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Day 89/season 1 -- Free Hugs

Our third free hug event was absolutely perfect! It amazes me that each time, I'm a bit nervous -- will the huggers show up? will people want to be hugged? Will it turn out to be private property and we will be asked to move? All those organizer fears and I just tell myself it will turn out perfect however it turns out. We were at the corner of Michigan Ave. and Pearson St. -- we couldn't have asked for a better corner!

My niece… Continue

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Weekly Affirmative Message: I Applaud You

Quotes of the day:

”The silence that accepts merit as the most natural thing in the world is the highest applause.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

“When you know you are doing your very best within the circumstances of your existence, applaud yourself!” ~ Rusty Berkus

Do you remember those commercials for a product that made turning on lights as easy as clapping? It was a commercial that would play through your head over and over - clap on, clap off. I’m pretty sure even… Continue

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Fourth Week.

This week has been awesome. Things are falling into place, and everything is happening in alignment with my goals. I am very blessed with my progress on my creative project, its comming along nicely. I found a new unexpected source of income yesterday as I am open to loadsa money flowing easy and freely and I contunue to grow that source. I joined some new societies. I am planning a trip over the next few weeks to the city where I have my beautiful career and home. All these things are just… Continue

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Day 23 my friends! Do you want to watch a new video:


Hello to all of you Challengers out there in the world!

Aren't Lilou and her two co-founders of this site just the greatest persons of our day in age!

it is so wonderful to have this place to come to for motivation and strengthening our powers of Attraction!

Our powers to consciously attracting what we want in our lives only gets better when we see ourselves in… Continue

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Did you all think I'd fallen off the world???Well, here I am, back again and on day 42 (I think!!!) of season 1 of my first challenge. I have been missing in action because my Dad was in hospital, having MAJOR surgery for pancreatic cancer, so I've been staying at Mum and Dad's to help my Mum while Dad was confined to his hospital bed. The GREAT news is that he is now home again. The growth was removed easily (though it took 6 hours 17 mins) and the surgeon said it… Continue

Added by Anastasia on March 30, 2008 at 7:51am — 5 Comments

Huge Awesome Manifestation of Life changing quality!

WE SOLD OUR HOUSE AND WE GOT OUR FULL ADVERTISED ASKING PRICE!!!!!!!! More offers came in today and we accepted the highest. We are so pleased as it was a good $25000 more than we thought we would or could get. We have spent the last two weeks lovingly preparing the house and the estate agent said that when she opened the door for the open day it felt like she had opened a display home door of the most trendy and welcoming house. We had vanilla candles burning and every light on, the house was… Continue

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Hi Everyone!

Joy, once you begin looking for it is everywhere, isn't it? Sometimes I talk to people who wonder how they could not have seen the beauty and all that possibility for joy before they found Law of Attraction. It is as if many of us - me included at some point - had our head in the sand, or walked around with a blindfold on. Most importantly though is that we know see.

But there is a thought about joy, I want to share with you today, that you might want to… Continue

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Day 6 and 7 of my 100 Day Challenge

Okay these past days have been so great! My dad's plane landed here in Hawaii yesterday. I was so happy and couldn't wait for him to get here! Last night was so great! Piper missed her Papa so much! And today we ran around and showed him the island. We had a blast! There is so much positivity flowing through me! I am in such an ecstatic mood and everything is going my way right now! I am just on a cloud! These have been my best days so far in the challenge and I know they are going to get even… Continue

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my 100 day attraction theme

atract the deep knowing of where my new home is to be and the wherewithal to acquite it and maintain it beautifully

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getting started here

I am setting my intention to participate for 100 days and to blog here daily.

As a minimum I will write 22 afformations here daily ( at least )

why am I s o lucky in love and money

2 why am I so lucky in love and oney

3 why am I so lucky in love and money

why am I so lucky in love and money

6 why am I so lucky in love and money

7 why am I so lucky in love and money

why am I so lucky in love and money

9 why am I so lucky in… Continue

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Day 5 -cleansing

My progress is going so good :)

Yesterday I got a clean-up in my body. A huge one. I got marks that looked like those you get from stinging nettles all over my body. The iched so muched!! I think it was a reaction to the medicin I took for my menstural pain. But underneath that I think it was a reminder for me to stop taking medicin, and start to take care of my body in better ways. Take full responsibility for what I eat, think and do. So I started right away. I took a bath, did… Continue

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Day 29/100, Season 1 - Halfway through the Master Cleanse!


• I got to spend some more time with my wonderful family today and also spent some time with family friends. - I am so grateful to be surrounded by kind, loving family and friends.

• I have completed day 5/10 of the cleanse! - I am grateful to have been able to resist the temptation of delicious food all around me this weekend and stick to the cleanse. I am grateful to feel as energetic and healthy as I do.

• I watched a movie today that I've been meaning to… Continue

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Day 22 and now 610 Members (plus23)

Hello to every one of you 610 exciting and dynamic people!

We are going all the way together!

Here is another affirmation from one of my dad's 3x5 cards (author unknown to me)

My mother gave these cards to me after my dad died on 25 December 2001

A succsessful Buisness is Now mine (Remember - your life is your business)

I know I can accomplish what ever I decide to do I affirm and accept that my buisness is a… Continue

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day 14: Me and Clooney...


So today was rather normalish. I finished moving. Got some credit at the used record store and bought a bunch of British t.v. show DVDs etc. Although - here's one funny synchronicity - several years ago, some girl I barely knew gave me this book for birthday. I really didn't pay attention to it and shelved it. When I was cleaning this week, I found the book and a.) it's called "The Magic of Believing" and is about the law of attraction! and b.) the author's name is Claude… Continue

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Day 29 - Season 1 - Spinning

Not as in spinning yarn...
Not as in spinning a story...
Instead I was spending time thinking of "political spin" - and observing its effect on people.
These are interesting times, and I'm often just the observer, as I was today.
I know I am being vague - deliberately so - no need to go into details. It's the overall concept of being the observer and having no effect, yet "wanting" to make a difference.
I'll find a way...

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32/100-S1 Exploring the Possiblities

It's been a reflective and action day. I was orginally going to go work on my final project, but I decided I didn't have energy for it and that I'd do spent tomorrow doing it.

today I did some those less important to do list things that have been on there forever. It was pretty great. I sent two thank you gifts to my professors, I sent a book I found in an airplane seat a couple of years ago ,back to the library it belonged to. I paid the parking ticket. I bought small bowls and a… Continue

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Day 19 Went to home and self-improvement show today

Is it just me or does the change of seasons make everyone tired? I went to the Home and Self-Improvement show today. In fact, I did MC from our radio station booth a few interviews.

All the local banks, insurance companies and Independent distributors along with Cell phone people were out in full force.

The only booths I was keenly interested were the construction, landscaping and home improvement services.

I talked to some home… Continue

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The People I Love - My Family


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pre 100 days challenge day,( im starting in april)

hi!! so im soo ready to start this challenge, reading and checking out some of ur profiles and getting some ideas,

i also did somany things that i needed to get done today,i did my lighting truss and tested out my new lighting system, it looks good!!

but the most important thing is that m son diego an i did it toghether, so that was a lot of fun, im letting him learn with me all this dj ing tech stuff, and we get to spend quality yime while teaching him a skill !!

i got my… Continue

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Day 29: Major de-cluttering day!

Today I have been de-cluttering all day. I'm really into Feng Shui and clutter is a big no-no so its got to be done even though I never know where to start or where to put things.

I have an excellent book called 'Feng Shui your life' which uses very simple techniques without using a compass. You use a bagua map on the house and there are nine areas. The wealth area in any house is the far left area as you walk in the front door so mine is in my store room that's filled up with junk we… Continue

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