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S7, Day 76 - The Magnitude of My Manifestations Has Just Dawned on Me

Hello everyone! Greetings to you!

I want to warn you before you read this blog post that I am talking about wonderful things happening to me. Some people read those things and are unable to see them as a reflection of prosperity for their own life. I believe that when you are surrounded by individuals who have a positive vibration that is attracting prosperity, that your vibration echos that same prosperous vibration and you attract your intentions that are on that wave length as a… Continue

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Day 7 Season 1

Rather than blogging tonight, I am posting this video.

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Texas School of Massage

Yesterday a friend of mine and I went to have a tour and gather information about the school for massage. We are both completely excited about it. we have both made up our minds to sign up for the next classes, which start April 21st and I will graduate from the program April 10th, 2010. I hope to eventually only be doing this and maybe subbing when I feel like it. I want to control my shcedule and be my own boss eventually and I feel this is a great way to get started in that direction. I want… Continue

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Day 17 - WAKE UP WAKE!!! Its tha 1st of tha Month!!!!

Hi Guys......

"It is human to think wisely and to act in an absurd fashion!".

I totally agree with this quote because my mind and focus is on the challenge, however my actions have been a bit wayside as of late. However I am still dedicated to the cause of my weight loss and in anything that will see me to me achieving my goal.


Well to date I have not eaten any fastfood chain foods....I have indulged though, in fish n chips and a burger at a… Continue

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Tomorrow starts my season, ahhh!! The first way I will start is by praying tonight and tomorrow and being grateful for everything I have and for bringing The 100 day Reality Challange in my life. I w…

Tomorrow starts my season, ahhh!!
The first way I will start is by praying tonight and tomorrow and being grateful for everything I have and for bringing The 100 day Reality Challange in my life. I will also pray for the strength to take it day by day.

I fell like this is so important. I wonder if anyone felt like this right before.... like this is going to be big and no matter what happens at the end, you'll be a different version of yourself.

Deep breathe..... Continue

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S7, Days 73 - 76 - Approved to Enlist with Waiver, and Permanent Writing Job

Hello everyone :) Greetings to you!

It's been a long time coming. I've been working on enlisting for a month now, and I am finally at the point where I am going to be able to enlist. I had a few options when I turned in all of my paperwork on Wednesday of last week:

1. Medical info approved and enlist on Tuesday, March 31st

2. Medical info approved with a waiver and enlist in about a week to a week and a half.

3. Medical info approved with consultation with… Continue

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Ask and It Is Given! YES!

I couldn't sleep the other night so I decided to watch some Abraham/Hicks videos and stumbled across this:

Ask and It Is Given Cards

I had no idea they existed and I must have them!!! They have officially landed on my manifestation list;)

And ultimately this is the video I watched. It's a video I've watched before, however, it's one I needed.…


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Season (1) Day 75.

Hi cocreators , typing away thinking of things to type in , sometimes its not easy to hold thoughts , and type out them one after one . To start off then today I did a leaflet drop around community , health and sport complexes in the east corner of Glasgow , hopefully those with issues of Hepatitis C, may stop , look and use the service . Other activities I got involved in today mostly involved dinner at the folks , gym training and I have some admin to add to a contacts list for leaflet drops.… Continue

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Rule of 5


Gotta be super quick because Im on a ten minute station computer at my uni right now! Just wanted to post a quick blog this morning because Im so excited about this whole thing, woo day three! So I have decided that the practices I'm going to focus on for now are:

*Reading (I have You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay)


*Lilou's meditation vids

*Visualisation board




*The Rule of… Continue

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hi all its been a while since i've logged on as i have finally moved house and this is the first time i have been able to get internet , so not too sure which day i am on yet will find out later, i have really missed logging in as i find that blogging and just browsing this website a good way of turning dowwnstream i have to say its a relief to finally express whats going on for me , well i have moved in to a new place and i have to admit that its been a bit unsettling the place and area is… Continue

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What are you planning to do for the rest of your life?

Hi fellow co creators. I'm wanting to discuss the topic of changing career mid life. Are you planning to retire? I look around today's world and think that the days of the 65 year old retiring and going fishing will be relagated to the pages of history that include the American car industry and two martini lunch. It's now more important then ever to find that bliss isn't it? So come on by and discuss this topic with me on my web page!

Added by Kathleen on March 31, 2009 at 2:30pm — 2 Comments

Saying my goals out loud

It is has been said a million times, especially on this site, to say affirmations out loud, feel them, believe them, etc. and I truly believe this works!

It's funny, we get so busy in life and one of the things that I have the hardest time doing is managing my time with work, my projects on the side, and spiritual/metaphysical practices. There are so many things I have learned in the past couple months, or I should say year ranging from affirmations, afformations, hypnosis,… Continue

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Day 16 Season 2...............Keeping it real.

today i got a lot of actual work done. all i am proud because i have been putting them off. this week it is my goal to get way ahead of all of my work. i don't know what really to say today. i am sitting here re writing everything that i type about 5 times. i guess i am just having one of those days where i should just meditate because my articulation is not coming easily.

i am seeing dana tonight, we are going to the cavs game. we had plans to go weeks ago so i decided to not… Continue

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S1 Day 6

Things are happening. It is wonderful. I feel more focused, more creative…maybe can one say more alive? There are so many things to “take in” here in ccor. It feels totally enriching!

My, do I have more creativity for my musicianship aswell! Unexplored corners that lead to further creativity and higher levels. It never ends… I always new that…but the speed has accelerated! It feels wonderful! I love music.

The “we are all… Continue

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Starting S2 tomorrow!

And I can't wait!

This morning I am thankful for:

I am back to being healthy
It's going to be a nice warm day in SoCaL
That I will continually remind myself to be centered in love
My family
My friends

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18. It is sometimes an inspiration to hear from someone who has… Continue

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S1 - day 20 : busy and rushing

Technically speaking, i have 15 mins to write this blog before it becomes tomorrow :)

i've had a very busy day and found myself jumping from one task to another so it's 11.46pm and i still haven't had a proper chance to sit at my laptop and write my blog.

i've been helping my bro-in-law at his work because a couple of big orders came in and they needed help. i enjoy working there because i find my bro in law is a good boss. he's asked that i turn up tomorrow as well... so it'll… Continue

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Day 8

I had very little sleep last night, there were car alarms going off, a restless husband, and I had really strange dreams last night. The boys were gone for a long time yesterday and I got so worried I made myself sick. I did get cleaning done, and went to water aerobics, so the day wasn't a total loss. There is a cold front coming in and my feet hurt. I am very whiny today, can ya' tell? I am going to schedule a vacation today, the week before Andrew's birthday. We are going to get him a tent… Continue

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theres so much on here and it is so inspiring.
but i am a bit lost as to what im supposed to be doing and posting each day?
anyone help pls?


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Season 2: Day 63 If you are wanting to know...

If you are wanting to know about those who surround you, if you are wondering whether they are upon the path of their intent as they have come into physical expression, pay attention to the emotion that comes forth from within them, for it is not something that is easily hidden. When you are a joyous being, it is obvious, And the joy seeking being is always drawn to the being who is experiencing joy. The Law of Attraction sees to that.


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