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DAY 86

Short entry from my phone as I'm down the country for work, tired but grateful for the opportunity to get away from the office. Affirming my intention to try to check in here every day for the next 2 weeks. Amazed that I am coming towards the end of season 1, what a journey, time to start reflecting on all that has come about since the beginning of 2012. Intending to continue living this journey from the heart and letting go that which no longer serves me. Realising the power of intention is so… Continue

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Iván Fuentes

Today the sun is shining. 

New day to be awake, feel strong, be grateful and love.  

To love.

To nourish. Nourish myself, nourish my environment, nourish the world.  

I believe in the force of energy, collective energy.  

I saw this video, it's an interview/statement of Iván Fuentes: Chilean fisherman, spokesman of the region of Aysén, Chile.  He promotes gratitude, positive frequency, love, respect and care for our planet and amongst each other. If you…


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Day 82 Season 4

So I love living in the city. I have health insurance through my job and it is still flexible enough to pursue my creative interests. My life is so good!   I am excited for continued opportunities for me to live and thrive in my zone of genius.

I am so grateful for:

My friends

Divine order



Sunny weather

Green lights, parking spaces and happy travelers

my room



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Season 12 Day 51


Halfway mark. I have had a great weekend. I streamed Pokemon for 12 hours for the Full Restore charity, and also spent some time reconnecting with myself and getting back into World of Warcraft. 

so now I am at my halfway mark. let's see how I am doing this season:

1. Fall in love with myself- I am such an amazing person, and I…


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season 1 day 21 - Renewed faith... smells like fresh flowers!


Ahhh the feeling of refreshed and renewed faith feels like morning sunshine on my face. I'm so much calmer and happier now after those few days of mental torture. I feel my soul was rebellion, the ego in me was throwing a massive tantrum! I calmed it down by doing meditations, especially with archangel Michael and EFT with Brad Yates.

I feel I've got things back on track and really look forward to today and the miracles that will come…


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Let's be positive

Good Morning!!!! I've been positive lately anyways but there is always someone that likes to still your joy. So I'm going to remain extremely positive. Watch what I say. I believe something amazing is going to happen to me soon. I'm thankful for everything!!! I can do all things through Christ who strengths me!!! This is my motto for this whole week.

Have a great week everyone!!!…


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Day17: energy and success

* A Wonderful day..
* Compete my book which am reading these days.
* Pass and complete my trainings which am going to do today.
* Eating healthy and eating on time.
* Very happy and good mood throughout the day.
* Full energy and staying focused to accomplish all my intentions.

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Wonderful experience !

Thank God!!!!!

am sooooooooooo grateful for everything and specially this wonderful new day.... few days ago I thought I don't know how to even use this on line page and I would rather keep my page hidden and people might laugh when they look at it...

and I might wont be able to have friends... but am sooooooo happy and thankfull too my new friends as well as God for all this and the more am exploring it the more good things coming out of it...

Am feeling great and looking…


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Flowers for Eva Weiß

a virtual bouquet for my friend Eva Weiß.  This bouquet comes close to representing how amazing you are Eva.  Never settle for less, never sell yourself short, and continue turning heads and wowing people with your presence. I hope we remains friends for a long long time and get closer as each day passes.

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I'm blogging daily, and today as I began writing, I found inspiration on a caterpillars transformation. It's rebirth, its becoming a butterfly: with a new skin, new shape, new challenges.

I like to think the caterpillars essence, that creature's true Self, remains there..intact and present. 

Just fly little wing...

and for my blog: …


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DAY 85

Hello beautiful people, if you get a chance tonight have a look outside, there is the most enchanting new moon out, I hope you get to see it wherever you are.

For me this new moon is signalling a new beginning in my life, I am closing a difficult chapter in my life, and ready to embark on a new adventure following the way of the heart.  I am leaving behind the way of the mind.  I am changing certain ways of behaviour, I choose not to make assumptions or judgements, I choose to see the…


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Day 22

Friday was awesome as expected with our paddle holding seminar and board breaking night a success. Lot's of dads on board holding paddles and lots of little girls showing their dad's how its done :)

Training with Cam was really good but boy was I sore afterwards and woke up Saturday feeling very sorry for myself. Not an inch of me without a bruise or graze of some sort! Was excellent though and Cam was as beat up as me which is the main thing :)

Sunday was a day spent running…


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Let's Be Thankful

I just want to say I'm thankful for may family, house, and job. I had a wonderful weekend!!! My blessing is on the way!!! I can feel it. I just need to hold on to it. I graduate in May with a BS in health service management but I really want to go to Savannah College of Art and Design,Florida State University or University of Central Florida. This is my next step!! I have a feeling that a blessing is on its way so I can…


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My new Flower-of-Life Business Card (picture included)

I've been getting really interested again in the Flower of Life.  I used it as my profile picture on facebook ages ago, but haven't been intrigued by the Flower of Life again until earlier this month.  I decided to make "business" cards, just for personal promotion.  I plane to give these cards to new friends I meet who want to contact me.  On my finished cards there won't be that blue border, the website I used for designing the cards puts that there for people who want to make smaller…


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Days 28-31 ~ Season 7


mmmmm am not exactly sure where or what I should be writing in this moment.  My mind is in a swirl about quite a few things..that I've stopped and started this many times...because it almost feels like..mmm there are too many subjects to be discussed...and as I get…


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Dieting, Spring Cleaning, and T-shirts

today is day 14 OF 14 for Phase I of the South Beach Diet.  I am really looking forward to moving to Phase II tomorrow, I've been missing fruits and carrots, missing bread too but I know I have to not go crazy with it and have half a piece of whole grain bread with a meal.  No sandwiches or anything going forward.

I weighed in at 231 today, down from the 246 I weighed 2 weeks ago when I started.  So in all, I lost 15 pounds in two weeks on South Beach Phase I, with very limited to…


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Day 027 Season 1: Doing for me

Feeling pretty damn good today. :)  I am having Lasik surgery tomorrow. Something I have wanted to do for myself for a very, very long time. I never seemed to be able to afford it when Erich was around. I am also going hiking with a group of people from MeetUp group online on Sunday. We are hiking at Cloudland Canyon. Of course there are memories there but I am looking forward to creating new ones.

I am opening up more to people. I seem to feel my vibrations rise and people can see…


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Happy Weekend...Go Party Like A Rockstar

"Follow Up with "Just Do It" in 2012. Check out this Youtube:"

Be NOT afraid to have a little fun... Express yourself! :)

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Season 12 Day 48

M6D8: GOt the big charity Pokemon stream tomorrow from noon til midnight, I can't wait.

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The Threshold Bookcast : Chapter 5 : Space Oddity

Chapter 5 : Space Oddity

As the title suggests, the fifth chapter of « 2206 : Window Onto A New World » reveals more details of the recently discovered spatial anomaly, the baffling phenomenon that has all of Ovel talking.

In this instalment, we meet the other two key figures of the Coalition of Progressives,…


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