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So, after a bit of meditation, I've found that I really need to love myself more. I've usually put others ahead of me, worrying about what they'd like, didn't like, how I could help them, etc. And I was really good at it, too. I'd drop everything and come up with everything from plans of action to buying groceries to just being there when I was never there for myself. Sure, I'd feel hurt in some way, but just threw on a mask and kept going. It's been a while since I've ever felt love for - been… Continue

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Season 1 - Day 63 My 3rd Update

Dear co-creators,

firstly I apologize to not being around as promised to myself and the community. I have been busy with finishing my Bachelor Degree, and I can share the amazingly happy news that I have passed my final exam and will receive my Degree in the mail in about a months time. I am very happy an relieved and most of all excited to start living my life as it is without having the uncomfortable feeling of still being a student but living an adult life with working people…


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Day 24!

Hello Fellow Co-creators, 

I wanted to share how much this 100DRC is changing my life! What is incredible is that when I inscribed myself to this I was on a high and feeling so positive and excited, thinking that this experience would change my life! It is, but what I did not know is that as much as it is positive and transformative, it is also an intense, challenging and sometimes difficult experience. Because once we dare to state our intentions, we make a commitment to shift, and…


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Teetering on the edge of insanity!

It's times like these that I have to remind myself to make friends with what is and that nothing is good or bad - it's all in how we perceive it. A whole slew of things have been going "wrong" lately, and I'm at my breaking point. My oldest son has been sick with the flu for the past week. Thank God he is better now and will be going back to school tomorrow. But now my youngest is sick ::BANGS HEAD:: He's got an 103 degree fever and is absolutely miserable....which means so am I. I feel so…


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My boyfriend broke up with me and I liked it LOL

Not exactly a boyfriend but there was someone special in my life for a few weeks and it's over now and I'm totally ok with it, relieved actually. My intuition was telling me that something was missing, but it was hard to let go because he was so kind to me. Luckily he started the conversation to end things and I am grateful for that. I am also grateful that I am attracting romantic love again, even if this guy was not right, I am moving closer to finding the One :)  I hope everyone is having…


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Okay, off to a really great start. I downloaded some MP3s to listen to while I slept last night and woke up this morning feeling really great. I also have this really great app that helps me wake up and go to sleep with grateful thoughts. AND someone sent me an email with an abundance mantra. I've definitely been blessed and have a bunch of tools to work with.

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Day 5, Season 1



Finally, a day off of work! Work has been an interesting place appears I have finally getting some recognition, and appreciation for all my extra work! I will be assisting our clinical director on some upcoming projects! I am very blessed, and thankful for this.

In other areas, I have been slacking with my exercise and diet. I think part of that is because I know I need to learn to love myself as I am. I've struggled with eating disorders on…


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Using Your Melon, Part II

Hi all!  I just have a little update to the previous blog—“Using Your Melon”.  Following that situation, my daughter has not purchased a watermelon since-until today.  Many things have changed in her life over the past six months.  She has been far more positive, and allowed more beauty into her life. …


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Day 1 Again

I'd actually started my first first season in Feb, but I had no data connection. I thought I might journal, but that phased out after about two weeks. So here I am again. I'm willing myself to stay happy, loving and create the reality I desire for the next 100 days and beyond. Boo yeah!

My first order of business is my new home. Its THE most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I just know that I'll be moving inthis April 1st. Any and all positive thoughts are so very appreciated. The… Continue

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day 11

I had a nice sunny day, lots of energy, slowly i change my perception to life and people;)

go gratitude,

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Season 10 Day 41 UPDATE

Hello My Lovelies

Its been a busy month, weve received two offers on our house and a third likely next week, managed to find out what seller of house i love would take for his house and placed another offer so cross fingers and with all this excitement i found out im pregnant with our first child :-)

I am the happiest ive been for a long time. I am truely thankful to the universe for these beautiful gifts and giving me the greatest gift of being a…


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Season 15 Day 17 : Dreams into Reality

I feel like I am bursting with positive energy today. Upon feeling such a high energy, I heard word that a game I had been longing to see again I found out is being remade. Duck Tales, an important part of my childhood for both the cartoon and video game. I can't begin to express how excited I am to see this childhood dream become a reality. Many of us grew up on this game, and now these great people are making it happen. It's even better than that. They got hte…


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Day 10

Today i have a bad day... I am not sure that i get to municipal police because i have a conditional redemption:/ Yes it is, how helps other.. So, I have all documents and i go to office in Monday or Tuesday. I believe very deeply that I get there.. So, wait and see, decision probably in Friday...
Other positive news;) I will apply for a green card to USA because this is my really dream.
Everything step by step;)
Life is brilliant:)
Love you guys

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Day 3, Season 1


I am just about finished with my third day of my first season. I am not really sure where to begin, so I apologize if this isn't as fluid as it should be. Yesterday, day 2, I was able to get some exercise in before getting ready. I work a very odd shift...2 pm-12:30 am. I also am a single parent to a 15 month old. On the days I work, I often struggle to get everything done, and I usually am left feeling disappointed I do everything I wanted to. I did get a little work…


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Birthday Gratitude

I'm feeling pretty happy today. I went swing dancing last night. I got lots of birthday wishes on Facebook and calls from my family. I had a full day at work. I'm dating someone new who says the sweetest things and wants to make me happy. I am another year older and wiser and actually more healthy than I've ever been. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful for all the love in my life. I am grateful that things always work out. I'm looking forward to our trip to NY next week to see my…


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Day 3 - Divine Masculine

So one of the goals/intentions that I have on my list is regarding the Divine Masculine. Working with this concept on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level I have a personal perception of how this balance is maintained in relation to the Divine Feminine.

The focus of my thoughts today have been on the desire to maintain a physical representation of the Divine Masculine. Before I met my current partner I ha…


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day 9

Everything with a plan, today i received a certificate. Thank you :)
I very grateful:D you know? law attraction is great:)
and now movie :)

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Dear Co-creators,

Its all in your mind they say. It so is. I am going on a big holiday next week to meet someone special. The trip means a lot to me. The make or break of one of the potential important relationships in my life. Even when I have been telling myself the whole time I deserve a loving relationship and I accept it now. In the past week, I attracted some things which basically put my fears in forefront. I got these two infections which are just so painful and…


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Day 3 YAY!

Life is beautiful! So many things to look forward too. Today I am manifesting a clean fresh smelling house, energy in my pregnancy to get done all that I need to. Motivation for my non profit, to get hundreds of donations for my auction. I am manifesting a loving positive attitude, no more crazy prego mood swings! Today I can take on the world! Whooo hoooo, here we go!

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Day 43 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

I slightly lost track of my days so I'm calling today day 43 in the interests of keeping things simple!!

Chris came back from holidays last Friday (6 days ago) so life has pretty much been about spending time with him and making up for lost time.

We were lucky enough to have Friday afternoon through till Monday afternoon together before I had to come back for work and Chris had nightshift, it was really  nice to be together again.

We had a couple of nights apart then I…


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