The 100 Day Reality Challenge

March 2013 Blog Posts (168)

Day 16

Well things seem like they are shifting in a new direction.  I still have my original goal in mind but other obstacles are now in the way.  I just want to remain balanced and get through them.

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Day 28 - 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 28 and I'm fired up again.

I spent some time thinking about why I was feeling blocked about the intentions.

I'm getting confused between action items, setting the scene for the day and the big picture stuff I want to attract or manifest (and the energy I need to be giving out to receive it).

So now I'll create a new sheet to fill in each morning that reflects these 3 categories.

I always work better with simplicity and clarity and I know this will work well so…


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Day 15

Along with Spring....change is in the air!

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Season 1: Claimin' It

I went back and forth for a while debating whether or not I should do a video blog, or a written blog. I finally came to the conclusion that although it would be a lot of fun to film videos, I feel like blogging this experience will bring me back into the creative space of writing again. One of my goals for the next 100 days is to complete a feature film screenplay.

I wrote the first draft of this script in 2009. At the time, it was a script I was very proud of and was one of…


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Season 3 - Day 27 - Mar 1 - Thank you

Good morning! I had a pretty good night last night, full of fun and fancy free! I'm not really sure what to write about. I'm mostly just happy today and I hope to keep that going! I have a lot on my plate lately but it seems like I am handling it pretty well. I'm grateful for the friends I've made recently and all of my success in my career. Thank you higher me! You know exactly what I want and I'm always surprised everyday by what you bring to me. Thank you.

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DAY 60. Excited!

I had an epiphany yesterday and in my emails today I was given an opportunity to make it happen even faster! So excited and grateful!

Although I only have 40 days left on my challenge, I actually have 55 days before I am on the road again, before returning to home, Australia.

Head down and back to work!

Love and blessings co-creators!


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Day 11 - Comittment, plans, fear, self-esteem, confidence.

"I'm stuck in place".

"There's no time for me".

"I'm always late".

"I'm not capable of doing this"/ "I don't have the ability to do this".


Those are the beliefs that I still have in my mind, telling me something which is not true. I just bought it as true. Now, I want to change that. And I felt the change happening. But now it's time to take it to a different level, the level of comitting to it. You see, I've been reading self-help books since I…


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Day 14

An eventful day for sure. Had a good day at work, made my first paycheck.  Then had a friend in town and hung out at another friends band practice.  I really wanna keep growing within myself and in my relationship, I feel those are key elements of manifestation just as much as visualization.

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