31: My daughters vision board:)

Today I helped my daughter make a Euro-Disney vision board as we want to go there soon. We are going for my 30th birthday which is in 2 weeks! We haven't booked yet and I haven't got my son a passport yet. I am trying my best not to stress, my friend said she is going to call me! I have booked an appointment with the passport office and I'm doing it fast track which means I'll get the passport in a week.

I typed a few… Continue

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Day 29: In a quandry

What house will we live in? Where will we move to? How many children will we have? Which schools will they go to? Where will be our local shops? Where will be the best investment? Where would we prefer to live?

These are all questions running through my head. My fiancee and I looked at some houses over the weekend and they got us alot more interested in an area we looked at previously. Then, when I looked on the internet I saw some other houses (resale rather than new) that are… Continue

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Master Cleanse!

The laxative effect is just wrong. I admire anyone that can handle that. I just had some eggs. Im amped about today though. Its gorgeous out. Im trying to think of what feel good item to do for the next couple of hours. I meditated and visualized in the car after a meeting that I just left. Sooo relaxing. I think I fell asleep for a few minutes and my left hand fell asleep and I didnt notice until I came out.

So...Im working on attracting clients today. I visualized my life as it… Continue

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♥ Create Your Day

Click the photo to view Ramtha video on creating your own day!
Really uplifting and enlightening. Try it, your going to love it!

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day 31 season 2

Another amazing day! I bought the vision board from Jack Canfield's Dream Big Collection. I will let you know more about it after I set mine up. I was asked again to give the devotional to Rotary this week. I plan to read the book In God's Name which is a beautiful children's book that explains how although God is called different names we are all One. The reason I am so amazed by this is because of what Marianne Williamson said a long time ago, that we are afraid of our Light. I have been… Continue

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Day 6 - Meditation

Today I am reflecting on Sabotage. I am setting and intention to show up for me and not sabotage myself. I need to be there for me and put me first ahead for the me that doesnt care about me (Ego). I feel so aware of what is going on now. I feel that my challenge this 100 days is really to practice the Laws of Attraction and out of it see what comes. I do have a focus and goals I want to atain but making me "show up" for myself is a struggle. Anyone have this problem/awareness???

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Master Cleanse!

Happy Day ONE! Yay!!

So...I started Master Cleanse today. Read too much about it not to try it. I had some senna tea last night and I went out to train early this morning. So I got to Henrys for my Master Cleanse ingredients at about 8AM. Got home and got ready for an interview. It simply was not where I wanted to I just left. Why bother. It was an eye Drs office. It was full and just had a really heavy vibe. Yuck. So Im home now. Im trying very hard to down my salt flush. AM… Continue

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Day 4 - Attracting wealth

Easily attracting $2000/month with my business is what I was grateful for this morning on my walk.

I was also grateful for a lot of other things: like the tree in front of me, the stars, the sun, the moon and the sun (sometimes I have to get pretty general to keep it all coming out for five whole minutes.

I also am creating my morning routine energizing me for the rest of the day.

Today I will create an unforeseen event which will resolve my work situation to my… Continue

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Where I am this week

Its Monday morning and I still have this flu that has been plaguing me since last Wednesday. As you know I went on the South Beach Diet on Monday and it has been a challenging week. The good news is that I have lost 10 lbs, I think a lot of it has to do with being sick but I have been eating very little so I know its partially the diet. I can not wait until the second week is over and I can start adding other foods. This diet is so limiting, I think I could steal just to get a piece of fruit or… Continue

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Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view.

The title of this post is a quote from the book "The Master Key System", By Charles F. Haanel. Click on the link and you can download the book for free from "The Secret" website.

I've been studying this book with my sisters and some friends, and it has been very eye-opening! Things that I've heard or read many times before, are explained just a little bit better in this book, which was written in 1912. Can… Continue

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Day 1: Believing The Secret

I recently saw The Secret and was very intrigued by this concept and I have been living very much in tune with the laws of attraction without knowing that it had a name. I decided to join this group because it's great to be in touch with positive people who will help guide and support positive thoughts. So today is the day that I blog my way to a new set of goals that will someday be my reality.

Since I graduated from undergrad almost 4 years ago it has been a personal goal of mine… Continue

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Master Cleanser Update

I finished the cleanse last Tuesday. I completed 14 days this time which was the longest that I have done it for. It was the easiest of my cleanses. I know I could have gone longer, but I was getting a bit tired of the lemonade! Plus, my metabolism had slowed down and I was feeling cold all the time which is so opposite of my usual temperature.

So, I am back eating now and am thinking about going back on the cleanse soon in some modified fashion! I may do an every other day cleanse or just… Continue

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Day 31 | CCOR meeting

Photo by Nicole

CCOR meeting did not go live. We could not get the Internet to work for some reason! but we did a great shoot. The quality was awesome! and i will be editing it soon for all of you to see.

It was an amazing day. I did a TV Interview in the morning and the CCOR 100 day challenge meeting in the afternoon.

Busy day and felt so on purpose. it was awesome! What a milestone! More on video… Continue

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Gratitude and Intention for Today

Hi Everyone!

Today, I will combine my gratitude journaling with my segment intending for today. I am sure, you all are aware of intending your day ahead as a tool. This technique has been mentioned a few times by Abraham Hicks, as well as in the book "The Secret".

Today I am grateful for:

my very pregnant cat - I was able to feel the babies move, how cool!

our little table grill - man, that thing makes good sandwiches!

the abundance of… Continue

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