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VisionScope: March 31-April 6

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Monday, March 31

Whatever question is on your mind today can be answered by going within. A heart chakra meditation will help you clarify your thoughts and decide on a course of action. Meditate on the green light of the heart chakra surrounding you with love and balance.

Today's Affirmation: I… Continue

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Day 80 / Season 4 : Organization & Abundance

In continuation of my last blog, i have decided to use the place mat process to manage all the tasks that i now have. Last week was such a good week for me and i was able to accomplish so many things, like updating my website and lots of things surrounding that, i also went on an interview, it made me see the positive in if i get it or i do not. I really do like working for myself and i like managing the projects that i do now so maybe i should just focus on increasing the productivity of those… Continue

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Welcome to April!

And so March ends. From now on, I will have to count my 100 Days by adding 31 to every date. Which means I'm going to get better at maths! :D Which I actually finished high school of already (did extension, so two years of maths in one), but surely addition is a useful skill to learn.

I just want to say that I had such a fabulous day today. Possibly the best I've had all season so far. Did anything particularly good happen? No, not particularly.

I feel really confident and… Continue

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day two

said yesterday that I was going to write 22 afformations daily, feeling bleary this morning, but had some people want to add as friends so that was an open door to log on here. here we go 1 why am i so lucky in love and money 2 why am I so lucky in love and money why am i so lucky in lovre and money 4 why am i so lucky in love and mley 5 why am i so lucky in love and mney 6 why am i so lucky in love and money 7 why am i so lucky inlove and money 7 why am i so lcky n love and money 8 why am… Continue

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Day 30/100, Season 1 - Manifested a scenario!

Hi Friends. Today I feel somewhat peaceful and my whole body feels tired, but in a good kind of way. I haven't felt this way in a LONG time! I also had another manifestation today. Something I thought about in passing a few weeks ago that turned into a reality,,,so here goes:


• I manifested my ex asking me to see a specific movie. I had thought about this movie a few weeks ago and thought to myself that it was something I know he would have gone to see with… Continue

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Rain - who cares it’s french

(I wrote this on my way home from Helsinki a few weeks ago. I didn't post this before cause it was on a different computer.)

After you realize that you’re responsible for your reality, your life for the things that happen to you, it’s easier to think positive even when something bad happens. At least this is what I have noticed. I was in Paris for four days till a few hours ago. It was raining almost the whole time we were there. My mom told me before we left from Finland that: “They… Continue

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Day 30 - Season 1 - A bit out of touch

I'm still popping in here to blog, but I've been a bit out of touch with my groups and messages.
No loss in momentum for my goals - that's part of what's keeping me away!
Hopefully in another week I'll have more free time to join in the discussions...

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Day 20

So I woke up this morning to the phone ringing and on the line was a law firm... I have a job interview at 1pm today in Abbotsford. I'm so excited!!!

All my friendships seem to be going strong and my relationship with my family bondable.

It seems that my relationships with my friends are more secure than the realtionships i have with my parents and siblings. I know now that it's a result of my regular absence from my home that's the cause. I find that especially my mom will… Continue

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Day 21=3 weeks in the 100 day challenge

p style="text-align: left;">

I have almost completed 1/4 of the time in this challenge. I have 79 more days to focus solely on getting the house in order. Today I figured many reasons why I am eager to have less house work and more time and mental energy left over to concentrate on other thngs a lot better than decluttering and repairing the house. Top 7 reasons I want the house fixed up and in order;

1. Free up time to dedicate to more… Continue

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Paying It Forward

So, this evening, I was sent an invitation from a YouTuber outside of the 100 Day Reality Challenge who wanted me to watch the videos on his website. He seems like an insightful young man, and I haven't had an opportunity to speak with him to ask him questions yet, but he was talking about something that I have never heard of.

Cash gifting.

I am not a part of it! I am not promoting it - however, from the videos, blogs, and websites that I've seen, cash gifting is an… Continue

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I think I'm thinking too much. This weekend has been filled with some anxiety, but also some thought wandering. I'm beginning to feel anxious about stuff. I need to have serious sit down with myself and organize. Tomorrow perhaps before I get to work.

I did decide not to go to the reunion. I talked to a friend from college and she's not going. I also realized how I actually am feeling a lot more secure about my life than she and another friend. I'm pretty surprised I realized,I'm… Continue

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Day 3 Already?

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions," is a saying I was introduced to years ago by my sister. I don't know who said it, but I use it all the time. Good intentions are nothing without follow through.

I did not do a new vision board. Maybe it's because I set such a high standard for myself with my first one. I feel guilty putting any time into something that is not directly related to my work right now, because I NEED TO BE EARNING $$$$$!!!! (and I'm not) I did not get… Continue

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Faith In The Flow

Today I had some time to navigate through this site and read some comments from some pretty amazing people. I know I am guided here and have trust that my highest good is being directed when I feel the guidence of my source leading me to places like this.

As I contemplate the syncronicities of my life, I can see a pattern evolve. It is one that leads me to the right people that will teach me what I need to know. This brings me peace and it helps me have faith in the process… Continue

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day 15 - It's OK to be OK

I think it's funny that the whole purpose of the law of attraction in our lives is to attract more of what we want and yet so often, when we get it, we find something else we're unhappy with. Or when times are just going well, great, exciting we feel this unrest like the shoe is going to drop. Why does the shoe have to drop? I mean, ebbs and flows are inevitable in life but if things are going great then it is OK to be OK! That was my epiphany today. Another totally… Continue

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Day 14 Happy Sunday..

Finally caught up with my vids!! Yay me..

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Day 30 Season 2

I am reading a really neat book called To Bee or Not to Bee. It is an allegory about, would you believe Bees) I am only in the beginning and there are many lessons to be learned. i love this book by John Penberthy. Meantime, my husband and I went to breakfast with my dear friend Tawnya Perry. She and I looked at and we came on at the time of the Meeting. We were able to see Taragh and a few others, It was fun. I am hoping to get more people in my area to joing our wonderful… Continue

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Day 30: I'm saving money already:)

Last night I stayed up very late again till 3am!! I found a really good website about loads of ways to save money on everything! I bought a small book the other day by a money saving expert called Martin Lewis. He is the founder of the website its called and its amazing! I have found out ways to get back my money from credit card companies for late payment charges and all sorts. I feel like after clearing my wealth area yesterday, I'm attracting ways of saving and creating… Continue

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Day 28 : Trip to Whitstable

Went for a fantastic drie in Kent today in my MX5. Loved every minute of it - great country lanes, and having lots of fun with my fiancee Susie. Cruised around Folkestone harbour, and had a great drive up the A2 and headed towards Whitstable. Stopped on Tankerton Slopes and had some fish and chips. I thought I would give you a little video to show the beauty of the place. So calm and peaceful.… Continue

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Day 30!!

Still finding my way. Day by day things are clicking into place.

When my daughter was away on her school trip two weeks ago, in the midst of the medical crisis that was my husband's, I decided to really clear out her room, and do a deep spring clean. I told her before she left that I was going to do this. It was a big job, my daughter is a pack rat like me:) She gets overwhelmed and doesn't know where to start. Then when she does start,… Continue

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Day 12+13 Roller Coaster of Awareness

Thanks for bearing with me as I step in front of the camera and share reality..Peace and Love.

"Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you."

"Only if you mistake it for who you are can observing it within you be threatening to you sense of self."

"To love is to recognize yourself in others."

Eckhart Tolle "A New Earth"

Added by Vibe Williams on March 30, 2008 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

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