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Season 3 - Day 57 - Mar 31

Hey there people. So something insanely difficult has happened to me and I mean, I'm not stressed about it because I know it will turn out in the end. But it's just scary. I'm able to keep a calm state about it though because I've had lots of practice over the years. I'm watching my mom let this tragedy in our family really affect her and she is becoming a victim. She is feeling sorry for herself, like she is the one that is being hurt. It's just non-sensical to me to see that. I feel a bit…


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More on the meaning of life...This is related to Laila's post

I love my career but I am struggling with money. I am struggling because I don't work full time and I don't get any child support. I am a single mom with a chronic illness and I just can't handle working full time. Well actually my illness is better lately so I must admit that I could work more, and I actually would like to, although probably not full time. My family is urging me to move from the mid west to NY (where they live) so that I can be near them and earn more money. All I think is…


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Hallo, dear cocreators ...HAPPY EASTER!


                                               MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT !

                                                   TINA  and  LILOU 

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day 1 season 1 : intervention and when to let go?

namaste beloveds! i thought of doing a vlog to introduce myself...but it's 10pm and i am way too lazy for that. i am, blogging instead. it works right? right!

wow! today, march 30, 2013...what a day. is anyone else feeling this intense energy? i know you must be because not only did i feel it but at least 2 of my friends are feeling it as well. i woke up feeling shitty but that quickly lifted when i had to play mediator for one of my closest friends who was really,…


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I've Decided To Go After My Dream....but I'm Scared. Please Send Me Positve Energy

Hi Friends,

I'm writing this post because I've made a big decision and I could use a few positive words to keep going and push past my insecurities.   

I've decided to follow my dreams and…


Added by Toya Bell on March 30, 2013 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

what is thepurpose of life?

hello everybody. happy Easter to you!

As for my recent thoughts... Trying to find the meaning of life. For the past few years i have just lived in a rush. Studying all the time, doing sports, studying, going out, studying, sleeping, doing sports. Really no time to think about anything. Being single, trying to love single life, living for myself, accepting myself, getting to know myself.

But now im just thinking, like whats the purpose of living all for yourself? Really,…


Added by Laila on March 30, 2013 at 5:32pm — 2 Comments

Day 40 - Season 6 Laid off from work and open to new opportunities

I'm really happy to see how things are unfold in my season 6.

Loving myself has been the main objective for this season and it is really working.  I'm expressing what I want and I open myself to Universe and its channels of supply.

Yesterday I received the news of my laid off, of a job that I appreciate for all the experience I gain but that was really stressful and with no good…


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Season 1 - Day 67 Enjoying Life

Dear co-creators,

I feel so happy every day this week, I cautiously said to myself that this week will be just amazing. Having the days off to spend with my boyfriend and enjoy every moment of the day. What I have found is that if you don't remind yourself to enjoy the moment, every moment it somehow gets lost. Yes you still like the day at the end of the day but the moments a re not that well lived and not taken to the next level to attract more of it, to produce positive vibrations.…


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day 3 - being grateful

Here in Belgium it is now 9.30 pm so not much happened today.


But my boyfriend goes to the doctor with the results from the hospital.

I am gratefull that we have such good doctors and medication.  When we have a headache, we take a pill; when we brake an arm, we get a plaster in hospital. It seems normal to…


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Day 16

Beautiful day , full love and positive events. THANK YOU:) I AM GRATEFUL

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Day 2

I had a busy day at work! But I like what I had to do, so no problem.

Yesterday i went to pick up by boyfriend in the hopsital. He has to do more test but in the hospital near home.

My aunt came to watch my kids for that time. I am thankfull for that.

I am very very tired, but I want to wash some clothes tonight, iron and take a…


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Season 3 - Day 54 - Mar 28 - Back on the track

Whoa! It's been almost 20 days! What has happened in that time? Well I've been really busy with career stuff. I've also been sticking to my exercise routine and have gotten totally fit! I'm pretty proud of that. I just thought I'd review my goals from day 1:

Find love (even for just a little while :), Find an easy job in the arts field, become super toned and lean, get a whole new wardrobe, get a bigger circle of friends, party every weekend (almost), finish the final draft of…


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S2 D36- So this is Life :)

Good Evening Co-Creators!

Well, I'm pleased to say that it has been a month of victory! From my fabulous vacation to the beach, to my new job :) There is so much, even to much, to describe here in this post. Alas, I will try.

The trip to Destin was amazing! There were a few low-lights, but nothing that could touch the highlights. My two best friends, my love, and a new best friend Renea, really made the trip! I have to say, Renea, whom I was already aquainted with, is one… Continue

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day 15

Nothing special.. all time i teach how to control emotion, today i was irritated i dont know why?!.. maybe it's time waiting on decision...Positive side it's that in this day i feed stray dogs it was amazing:) The best thing in this day:) I am grateful for this

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My new start

Today I start all over again.

I have a tablet now, so it is more easy to come on the website on a regular basis.

I have a busy time at the moment. My babygirl is having a cold and my boyfriend is in hospital which is an hour by car. Maybe today he can be transported to a hospital near home.

When he is home from the hospital i want…


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Season 6 - starting today 03/26/13 - Let the manifesting begin :)

I'm starting my sixth season today and I am excited! I just started the "virgin diet" which will help me figure out my food intolerances (thereby resulting in my desired weight loss) and I'm exercising and eating better as a result. So I am hoping, by the end of the 100 days, to be at least 10 lbs lighter.

But my primary focus of this season is in the romance dept. During my last season, I had become content with just dating and exploring my options. There is nothing wrong with that,… Continue

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day 12 13 14

Coming back from a long break hi guys ;)
i was in sunday on beautiful trip in mountain with my partner. Lovely time :* Thank you so Much. Now i coming back with a full energy to action;) Today i was in office and file an application. Its amazing because i have a new possibilites.... That's Magic..:):)

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Well there is not long to go on my 100 Day Challenge!

As of today I have 72 tasks left to do:

I've completed all the fun and exciting stuff so I am up to the truly challenging stuff now.

I am determined to finish these tasks even though there are about 10 that are out of my control.

I just hand it over and keep my spirit positive...remaining in gratitude!

I hope you are all kicking goals too, my lovelies!


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S01D04 - Still focusing on loving myself

That's basically it, what the title says. I guess that's more or less what this season is going to be about. Of course, I still have goals to create, but its like they're not goals anymore. I look at them as more or less events in my life that I know will unfold perfectly.

It sure seems like its taken a while for me to get here, in this mental attitude. But I'm here. That's all that matters. And whether anyone knows it or not, I think this site has played a very big role in that. I… Continue

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Day 30 ~ Feeling stuck!

I have reached Day 30 and while progress towards my goals has been slow but steady, today I feel stuck!

My brand coach cancelled today's coaching session as she is unwell which left me disappointed as I was really looking forward to this session...I feel that this now puts me behind....

I have been experiencing some family issues (in-laws) for a while now and I feel like I can't shake it and get it out of my husband is very supportive and on my side but I am feeling a…


Added by Michelle on March 25, 2013 at 10:11pm — 4 Comments

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