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Day 29

A new PT Client and a new TKD Senior in the last couple of days so things are moving along nicely there.

I held my student grading yesterday and they all did so well, I was very proud.

The day flowed perfectly and I enjoyed every second of it.

I was able to enjoy it because everyone was more than ready to grade, the ones that weren't were held back till next time.

It was the perfect end to the term with one of the mums enquiring about doing some classes as well…


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I promice to change the words I use and way I feel <3

I promice myself that I will throw away every negitive word, that I will not use them again but only to show people not to use them. I promice myself to have a positive attitude and to have positive thinking. I promice myself that I will think everytime I get a ''why'' in my life....but I will decide to go into the positive energy and that my life will be positive forver and that I will become the hero of my own life <3 so be it and so it is! :)

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DAY 91

Our Deepest Fear

By Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness

That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small

Does not serve the world.

There's nothing enlightened about… Continue

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Season 1 Day 73


I've been off doing lots. Like going taking a course on getting better and moving across the country to be with my family. I've been keeping up with some of my goals and some a bit less. I wasn't one to put much belief in positive affrimations but after doing them and witnessing what happened I was a bit startled at the results.


Change isn't easy, for me it means having to look at why I do these things that I do that are unhealthy and believing that change is…


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3/30 a GREAT day following a down day yesterday (And a cool picture of a meditation stone)

Today was great.  Which was much needed, after yesterday I felt so run down, so not like myself, I was really scared I might be reverting back to my mired-by-depression lower-self.  But when I woke up this morning I immediately dove into projects I had started the night before.  I finished my laundry.  I also finished making a meditation for a friend of mine.  Basically a meditation stone is a decoupaged rock with words to meditate on it.  I took a picture as I'm sure many of you want to…


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DAY 90

Bit of a struggle today and felt like I was having a day of contrast. Just bringing awareness to these feelings and remembering to connect with my breath and my heart. It really helps to have the habit of these practices. I am going to do a heart meditation now. Sweet dreams cocreators xo

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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 6 : It Can Happen

Chapter 6 : It Can Happen

In this week's edition of the Threshold Bookcast, we follow Jake Harvey as he visits the illustrious Mistress Aeira for a private consultation.

At the beginning of the episode, the former businessman reminisces some of the events that have lead him to the political arena, and ponders what…


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Day21: Focus, Reading, Relaxation


-Relax and start new project

-Break Project into realistic & bite size pieces..

-Today's reading will be less as I need to read last Ch of M7..

-Eat healthy 

ALH, am soooooo grateful that I managed to complete most of my intentions..... and just Reading now  :) 

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A Miracle is going to happen

Good Morning!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic week. I have a feeling something incredible is going to happen. I know they said let go and I have. Its going to happen soon. Have a great day everyone. God Bless…


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Absence Here

I haven't been too active on this site lately...mainly because Life has exploded in a million ways that I am just in the midst of watching and saying "thank you" for.  Over and over again, I bow my head to my heart in gratitude, I touch the floor in humility.  To have so many unreal, and incredible.  To know that I created them, that I planted the seeds and called the Universe and because I am That, That responded incredibly, fully and more sweetly than I could have…


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Day 90 (bis) - In the Vortex...

I have to share it ! One hour ago, I had my first ufficial registration for my first LOA Workshop !

I'm so happy ! I had to tell it to everyone... I see me in front of minimum 10 participants for the 2 groups... I'm so excited ! Because I have so much fun thinking about it and I so want to share with those beautiful cocreators that are coming to me my positive energy that I feel in our world !

I was thinking about those birds that are coming on my terrace to grab some…


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Day 90 - Freer...

I know at 100% that our thoughts are creating our reality.

I have to get out of the idea that I have to pass exams to be allowed to go further... You know, that is finally understood !

I don't need the authorization of anyone to do what I want to do. I give me the permission.

I discovered one of my limitative thought which was a self-protection, once again. I came here to understand it : WE ARE FREE !

I am free to act, I've been free to be a coward... And that's…


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DAY 89

What is it that you are avoiding?

For me sometimes it is avoiding connecting with my heart,living in the mind, going through the motions, living in the busyness of life. It is when I am caught up in this way of being that I find I get stressed and forget about the practices that help me connect. Its about routine for me, putting in place those supportive practices so that I live always from the heart. I am learning, forgive me, I am transforming, I thank you, I love you...hear me xxxx

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Day 20 Fresh,Energetic, Relaxed

ALH,  What a wonderful start I had today...

* woke up very early as I love to wake up early but Its been bit difficult lately...but today I woke yo at 4:45 am and the main thing is that I was very fresh and energetic... 

* Meditation which was soooo relaxing+ the way I wanted to....

* Felt inner peace as I was doing it... (PQA) 

* Had a healthy eating start( fresh juice, which I made myself) and I am soooooooo grateful for that because I don't really bother making…


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Day 89 Season 2

I decided to be a test client for a woman becoming certified in LOA Coaching. Here are my notes.

Wouldn't it be nice if...

...I had a recurring character on a new t.v. show

...I went into every audition being my best self

...I didn't judge myself (another way to word that which feels good to you in a positive fashion???  ...I felt great about every one of my performances...something like that?)

...I wrote a screen play

...I had unlimited sources of income…


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I HAVE ARRIVED. season 3 day 100 come and gone

I am so humbly saying to you universe and all my co creators, with head bent low to the the ground that I do not have words to express my gratitude for the beauty and perfection of this world. There are no words, just a perfect moment of silence that is filled to the brim with appreciation. and now in human language- OMG i cant believe how much shamans pic has changed my life, i know its not JUST The pic,…


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The nature of our personal reality


With every experience, you alone are painting your…


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Day 87- what happened? The world is changing too....

Dear co-creators.

Inner: Much has happened since the first day of this 100-day journey. First, I see that much has happened on an inner level. I meditate more and promises with others in a meditation / healing group here in addition to a home every Tuesday. So many good and honest people, I am familiar with. Credible and lvoing people who really work on themselves without being selfish and primitive.Thank you for being…


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Day 26

Hmm... I've been a bit distracted from the challenge for the last couple of weeks but still things are moving along ok and I haven't given up on it totally, every day I am listening to a TR CD or reading something but the conscious effort to attract and my blogging has fallen down a bit.

I'm meeting with a potential new PT Client on Monday and I don't think I have had anyone come see me about PT's and not start yet so definitely moving along steadily as far as building the…


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Engaging the Magic



So, Ive recently purchased a new book (Im forever buying books on all sorts of subjects, so this is nothing special!!). It was Rhonda Byrne's new book "The Magic". I was actually expecting it to be a bit more, but it is still a good book. It's filled with a different exercise to do each day. The focus is gratitude - which is the fastest way to positively engage with the law of attraction.


I am enjoying it so far. I am on day 11 already and today I…


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