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Day 89 - Being in my path life...

I am so concentrated on my LOA workshop that I am awakening up at night to work on it... Not working on it, but to write what came in my mind about it !

I am so grateful to be so happy to feel my need of action. I think that it's the very first time in my life that I so want to do something, truly, sincerely...

I also can understand all my previous experiences, they were all leading me to Today !

This challenge changed me in a very good way. I watched myself very…


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3/28 I need your suggestions on how to NOT bail. And a drawing I did today

As I only managed to give 2 flowers away yesterday due to the chilly weather, I had 8 left today to give away.  The first rose I gave away was a no brainer.  As I walked through a college campus, there was a woman wearing only a sheet as a loin cloth, and body paint.  She was standing on a ledge trying to be still and look like a statue.  I tossed a rose up behind her and said "for your efforts", and as expected she stayed in character and didn't let it break her artistic expression.  But…


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On a roll...

Season 4 Day 4 and I'm feeling like I'm on a roll to better health.  I'm allowing myself to feel a little hungry before I eat.  I thought this might bring up painful memories, since it has before, but instead it brought up some useful thoughts. e.g. since my son came back home to live, mealtimes have gradually become all about him and the limited range of foods he will eat.

I stayed out of blame and acknowledged I have let this happen.  Then I…


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DAY 88

Spring is in the air people, new season, new energy, new love...I'm getting ready to embrace it.  Grateful for this fantastic weather, for the ways I am learning to listen to my heart and go with it.  Just struggling slightly with a disappointment, nothing major just I had my hopes up about something that is no longer going to happen.  Trying to allow that feeling of disappointment wash over me and move on out of my energy field without me becoming too attached to it.  I am choosing not to…


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Day 19: success, calm, confident


Staying calm,relaxed but very confident.

Get respect and help  from friends..

T will love and respect me more...

successful day, accomplishing my goals..

Healthy eating..

ALH, had a Wonderful day..

accomplished all my intentions and am soooooooooooooooooooooo grateful for that :)

on build up my confidence I 've been given my DQ results and which are great!!!!!!! (744.75 out of 750).

It built…


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Yay my first blog!

Hi Co-Creaters!

My name is Jess and I am on Season 1 day 3 of my hundred day challenge. I am happy to say that I have already been taking steps to fulfill my intentions. One of them was having an internship for the summer. The day that I began this challenge I sent my sister a rough copy of my resume so already the universe is falling in alignment with my goal. 2 days later I am thankfully on the tweaking up stages of my resume so I am hoping to have it out by the end of this week…


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~~~~~~~~~ RESPONSIBILITY ~~~~~~~~~


Hello my beautiful friends!!!

It was a confusing 10 days period...

As the time passes things are getting more Grate and more complicated...

I need to be more aware & wise...

I do many mistakes....and ego takes over....

The Energies are GRATE to sense them....

And then what???

After you sense them they are already there...and you Have to do something with them!!!

You start playing with them... ( like a child…


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Flower Super Hero Part II / Vlogging in Linux

I love it when the universe makes sense.  Last week I decided to finally speak up about my local grocery store always being out of stock of one particular item or another.  This has bugged me for a year, and in my current mindset I am holding nothing back, being tactful about it, but not swallowing the burden of something I dislike without saying anything anymore.  Speaking to a manager at the store, he apologized, said he's try to correct the problem and gave me a $25 gift…


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Anita Moorjani's book has healed my life

I am almost done with a brand new memoir that is out called "Dying to be Me" by Anita Moorjani. Ever since Lilou interviewed her I have been dying to read this memoir. I think it was 6 months or so that I've been waiting. It really is the most fabulous memoir I have ever read. The memoir is about Anita's full miraculous recovery from stage 4 cancer. She talks about what she learned from being in the other realm and then coming back. Trying to describe it all here would DEFINITELY not do her…


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DAY 87

Enjoyed a train journey today, always love travelling by train, find it a great time to reflect on the world passing by.  Reminding myself that I have to be there for myself, I know that I can now rely and trust myself.  I also have a feeling that there is a newness in my life, that I am entering a new phase of my life's journey, that I am attracting my soul group because I am living in my authenticity.  I am excited about these new relationships, I am excited that my ability to trust has…


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How do you create positive new thoughts?

So after watching the online premier of Hungry for Change ( yesterday the i realised it was time to create my own affirmation cards to hang up in several places in my house.



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Season 3, Day 5

Hello co-creators,


I realise I haven't written a post for this season yet, although I have been doing my practices every day at home. The primary practices that I am using this season, and that I have found to be the most effective tools for manifesting my desires, are gratitude, visualization, meditation, creating a vision board (and looking at it often!!), and yoga! ...oh and of course, journalling/blogging.


I have a journal that I dedicate soley to all…


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Day 18: Reading and relaxing

❤today's Intentions❤

* Wonderful day.

* Shopping (Gifts): ''get everything I need in good price''.

* Reading  last 2ch of M7.

* Journaling. 

* making couple of calls.

* Get my prescription. 

Am very grateful for today and this day has and still giving me :) 

wonderful sunny day, very nice time out(shopping), good lunch, chance to call my loved ones,  

ALH, I am having a very good day so far and did get everything I need(gifts) and…


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Simple Steps to Achieving Goals

A Lesson I Learned From My Baby About Achieving Goals

I was reminded of some simple steps to achieving goals while I was interacting with my baby. Who knew my baby would teach me something already?

I am sitting here right now with a pile of toys on my desk as I write this because my baby decided to bring me her pile of toys, one by one. Even when my husband tried to distract her with another activity, she was determined to take every toy in front of her and hand them…


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season 1 day 22 - got a rejection but......





Just got a rejection for a job I wanted; not too disappointed though as the job I wanted was advertising a salary that was way below than what I wanted. I feel the universe has heard my prayers because one of the agencies recommended some websites for me to apply jobs for.... as the saying goes: "When one door closes another…


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Day35-50 - Forgiveness

On one of Oprah's Lifeclass lessons she reflects on the statement 'forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past can ever be different'.  I finally understand and appreciate the significance of that.  And now that I have, I feel liberated. It means letting go of the past that we wanted, and accepting it for what it is, whilst we move on with our lives.  It empowers me to forgive myself on a deeper level, frees me from resentment, and it stops me from replaying that internal video in my…


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Good Morning!!!

I'm having a great week so far. I applied to film school. A miracle is going to happen in a few weeks. I believe. Have a   amazing day everyone. God Bless…


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Faith, Foundation and Daily Affirmation of Good, Peace, Prosperity & Success

Yes the Secret and 100 Day Reality Challenge has helped me attract more money and receive my healing. During these last six months with the help of God my intentions for better health and finances are coming true. I've been able to manifest a prosperous lifestyle and healthstyle. I'm truly Blessed.

My manifestation for publication of my writing came true and I'm now featured in the 3rd Volume of SW!PE magazine. This the beginning of something big in my writing career.…


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(non)Business Card, take 2

I ramped up my efforts a bit on my non-business card for personal networking.  I'm quite pleased with the results.  Each font seems to hint at an element of myself, as do the images.  And the poem is just all me :)  Comments and feedback are appreciated on my latest version of my non-Business…


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Season 4 Day 2

Yesterday I started working towards my new goals - letting myself feel hunger and the other feelings that may come up if I do not constantly push them back down with food. 

I also aim to listen to my body, recognise when I an full, and respect myself enough to stop eating.

To help myself do this, I am using a CD by Paul McKenna - it has some lovely ideas like "Every good thought you ever had about yourself is now magnified 100 times".  I like that.

I will read a page of…


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