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My happiness project Day 2 Season 2

I have decided to put to test what i know all this while about happiness. So, I will record whatever I experienced over here. Last night was a tumultous night for me because I heard suddenly that I might not get what I wished, wanted, prayed for and struggled for. So, came the tears and the uncertainties. Cried my heart out to God. I asked hubby to pray for me because the sadness overwhelms me and my tears were choking me. Haven't i prayed about it… Continue

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Season - 2 - Day 47 -- Whoa We are nearly half way there !!!!!

OOOOk we are nearly half way through our 100 day challenge Gosh time flies, I've had a GGGorgeous day I started at 6am this morning and headed off for my swim its sooo lovely praying while i swim I feel Wonderful after I've completed my exercise have my breakfast sometimes with my husband which is lovely then I head off to work Whoa !!! what a nice way to start my day and so simple. Have a excellent day fellow co-creators Keep Smiling & Shinning… Continue

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Day 47 - Back from New Orleans!

We love New Orleans! I love the seafood and the atmosphere, and Scott loves the history and architecture. It all happened in a blink, but we enjoyed each others' company uninterrupted, except for some text messaging with Scott's friends. But he let's me be clever and I give him ideas of fun messages. We needed a trip away from our lives -- the dogs even -- just to get away. It's been too long! Now I have a week off work. Such an opportunity to plug into me, I guess.

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Day 47 and man I need to lift my game :0)

Ok i have to admit that by skipping a few days of not doing a video blog and then skipping a week or two of not doing any blog, really throwed me out of the game and got me almost back to groundlevel.

After being totally swamped by the charity arrangements and having a friend here who helped me, driving her around, having to also in a way entertain her plus plus plus, got me in no mood to video blogs most of the days.

I then started to work directly from the school, since… Continue

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S7, Day 46 - Missing my children already

I celebrated March 1st by making a commitment to jog every day to build my endurance and stamina as well as my cardio. I took my kids out with me and we all ran around the courtyard outside of my townhome. It was 19 degrees outside but I certainly didn't feel it, and I really need to do that more often. I jogged maybe 1 1/2 times around the courtyard out of the 4 times I intended to jog, but my endurance and stamina are crap lol. I know I will increase it the more I jog, so I am eager to keep… Continue

Added by Tamara Rasheed on March 2, 2009 at 1:38am — 1 Comment

Day 39 // Season 1

There is nothing I love more than an enjoying a lazy Sunday! I did nothing of great importance today except do what made me feel good today:

* Enjoyed a cup of coffee

* Worked for a couple hours amongst the early Sunday crowds

* Watched the Travel Channel

* Took a cat nap on the living room couch for a good 3 hours

* Indulged in a McDonald's Shamrock Shake :-)

* Witnessed a beautiful pink sunset while… Continue

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Day 29

Today’s Affirmation: I am beautiful in every single way.

Today I am grateful for:
my pets

One positive thing that happened today:
I went out for breakfast with my mom

Foods of the Day: B- oatmeal and fruit bowl L- pb&j sandwich S- pear and ricecakes D- whole wheat pasta with spinach and grape tomatoes

Activity of the Day:
grocery shopping

Other Thoughts:
Going vegan just feels right!

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"ADD="- Inattentive Hyper focus.. Low Self Image.. ETc..,

ADD Disorder

Posted by kelly on March 1, 2009 at 11:06pm in Book recommendations ..Women with ADD.. by Sari Solden

i>b> I just found a Dr. online who talks about 3 types Hyper ADD/ Non Hyper( InATTENTIVE Type).. and Mixed....Love how he Shares Non Judgemental..

I may be( Inattentive Type)....The Brain is Wired differently and needs stimulation

Also as an Adult it usually Comes With other Disorders (Co-Morbid) Like Depression/BiPolar../Anxiety/Stress .//…

Added by kelly on March 2, 2009 at 12:00am — 2 Comments

Sunday Sangin

Ok so I have soooooooo much to share with you guys.This weekend I went to a youth rally with my church. It was really fun and I played a game where I had to sing and blew everyone away with my rendition of "oh happy day" Which of course only proves that my intentions are coming true!!

Then today in Church I did such a great job singing our gospel medley that our sorprano (my boyfriends sister, who by the way is an awesome singer and an awesome person) high fived me ( well low fived… Continue

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Season 3 Day 41 Alot of Love!

Almost half way to 100 days. I have not kept up with my days and every goal. But Am refreshing myself and my life. I have been bless beyond to be here and to be able to share my thoughts and feeling with everyone. I have also had a wonderful talking with friends and family. I am sooo very happy to have a free Quran class online with a wonderful teacher. I wanted this and I have been attending the class everday for over a week. I have learned several new surahs from the Holy Quran and inshallah… Continue

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hi cocreators
Just on had a nice weekend , I had a nice time today too with mymum , we were picking paints for her house decoration and ended the day at her home. i have a few decisons to be made this week regarding choices on work and courses too. So by this time next week I will have good idea whats to be done . Kind Regards all , mikey

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Season 1- Day 100!!

I can't even believe this, but I am actually finished with Season 1! Man, time has really flown by.. incredibly fast!!

This season, as I look back now, was actually pretty successful, and I didn't even realize it!

I really wish I was more involved in my first season, like i intended to be, but I allowed all the other distractions in m life take me away from engaging as much as I could have, and would have liked to!

But it's okay, because I learned something… Continue

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Season 2 / Day 46

Today is a nice lazy day. It is raining outside and I have resolved to work on the computer and take care of emails, bills, and other items while listening to videos and music.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing day.


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Season 1: Day 46

I now understand. I understand that I am source energy. I am source energy extended into this physical body. I think it’s time to tell life with a different story.

I didn’t come to this planet to sit here and complain. I didn’t come here to worry and fear that which may happen. I came to this plant to ride the river of life. It’s not even about the manifestations; this is about the time in-between manifestations. It feels so good to want something! Our ability to hold ourselves in a… Continue

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The moment of truth has now arrived and today we started our 1st season of the CCOR 1OO day challenge.

We made a video which describes in a little more detail what are intentions are for the next 100 days -

Here is a summary of the goals -

1- Continue to develop the THG Youtube channel with regular fun and informative clips. Our main aim (before world domination) is for TheHonestGuys channel to be accepted into the Youtube partnership… Continue

Added by T.H.G. (Kev and Rick) on March 1, 2009 at 12:02pm — 1 Comment

Saturday was GREAT. Today is the best day ever...

So of course I lost my mind and was thinking the universe was not necessarily working with me. Of course as always it proves to me it is. I was one off from my sales goals for the month I closed at 5pm at 4:10 someone walked in to purchase a membership. Then at 5pm a member brought his friend to sign up as well. So not only did the universe send me the sale I needed they sent me an additional one just to remind me we are in flow. Then I came home was relaxing and got some texts from a friend… Continue

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Day 60 Season 2- WHOO HOO!

I manifested the whole day off. Hubby took the children to work with him as it's slow on Sunday's. It was great. I've not had that kind of free time since probably before the children were born. I took such good care of myself. I had long meditation, chanting, Vlog's, reading Power of Intention. It was a full relaxing and productive, mind training day. Thank you universe, you alwalys know exactly what I need.:-)

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Day 86: Quick update

Just a quick update to keep me on track.

So far, so good. Have been spending some quality time with my girls. They are so cuuute!! Maybe it's not very p.c., but I am so glad and feel so lucky that I've got girls!! Yesterday we found a copy of Mamma Mia at the library & really enjoyed watching it together!! They really get into singing and dancing to the songs (maybe me a little bit too - ha ha ha) So that was great fun!! It's wierd because when I was pregnant with my first… Continue

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Somewhere in Season 2

Things are going well. So busy with new ideas and projects that I am not keeping a daily journal, as in Season 1. Taking steps every day, doing something towards the goals. Just tuning in to say, I really appreciate all the inspiration on this site from everyone! So glad to be a part of this community. Grateful for this and so much more!

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Day 38 // Season 1

I am not going to lie, but this week has exhausted me like no other! I feel that I have been super busy (which I am grateful for because I have been working) and have not been able to spend too much time on here.

I have made the decision to be completely worry-free about my current job situation and just allow my creativity to be my guide. These past 2 weeks I have learned that problems really do resolve themselves. In fact, I… Continue

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