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Blog Day 3

Another great day at work and the day off tomorrow. Today was pretty work heavy so I didn't get to focus on my goals as much as I would like, but that will of course change when I win the lottery. Even though no manifestations have happened yet I still have so much for which I can be grateful. Good safe day at my job where everyone I know is happy and healthy. Wonderful family and friends and medical insurance! I can afford food and clothes and electricity. For thousands of years even kings… Continue

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Season 9 Day 41

Sorry I haven't been posting as much. I am almost done finalizing the steps toward my new house and it has been very exciting. I have been out of the house all day today getting some paperwork together,and now that it's night time, I am finally getting back to normal work!

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I continue on my path, toddling about if you will....finding balance and playing with it again, being balanced and stretching until i wobble again, being balanced and then working myself over the edge.. WHEN will I have this illusive balance all for myself!!  Environmental factors are still real, but my choices that assist are real too..the lack of sleep..that’s obviously my responsibility. no balme tho. Progress is unavoidable. Routines and regular…


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day 20 and 21

i have discussed money with my boss today and we doesnt want to change the percent he gives me :( but i feel in a good emotional place, everything is working for me, every thing is coming to me so i am going to do  a focus wheel 12 0clock my boss want his company to succeed

his company was well under way when i joined, there are aspects of this work that i really enjoy, i really enjoy it when my boss and i are clicking, we both feel the synergy of ur collaboration, i have felt my boss…


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Two realities one day



Today i had an amazing day.I just went with the flow.


Love to you all xxxx

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Who are you listening to? How to find your inner voice

Marie Claire recently reported that mental health problems are found in two thirds of women. I find this statistic quite worrying and I ask myself what is causing all this distress. In the last few years the pressures on women do seem to have significantly increased and diversified. We are expected to be all things to all people: Look good, have great careers, earn our own money, be independent (look after ourselves) but also nurturing (look after others), and if we have children we must be…


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My new blog :)

Want to stop caring about what everyone else's opinion is and focus on what's in your heart?

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Here's An Update... Ready To Start Season 6!

I'm currently in Season 5 Day 76. I started this season to grow more spiritually but for some I fell off. I started strong then I got sidetrack with other things. I'm sure it happened for one reason or another.I do know that I feel more connected than I did in my whole life! I grew up in a Baptist Church all my life but I haven't been to church in so long. The funny thing is that I feel more intuned with GOD/MOST HIGH than I ever did. My next seaon which I'll start on April 24th will be… Continue

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Let The Journey Begin

Starting my first day today. I have to work 6 consecutive nights so the challenge of getting something done on the first week of my 100 days has begun. Nice to see videos of people bubbling with energy, there is so much to take in here and it can be overwhelming.

My goal is to stay focus, manifest my goals/dreams and…


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Just an update

With all that's been going on I completely forgot about the site! I talked to my mom last night and she reminded me about the website. Thanks Mom. :)


Things are going pretty awesome! My relationship with Dave is going so well that I keep second guessing myself because of fear that things will go wrong. I know, I know I'm being stupid. We just blend together like peanut butter and jelly. or yin and yang. lol (The only way I can get you to understand.) I can be myself 100%,…


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New cycle , new me

I'm listening 'here comes the sun' 


It's all right... 


All is right in my world now.



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Three friends got a copy of "Poetry Pieces of Europe vol1" :)

Japjeet I hope you won't mind me posting this. This was just so cute I got to share it :)))

I just let him know that I'll send him one copy  ;)…


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Day 73 Season 1

Day 73



I cannot believe it. Day 73=10=1.. yes awesome beginnings and new creations are…


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Using tools :)

The last two weeks I have been sick with a bad cold. I have had some ups and downs with keeping my energy in harmony with the universe. It's amazing how you can let a bad day roll into two or three if you let it. I experienced it first hand at the beginning of my cold. I was upset about being sick, moody from not getting any sleep,and was just not really caring about keeping a positive attitude.Talk about practicing what you preach! lol Right from the get go things were not going smoothly, my… Continue

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Job Complete--D78S3

34 auctions sold this month.  Not too shabby, in my opinion.  I've been working on eBay since about 9:30 this morning and am finally to a point that I can say my job is done.  For now.  Friday I'll be posting as many auctions as I can fill a rubbermaid container.  Once that tub is full, I'm not posting any more until I sell the stock down a little bit.  Paperwork is done, books are sorted and I'm ready to go to the post office.  The dress finally sold.  $175 from a girl in Kentucky, money is…


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Friends in FL

I would really like to make some friends here in FL. I have lived here for 5 1/2 years, but I'm not working, and work is usually where I have met my friends. My kids are grown and out of the home. My family lives 2500 miles away. Does anyone reading this live in the Daytona area? Does anyone have a good idea of how to start a friendship club? I figure their must be a lot of women in this area who miss having a friend.  Woman that: just moved here, are house bound, are recently single,are…


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Day 64

I thought I would be further along in my "transformation", rather, I was hoping I would be. Regardless, I still feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER than when I started.

Some days, like today, I just want to lay around and relax. Part of me feels guilty about this though. Too big a part I think. In a way, it feels like I'm telling myself to get in all this relaxation while I can, because it feels so good, and these lazy days may soon come to an end. Is that just a cop-out, though? I'm starting to…


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Day 1

The first day is quite busy for me, filled with hard work (and it's gonna be like that for the next month or so, because I'm preparing for my school-leaving exams). However, I'd like to share a wonderful, inspirational and moving video I found:


I hope someday I will give people as much light as he…


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Day 1: Be Grateful (that works over)

Well, Blog, it is the end of day 1 and none of my dreams came true. Not to fret, there is day 2 and I don't have to go to work tomorrow! I think I am gonna spend the day working on some practices for my 100 day challenge. Not sure which ones, too tired to check. I would write about work but every day is identical. Nothing to complain about just nothing to get excited over. But when I get my dream job of lottery winner then I will be able to talk about how great work was. 

I think I am…


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At the beginning

Tomorrow is a great day for me, the first day of the first season of my challenge. Keep your fingers crossed and send me your positive energy, wherever you are. Lots of love!

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