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Starting over again!

I have not been here in more than a year!

Let's try again, Day 1

Reflections. I have an amazing loving man, a lovely home, two beautiful kids and another on the way!

Our Blessings have been abundant, and I know it will continue!

I am manifesting success for my new non profit organization. I am manifesting a gorgeous unforgettable, lovely wedding, that is the complete fairytale, and I will have the most beautiful dress. Success at work for my fiance' Jeff,…


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Would you like to SHARE your STORY??

Hey CCOR friends!  One of my FB friends (Ted Black), has started a cool new FB Group called:

GEMS of EXPERIENCE: Personal Stories of Dreams Come True!

If your interested in sharing your manifestations, moments of synchronicity, law of attraction experiences, etc, please feel free to join the open group at the link below. 

(You can just join to read the stories of others if you wish!  They will be very inspiring, I'm sure!)

Here's the link to the group:…


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Day 1, Season 1

Here goes nothin'....

I just finished getting started. I set my intentions, here we go!


It's already late, 10:35 pm. However, due to working unpractical hours, I am a night owl, so there is still time to get a few things accomplished. When I am done with this, I will be doing an Ellen Barrett workout called "Zen Sculpt". Afterwards, I am going to mediate with some of my crystals.


I suppose this is just a short entry tonight, since I am just…


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An intuitive thought will plant the seed,

To drive our intent of what we need.

This natural gift from joyful desire,

Envelopes our spirit to which we aspire.

by Rolley Hurley

please visit my site …


Added by Rolley Hurley on March 19, 2013 at 4:47pm — 1 Comment

Day 2: Pretty Good Day

How does everybody keep track of what day they are on? Do you write it on a calendar, or count it out each time or what? You'd think I would have learnt by now. But the last time I did a challenge, I kept losing count - and I think that my days were aligned with Lilou's or someone else's so they basically did all the work. I wish there was an app for it or something... well there must be some sort of trick. I just haven't figured it out yet.

Anyway, my day... Even though I was…


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Day 78 - Life is a journey

In the last time I´m really busy with studying, but today I feel like stuck. In front of me a high wall block my way and what to do now?

What´s happening? Different emotions are running through me. At the moment: FEAR. The time here comes to an end, finally. About that I´m happy, but this something in me let me feel fear about something. About the something in future.  I decided to release it somehow. I know, why I feel like this. Many questions running through my mind: Will I get…


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What your voice can do

Added by Stacy Phares on March 19, 2013 at 2:37pm — No Comments

Season 15 Day 14

Well things have been going wonderfully. On Saturday I went into New York City to take the class on game making at Microsoft. I also could feel the energy as everyone was participating in St. Patrick's Day, it gets crazy in the city then. My game is coming along really nicely too, I have most of the content complete, i Just need to make some more levels but I have characters and art, so far so…


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Day 23 - Eliminating Limiting Beliefs!

Hi co-creators!  I can't believe it is day 23 for me already!!  

Things have been progressing slowly but surely...I have had my 3rd brand coaching session this morning and it's coming together well...I would have liked to have launched my business by now, but I am also conscious of not rushing into it either..

I recently discovered a business that just launched in February this year offering services very similar to my service offerings.  I was hoping to be the pioneer…


Added by Michelle on March 18, 2013 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

S5 - Day 29

Today is a good day. In the morning I started running around - almost missed my meeting - luckily one of my people in my team sent me a text message to remind me, such a reliable kid. Just knew that his four year relationship also ended two months ago and I appreciated that he's so strong about it.

I still couldn't fully focus on work, but I did get a few jobs done that I've been procrastinating for a whole week.I did push myself to go jogging and made a new friend, who actually…


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S5 Day 1: I am Back!!

Hello again my dear Co-creators!

It has been so, so long since I have been here!!

But over the past few months I have really felt a growing need to organise my life and days better; to put in a bit more structure to my time, and this site kept popping into my mind, so I figured why not give another season a go.

The other week I found one of my old diaries where throughout it I had listed various intentions and goals, and so many of them had come…


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Day 28 - Under Constriction or Creating Miracles

      Funny how the journey has been unfolding... Not in the comedy sense of the word, but the intringuing way I'm starting to perceive the Universe and life laws work. So far I felt the need to elaborate on:

. Inner beliefs and subconscious

. feeling hurt

. proactivity

. commitment, plans, fear, self-esteem, confidence

     I perceive those are the core topics which revolve around my core beliefs. Ha! Interesting, isn't…


Added by Let there be Light on March 17, 2013 at 9:30pm — 1 Comment

S5 - Day 28

Today is a challenging day, but I managed well. Did some reading. I had some unexpected support from someone I barely know, so I took it. Pretty much decided where I'm going for my holiday - think I'm going on a diving cruise!

Today I'm grateful for:

1. A morning better than yesterday

2. Support from mum and friends

3. Support from some stranger

4. Two meals fully completed and I enjoyed them

5. Made some nice tea for myself

6. Smoked…


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day 3...goddess circle, and lots of magic!

day three rocked.  I took a super long walk before teaching shinpiden, ate super healthy food all day long, did a great job teaching, had a really amazing day with three incredible goddesses, and gave reiki attunements to all of our letters to the universe...which included my four seeds!

here's their progress...

1.  weigh140 pounds

-  rice, kidney beans, red & green bell pepper, scrambled eggs, pao d'arco…


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DAY 76 three-quarters through

Well I am very pleased with my progress thus far. I have added a few more tasks to my list as I found a really cool Life Coach Training Program on line to do which is very cheap but great!

So at the 75% mark of the challenge I am 77% of the way through my task list.

The big goals I have still to come

- finishing and publishing 3 books

- a strong online presence.

- profitable

I wish all my fellow co-creators much inspiration and motivation… Continue

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New beginning

Day much doom and gloom about our country surrounds me....hard to always look for the see what I want to be affirmative....finding joy in everyday events. Back to re-reading my Law of Attraction books.

Added by Nancy kelsey on March 17, 2013 at 6:34am — 1 Comment

I worked all day and I enjoyed it!!!

Nothing is like working in the most beautiful Salon. With a great staff and I'm in love with all the beautiful kindred souls I have as clients.

Bless this day!!

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Dzień 4

Dziękuję za kolejny dzień w którym byłam bardzo skoncentrowana na tym co mam zrobic. Poczyniłam pierwsze kroki badawcze odnośnie egzaminów na Prawo Jazdy a także na certyfikat FCA. Załatwiłam ksero mojego świadectwa do aplikacji na strażnika miejskiego . DZIEKUJE ZE JESTEM TAK SKONCENTROWANA I ZDETERMINOWANA W DZIALANIU:*

Ponadto tez:

- mam mozliwosc kupna swojego wymarzonego paska

-pogodzialam sie z moim ukochanym i jest cudownie:*



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day two :)

day two...woohoo!


1.  weigh 140 pounds

-  eggs, cream, 1 slice bacon, 1/2 cup OJ, supplements, probiotics, water

-  kale, shitake, onion, orange bell pepper, rice noodles, sesame sauce, green beans, probiotics

-  kale, shitake, onion, orange bell pepper, rice noodles, sesame sauce, green beans, probiotics

-  1/2 serving fish & chips with tartar sauce, hot buttered rum

NOTE: no walk today...chose to drive twice to sf,…


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Season 15 Day 10

I need to keep positively thinking of what I want. This week has gone really well but I know it can get better. It's interesting how strong visualization works. I am manifesting myself becoming a student and it's coming through in multple ways. This was part of my focus last season, and I didn't ask for this but it's coming true now.

Added by Shaman Kanowa on March 15, 2013 at 11:18pm — No Comments

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