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Season 1, Day 8

Today while living my life on purpose, there were quite a few synchronicities non-directly related to me that I know are relevant. First, while working, I noticed a guest that was cashing out, to be a friend I used to go to high school with. A really great person but we didn't stay in touch. I asked her how she was doing and she said great she's married and has beautiful twins. She then proceeded to tell me that when she was just newly pregnant a psychic came into her work and when she told…


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Day 46/100

Day 46/100

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Bit of an update

I pushed myself a bit to go out tonight & socialise & I'm proud of myself for that. One of my friends was there so I talked briefly to him & some people who he was with & got to chat to some new people have a good laugh & great food. While they might not keep in touch, I find it SOOO tempting to hibernate on weekends as my job is quite extrovert (I'm an ambivert - introvert AND extrovert!) so I am challenging myself to go out & socialize even if once a fortnight & I… Continue

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Day 57 Season 10 We are all authentic!

Nice progress!

I hope that all co creators are progressing?

I have regularily done affirmations and reading good books and I got

some courage.

I have now got a meeting with a well known director which showed some interest for

my play, my text. We meet up at tuesday, he wanted to give me his opinion on my work and hopefully, he would

work with…


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Day 45/100

Day 45/100

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A Prayer and a Reminder

Thank-you, Universe for all of my blessings. Thank-you for being forever by my side, helping me help myself. Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees, the gifts amidst the challenges. When I deal with stress and anxiety, worrying that nothing I ever do comes out right, worrying that I'll never be good enough, never be smart or pretty or funny or clever enough, when I worry about the things I did yesterday, and things that need to get done for tomorrow, it's difficult to…


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Season 02, Day #01 - Let's try that again

No idea where the time ran to but I totally forgot about this whole season, so I'll just restart it.

There are daily tasks that I want to do. But I don't promise nothing.

I would like to start blogging on my progress, though, and I'd like to do it daily.

So today I did nothing yet and now I go to bed, but I first have to do W for five minutes, and I might wake up later again to do more work on my tasks. If not, tomorrow will be a lovely new day.


Did it!…


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General update + father and food stuff :)

Day 48, Season 2

Hey positive people! :)

I hope you are doing great. I know, I am not writing that much lately, but that doesn't mean that I am not doing the challenge. I am more positive and optimistic than ever. I am still doing mirror work, I am trying to eat as healthy as I can and trying to make my dreams come true. 

Things are improving. My partner and I have new clients and we are so happy about that. All the meetings were quite successful. My partner gets quite…


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Day 44/100

Day 44/100

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Day 72! Great news--got an interview!

I got a call today from a restaurant near my home! I have an interview Wednesday! This would make a world of difference for my life right now. I've been wanting to get back into serving for a while, as it's been where I've made the best money. I want to be able to wait tables until my graduation in December, and probably after while also working a day job to set aside money for nursing school, travel, a car, etc. So excited and grateful for this…


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Season 1, Day 4

Okay, so yesterday was my day 4. I was given the opportunity to trust my inner guidance and go with my intuition and fully trust myself. I have to say it wasn't the happiest situation...which I choose to keep private. I can definitely tell you this, I trusted myself and listened within. ALWAYS trust yourself, your inner wisdom and inner guidance. You will know it when you feel it no matter how big or small, important or unimportant the situation or circumstances.

So for day 4, I would…


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Day 43/100

Day 43/100

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Season 1, Day 3

Good Morning!! (It's actually day 4, but this is my Day 3 entry!

For quite some time now, I have been focused on manifesting a Hawaiian vacation!! I'm so excited to go to Hawaii. So, yesterday at work someone was purchasing beach items and I asked if she was going on a trip. She said yes, so I asked where she was going and sure enough she replies "Hawaii"!! So when I told my husband last night he said "Hawaii's been coming up a lot lately hasn't it?" Then I remembered the other day,…


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Day 42/100

Day 42/100

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 Hi co-creators,

 Together with a member we have found out

 that private blogs (" view: just me")

 can be seen nevertheless by the admin.

There is no differential sign who informs the admin

of the private character of a post in this Ning Network.

                                                                                          kind regards,



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Viva la revolution

Daniel Bryan did my favorite wrestling shoot promo of all time last nite live on the WWE Networks backstage pass, I cant find the footage to share so here the quote!! So epic... '''We the people have power, thats what all these governments and corporations don't understand, we have the power to make change. You guys made that change not me, and I am extremely grateful for it because this is my dream and this is clearly what a large percentage of the WWE Universe wants to see! If I can beat…


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Day 41/100

Day 41/100

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Season 1, Day 2

Today is Season 1, Day 2 of my 100 day Reality Challenge!

Here's something I would like to acknowledge that happened earlier this morning while I was outside with one of my dogs. It was about 6:30 am, and I was silently affirming to myself "I am living my life on purpose, I live my life on purpose". A few seconds later I noticed something, it was still at first and then it ran to the fence! It was a cute little bunny! To me, seeing a bunny is good luck and the fact that I saw it while…


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Season 1, Day 1

Okay, my first video wasn't perfect (still figuring out my recording!), so I will give a recap of it right here:

My Intentions for this season are to live my life on purpose. To me that means trusting my inner self, my inner wisdom, trusting my gut instincts, and being present in the moment. Also, because we are always manifesting through our thoughts and feelings, recognizing and acknowledging at least one synchronicity and or manifestation per day. I will continue…


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