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Achievement #62 - Fearless honesty

I was getting frustrated during my talk with my life coach yesterday. I felt that she wasn't taking the time to fully understand a perceived barrier I was facing, and she thought I was blocking her. Finally I took a second to search myself, and realized I wasn't being entirely honest with myself. Furthermore, I was trying to be 'right', rather then listen for the truth her words might hold. After changing my language and explaining how I felt, we realized we were both misreading the other.…


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Achievement #61 - Enjoying a victory

Yesterday marked the first day in a while where I've had nothing that needed preparing for. The day before, I performed twice at a dance gala at our studio, and felt great about how they turned out. So yesterday I let myself relax and feel grateful. The simplest actions are usually the best.

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Day -19 & 20 another rest days

Family from Seattle, Hong Kong & Chicago came to visit. New found family with the Canadian culture, there is no blood relation. But in the Chinese culture, I'm a bui bui goo ma! Which means I'm old. Goo ma is like grandparents sister. Bui is like 1st or 2nd generation or basically, cousin. It feels nice to be a goo ma because in another couple generations, there won't be this relation because not many people are having kids. Chinese families are huge when there are grand children or cousins… Continue

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5-63: Sofar, sogood.

Dear auspicious authentic cutting-edge Co-creators,

     I'm so glad I'm here. I am blessed for being able to share my journey through a whole 100 days on how making my life better while seeing all of you making your lives better. I can't let that go by unnoticed. Have you ever realized how many people are unsatisfied with their lives? Waking up ina…


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DAY 65, Season 3

Setting Intentions for Holy Week

Holy Week begins tomorrow. As a professional musician, I make bank, but it's a whirlwind of music and travelling from gig to gig. From Palm Sunday to Easter, I have 8 church masses (for 4 different churches), 2 rehearsals, a recording session, and a concert. I am making over a grand in singing fees this Holy Week. And I have 3 shifts at my cashier job, to boot. I am so Abundant right now, it's ridiculous :) $$$$$ I am so happy and thankful that money…


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Day 18 - full body workout

Tight hamstrings! Tight quads! Tight IT band! Results=knee does not function. Ouch! But with my massage therapist, the muscles hope to work again. It was scary to not have a knee work. I can walk, I can drive, but I couldn't jump. Not fun. So my workout today is to clean the house! I already worked out! My massage theapist did it for me! Hahaha. Am I cheating? No way. I'm listening to my body. Pain, please go away. Calm shell exercises all the way.

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Day 17 - I cheated!

I cheated today. Had sugar! Had gluten. Had eaten late. :( so sad.

But I'm ok with it. I know I need one if these days. Going for a 100 days is challenging. I realize that I know I will fail, but to not beat myself up about it is a step forward. In the past, I would screw it. I can't do it and go back to my old habits. I know it takes about a month to break old habits. 100 days may seem a lot but I know it will be over in no time.

With my knee not well, I'm taking it easy. I can still… Continue

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Day 16 - Calmness

Sleep feels so good sometimes especially when your body needs it. I can't wait to sleep more. I rested, but am I fully rested. What does that feel like! :) I guess when people say you have a glow on your face, that is when i'm well rested. teehee. :)

It was a quite day today with my event over. Now on to the next. One and a time. No rush. In due time, it will all work itself out. I'm not worried. :)

I'm content. I feel great to be able to take it easy. My knee is recovering and…


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Day 4. Out of the Gate, Full of Energy.

Must be first week excitement, because I am enjoying daily exercising more than usual and certainly more than expected.  My work schedule is fantastic for this challenge which helps a lot. 

I am being super nice to myself too.  Doing just enough to feel all the activity the next day, but not enough to feel sore. 

All I have left is only another 96 days.  Woo hoo!

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Achievement #60 - Healing

Still felt out-of-sorts yesterday, and tired. This would have been compounded by going out dancing like I usually do, but I wisely took the evening off and rested at home. It would have been nice to have gone, because I'd paid for a group class already, but I'm glad I took the time off. Hope I'll feel better today!

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Day 15 - PAIN!

After 15 days of physically activity each day with not a lot of rest, my body is crying for help. Can my body handle the physically activiyt I put it in? I have pushed myself before and over and over again. I fight back but the pain never goes away. I need to keep at it. I need to find balance. I need to let go of the fear of what I may think of myself.

I had a wellness fair today for my grade 8's. I saw some of the fun times some of them were having and saw some of the "OMG, do I have…


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Achievement #59 - Holding the line

Major emotional fallout yesterday - I was fighting an undercurrent of anger and frustration the whole time, and not sure of its source. But I took good care of myself and took recharge moments. I still don't know what caused it (well, I have a theory), but at least I didn't let it bleed into my business. 

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Healing Horses

Hello lovely co creator's,

I would like to ask as many of you as possible to help a horse I have at the moment, she was being sent to the meat factory as she has an injury to her leg, I decided to save her from that fate, and brought her home to where I keep my horses. Please keep her in your prayers and send healing thoughts and intention to her. She is stunningly beautiful and I really want to heal her leg,she had no chance where she was and was underweight, any guidance or thoughts u… Continue

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Ahhh what a wonderful day again I must say. So today I got 100 that was owed to me, a nice visit with my sis, a free pack of diapers and wipes for my son, a monopoly game for $1 (I haven't played in …

Ahhh what a wonderful day again I must say. So today I got 100 that was owed to me, a nice visit with my sis, a free pack of diapers and wipes for my son, a monopoly game for $1 (I haven't played in ages and my husband had a ball playing), and an invite to dinner tomorrow from a friend.I also made all my appointments today and found an office close to my house for my son. My days have really been unfolding beautifully. I have been attracting everything well almost everything that I write… Continue

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my blessings over the last 7 days

Ok I have been focusing on abundance and what I have been attracting has been wonderfnl. So I told you how I got blessed with almost 1000 paid for my car repairs and free dinner that day since then I have attracted good grades 100% on 3 assignments. Unexpected money 3 different times and just last night I wrote down multiple things I wanted like groceries for all the recipes I wrote dowm, decorations and dishes for my new place ext and an ld friend stopped by and told me she was moving and I… Continue

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Day 14- Everything was going smoothly until DIM SUM OR COFFEE!!!!

The the recent gasness and bloating....i felt good. Family time....had a great weekend...and time spent with friends and their kids...Volleyball practice to play in a fun tournament with capes that I made.....AND BAM!!!!HEADACHES!!!

I haven't had headaches in a long time. Is the Dim Sum? Is it coffee?

What did I have a dim sum....steamed shrimp dumplings, steamed pork dumplings, mushroom rice wrap, shrimp paste egg plant *which has this sauce, a bite of shrimp spring roll as i…


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Day 13 - Home for the day

It has been a long time since i've told myself to stay home. Home bound. But with the sun peaking out, i had to go out for a walk, so i went to the farmers market! I got some delicious fruits and veggies for me. Yes i spent about 50 bucks, but it's for my health, my well being, my nutrition. :) I LOVE IT.

I felt up and down getting up today. Shall I go to yoga, shall i stay home, shall I, shall I after shall I.

I finally said, srew it, how does my body feel. :)

I did my…


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Day 12 - FOOD!!

OMG, food is so good. I went on a mini food tour with my sister as we didn't hit up all the places we wanted to. We had gluten free waffles, well, i did. YUMMY!!!

Then we were so full from that we couldn't go on. We went for gluten free pie instead and went home to clean....that was my workout. I cleanned and cooked. What an evening. :)

I am considering 30 day shred but my body is sore and becuase it's the time of month.

REMEMBER!!! Listen to your body. DO…


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Day 11 - Massage & Volleyball

Hello day 11!

It was a half day here of work and a half day there! Bacially, i went into work! hahaha. But had a massage in the morning and lunch with my sister. The rain made it worth while as we tried to do a food tour. Fail, since we only hit up one spot and 2 grocery places. hahaha.

Then I had volleyball. Epic. I played well and had fun. What a workout. I felt my abs from the day before. Whew. It's over. Now i'm going to sleep like a baby. :)

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DAY 57, Season 3

First Day of Spring, my new mantra, Gratitude

HAPPY SPRING!!! :))) The irony is that the (hopefully) last snow storm of the season is taking place outside right now! March has always been my least favorite month because one day will be gorgeous, warm and sunny and I dare to start planning and imagining my garden and all my warm weather activities... then there will be a cold snap with snow and ice, and I'm back to feeling frustrated and depressed. I'm OK with the fact that I choose to…


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